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Globally  Islam is a synonym for TERRORISM  Islam represents cruel, heartless and fanatic people  Islam depicts backwardness  Islam is everything that can be negative! Indian Circumference  Islam is anti-Hinduism, anti-Indian  Islam is of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran – Not Indian  All terrorists are Muslims!  Islam depicts people who are merciless and have the heart to „halaal animals‟ than letting them get rid off pain in a jhatka!  Islam is „Black Burkha‟ or a „check stole‟ or „bearded face without mustache‟ or „Pan chewing red lips‟  Muslim – A minority!  Muslims – they do everything absolutely the other way the Hindus do! E.g. – they bow to the setting sun (west), they cook on inverted tawa, they worship Pigs and they eat cows whom Hindus worship.

Some facts
 La-ilaha ilallah, Muhammad-ur Rasulullah
 Vedas reclaim the same thing, though none of the Hindus are aware of this till date!

 Hinduism is based on vedas and not Ramayana or Mahabharata, both of which are simple historical registries  Deoband – the highest and most regarded authority of Islamic decisions has recently issued „fatwa‟ against terrorism across the globe, declaring it anti-Islam  Muslim community is deteriorating  Islam is not superstitious  New generation is fatigued*

 It is bound to bring adverse results!  No wonder the generation is haywire looking for solace and freedom. it is important for the new generation to understand it before being shoved off into practicing it. then why we do not have the confidence to promote it? .  Nowhere Islam guides any imposition!  Exactly that is what we are doing.Why is the new generation fatigued?  Islam‟s basic principle is – Self Discipline and Self Responsibility.  Islam is a contemporary discipline and is totally logic based.  Islam is democratic in nature therefore.

Why is the new generation fatigued?  There is only 1 reason. Pushing people away from loving the Almighty  Practice that we do not understand  Simply follow what our parents did rather than understanding it.  Pushing our progeny to practice it the same way DO WE NEED TO DO ANYTHING MORE. We have forgotten and forsaken its true essence and basic values!  We do all of this:  Superstition  Imposition  Scare people in the name of Allah-Subhan-a-wata-Aala. TO HARM THE DISCIPLINE? .

We will have to rectify the errors…  Since the discipline is now led into darkness in a big way. rest we leave to „Him‟. may be non-Muslims also  We will have to eradicate the negative imagery of the faith  We will have to only spread the knowledge what Islam is.  We may have to seek help from the influential race.  We will influence the future decision makers who are treading forward in the walk of life . and this is precisely what we are suppose to do. we will have to enter the dungeon and bring it back to light.

Let’s have a look at one of such messages which are being propagated to instigate the cultural variances .

Let us now analyse & understand the issue .

A few questions!       General Perception of Islam A perception that has been created Importance of patriotism – underestimated! How to influence? Who to Influence ? What to be targeted? Communication Route?  Conduits?  What is common?  Why is the community looked down upon?  How to become a part of India!  Why would they get assured?  What kind of programs can we initiate to generate the impact?  Where and When?  Who will attend? .

Resistance to acceptance Political pressures Sensitivities of communalism Support by the Islamic community  What is wrong or what is right?  Opting for key influencers like film stars etc. for the message propagation!  Dress .The colour black or the traditional checks!  Basic psychological impact  Repulsion at sight  What to do? .A few questions!  Challenges      Suppression by majority Opposition .

culture…  Madarsas – A big challenge within!  Relation to other communities – Christianity etc.  What is the reason other communities do not have such an impression?  Therefore. – Dressing up. certain acts common with other communities can not be the reasons behind the imagery.A few questions!  What about the community internally?  How to re-influence the Muslims?  Where and what is going wrong?  Have we understood Islam well?  Islam is a religion to facilitate and make life simpler and easier. .  Is there a scope to make amendments?  Eg.

Answers …! Let‟s try… .

e.First Impact  Humans by nature  1st React to what they see  Subsequently to what they hear. and  Finally what they are made to believe (i. something they are convinced about!)  After this cycle an opinion is formed THIS IS SIMPLY – SCIENCE! .

therefore. .Current circumstances Across Cultures of the World  In the existing scenario what is creating the conflict is the cultural variance across western lifestyle and the traditional Islamic cult  Westernization is result of a moment of sin which is now getting carried forward as a series  This moment is not natural and so creates uneasiness and discomfort. is short-lived  Human beings today seek solace and peace and are all running around in search of the same  The outcome of the impact of the westernization has started coming out.

08 for being patriotic. Khans becoming famous actors.3. APJ Kalam the ex-president of India.Our key objectives as compared to our challenges     Get acceptance among other communities Clear the misconceptions Establish facts of Islam Vs other disciplines Establish the patriotic connect of Muslims – e. then Indians and then Muslims This is precisely what Islam guides. Sanjay Dutt being son of a Muslim mother. Khali in News on 5.g.  Establish that Muslims in the country are foremostly good human beings. “In Rome be like the Romans” .

