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Digital Cable Locating Set

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asian contec limited .Digital Cable Locating Set SLI Cable & Pipe Locator for location & pinpointing of underground Metallic utilities i. Signaling Cables.e Water Pipe. Power Cables. Gas Pipe.. base on electromagnetic. Armoured OFC etc.

Also provides depth when used with SGV. Signal clamp should be opted especially in telecom environments or survey environments where access / ability to directly connect to utility is not possible.e by simply keeping on the ground and inducing a signal into the utility for local blind searches. all units are IP65 water & dust proof. SGV has distinct pulse & continuous output modes allowing confirmation on utility being searched – can be used in both conductive i. the cable avoidance tool converts to a pipe & cable locator that route traces and underground pipes & Cables including power cables. telecom cables. asian contec limited .Digital Cable Locating Set Standard Product description Digital Underground Cable & Pipe locating receiver & Cable Avoidance Tool with standard 3 modes of operation P/R/G that provide location and avoidance of underground power cables when used in Power Mode.e direct connection mode and inductive i. dead cables etc. data cables. pipes etc in Generator mode.. When used in conjunction with the SGV signal generator. A second radio mode allows detection of non current carrying utilities such as pipes.

Digital Cable Locating SetVariance asian contec limited .

Digital Cable Locating Set LOCATORS COMPARISION CHART Model P R G AS SC D 33 kHz f 8 kHz 512/640 Hz 33 kHz S 8 kHz TP 0.3 Watt 1 Watt BT CAT33 CAT33XD SG-V Y Y N/A Y Y N/A Y Y N/A N N N/A N N N/A N Y N/A Y Y Y N N N N N N Y Y N/A N N N/A N/A N/A Y N/A N/A N N CXL DXL SG-V Y Y N/A Y Y N/A Y Y N/A Y Y N/A N N N/A N Y N/A Y Y Y N N N N N N Y Y N/A N N N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Y Y Y N/A MXL MXT Y N/A Y N/A Y N/A Y N/A Y N/A Y N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N/A Y N/A N/A N/A Y Y N/A asian contec limited .

"Blue tooth" option for connectivity to enable communication with GIS mapping & logging system.30 kHz Using Receiver alone. 8k..Digital Cable Locating Set P R "Power Mode' for detecting live burried utilities througing out frequency range 50500 Hz signal e. "Radio Mode" for detecting Metallic utilities re radiating Radio signals of frequency range 10. 512/640k) using Signal Generator/ transmitter. "Frequency" Transmitted frequency of signals Reradited by utility or applied thru signal Generator. G AS SC D S f TP BT "Generator/ Transmission Mode" use to detect Metalic utility by applying own known frequency signals (33kH. "All Scan Mode" allows to search All frequencies in the range of 50Hz to 33 kHz facilitate to detect any missed utility by above conventional search modes. "Transmitter Power" Signal strength "More is the power large the distance it covers also more chances of signals to jump over adjoining utility. "Sonde Mode" Battery operated frequency generator/ Transmitter specially designed for detecting Plastic/ RCC pipes. Receiver is used along with Signal Generator. "Signal Current Measurment Mode" "Depth Mode" A push button option in receiver used to know depth of burried utility. Using Receiver alone.g Power cables etc. asian contec limited .

Cable Avoidance Tool & High precision digital pipe & cable locating kit Model : MXL Digital receiver & MXT Transmitter PRE EXCAVATION SURVEY AVOID CUTTING OF EXISTING BURIED METALLIC CABLES AVOID CUTTING OF PIPES ROUTE TRACING OF INSTALLED ARMORED OFC CABLES DEPTH MEASUREMENT OF INSTALLED CABLES asian contec limited Digital Cable locating set comprises of : •MXL Digital receiver •MXT Transmitter .

8192Hz and 512Hz (or 640Hz) asian contec limited .Operating Frequencies • • • • Power mode : 50 Hz to 400 Hz Radio Mode : 10Hz to 30kHz All scan mode : 50 Hz to 33kHz Transmitter mode : 32768Hz (33kHz).

2m to 3.25m to 9.9m asian contec limited .0m 0.Depth Measurement Line Sonde 0.

Operational characteristics Extremely tough. rough surfaces will not hinder the functioning. Built to be used in the field in any condition Extendable & user replaceable speaker to allow usage in extremely noisy conditions Case molded from High impact sealed to IP65 Industry standard water & dust proof Rated to withstand Impact & Drop (Impact rating ) User replaceable Skid plates – Abrasion from usage on asphalt. asian contec limited .

All accessories & spares fit into built in storage compartment of transmitter. signal connection MULTI SEGMENT LCD DISPLAY FOR MXL asian contec limited . Case moulded from High impact sealed to IP65 Industry standard water & dust proof Clearly laid out functions with LCD display for clear display of mode of operation .

asian contec limited MXL Locator . ensuring great efficiency in operation of the instrument.Operating modes : The instrument provides 4 different Operating modes to locate or trace buried metallic services: Power mode : for detecting power cables. operating at standard 50Hz. or may be outside of the frequency range of other search modes. whether carrying current or not Multifrequency transmitter mode : for route tracing of specific cables even in congested areas at 32678Hz. 8192Hz and 512 (or 640Hz) All scan mode : The Allscan mode with controllable sensitivity is an extremely important mode that allows the operator to search in all frequencies in the range of 50Hz to 33kHz even detecting signals missed by other search modes. Radio mode : for detecting metallic services.

B.Operating modes : • The transmitter power is designed for very long distance tracing in telecommunications networks. especially applicable when tracing services over longer distances or at a greater depths. Double confirm that the trace being carried out is for the correct specific cable desired. MXT –transmitter asian contec limited . • The MXT transmitter also provides a very unique feature of continuous and pulse output settings which allows the operator to : A. from low to high. Distinguish from unwanted interference . • The transmitter has four selectable output power levels.

The MXT transmitter works in conjunction with the MXL Locator . There are two methods by which the transmitters signal can be applied to buried services. 33kHz. Conductive line tracing (for direct connection. wherein the transmitter is connected to the cable end using mains signals inject) Inductive line tracing induce a signal into buried metal service remotely from the surface without physically connecting (where a cable end is not available) asian contec limited . the MXT offers the operator three transmitter frequencies. 8kHz and 512 Hz (or 640 Hz). When operating in transmitter mode.

Power requirements 8x AA battery capsule Built in secondary spare battery pack * upto 40 hours intermittent usage 4 x D cell battery capsule * Units are compatible with NiMh asian contec limited rechargeable batteries .

asian contec limited ..FAQ’s: Q#1 What is does? A#1 Hitting and damaging buried services when excavating can result in costly repairs and major disruptions at work sites. Identify & Trace Pipe and cable networks. The best way to avoid damaging buried services is to pinpoint their exact position. • Using Cable & Pipe locator we can pinpoint underground Metallic utilities • Detect. route and depth BEFORE work begins.

I found a utility in Power Mode does it means the utility detected is Power Cable? A#3 Q#4 I am in a city where all power cables are overhead only (No underground cable laid) still I am getting signals in power mode? Why? asian contec limited .FAQ’s: Q#2 Can we locate Fibre optic line with locators? A#1 Yes if they are Armored. Q#3 I am using locator.