Our key objectives as compared to our challenges  Establish that Muslims in the country are foremostly good human beings. then Indians and then Muslims Does this mean we will have to dress up the way others do. even if we have to go against values of Islam? NO! This implies that we will have to re-think. . What can be done to get acceptance among other communities? We will have to understand Islam ourselves first.

an opinion is made May be.Our key objectives as compared to our challenges Is Science a key to this problem? Humans by nature 1st react to what they SEE. subsequently to what they HEAR and finally what they are made to BELIEVE (i. . something they are convinced about!) After this cycle.e.

Our key objectives as compared to our challenges  We can introduce the right kind of dresses in pleasing colours  We can dress up the Woman in Islam much more beautifully than she has been for centuries now!  Men can be given better options than just being simple bearded buffs as they are perceived! .

caretakers .Who will be our target audiences?  Youngsters .who have to make decisions      M&F 14 to 38 All SECs Muslim and Non-Muslims Profile – Students. Official employees etc.  Aged – who have lived their lives and can influence the younger generation      M&F 38 and above All SECs Muslims & Non-Muslims Profile – Working. retired.

Our impact universe HUMAN RACE WHO IS STILL UNAWARE OF THE TRUE LIGHT This is an alarming situation & has to be addressed on priority MOUMINS’ WHO WILL HAVE TO BE GUIDED HOW TO AMEND THEIR APPROACH MUSLIMS GETTING DEVIATED This group will help us build a team to spread the message faster! .

due to lack of appreciation for the discipline  Basics of Islam overlooked due to unawareness again  Lack of Islamic awareness. misinterpretation and benefit of easy way out in a multicultural society is deteriorating the culture itself! .What went wrong?  Lack of „ilm‟ – knowledge and appreciation of Islam among the Muslims  Increase in the practice of superstition etc. understanding. due to lack of awareness  Deviation of actual Islamic „taariqat‟ ways.

Our key message… .

Enhancing the nature within us!  This is the beauty of Islam. .  Allah has facilitated us to discover ourselves  Islam is the wisdom to understand and appreciate OUR BEING.

which in turn is based on basic natural phenomena  It has the capability to justify all its preaching  It is indeed a way of life  It is a discipline for those who know the truth and thereby hold a bigger responsibility towards the lesser known . but fundamentals!  Present the spirit of Islam. claims and principles  Islam is an organised guidance  It is a practice based on logic and science.The route-en-route What must we do?  Present not Islam‟s practices. the essence which makes it unique  The fact that the minutest of detail of any claim is available/traceable here  Islam has an explanation to all its manifestations.

Dawa`t The actual meaning We have a Bigger role to play  Islam represents the host and all other communities that dwell around Islam are the guests and need to be welcomed in the same fashion  Mezbaan and Mehmaan – Daayi and Madu  The guest deserves to be treated well  The host must always attend to all the expectations of the mehmaan  Islam is a responsible cult and must attribute their responsibility RESPONSIBLY  No imposition or no pressurization simply share the essence of the discipline Our job is only to communicate the message! & not make decisions on their behalf .

our dress up may cause hindrance but once they get used to it they will accept it as a part of their daily life.Route Methodology Ibaadat  Establish the comfort level so that others start accepting us as part of their routine life Hidaayat  Give them a friendly ambience lest they get scared/repelled away  Let them put their questions!  They will get influenced when they see the strength of character in our practice  Keep sharing with them the beauty of the discipline  Keep highlighting the positive notes. which are factual and logic based  Use common spoken language that appeals to them  Yes. In the same way it has been accepted in the west Akhlaaq Amal .

finally leads to the salvation and to peace of an individual  Perfect-Comfort is natural and thus it is the only best route  Being easy in one and un-easy on the other situation is a clear indication of discomfort! .Crux The Basis of Islam     Islam is a way of life Islam is “Deen-e-fithrath” It is in harmony with the key human attributes It reveals the essence of true nature of human beings and therefore.

. nor is it justified to force them  They have their own imagery of Almighty and swear by it  They have their own set of values which they delve with  Imagine how is it with you when someone asks you? Therefore!. .How does the other side look at it?  They have been practicing a faith all their lives and it is a part of them  They have their own inherent perceptions and may not want to change these overnight..

like children whom you cannot annoy lest you loose them  They are our own people led astray in the tussle of the times and off-course the wicked interests of the Shaitaan .How we must go forward is a very sensitive issue!  First step will be to present to them your culture and mannerisms  For this it becomes imperative that you understand it well  It will be a jihaad for us when we may have to overlook some of their reactions  Our test will be to control our anger. our counter-reaction.  Then you enquire about their culture and understand from them what is that drives their faith  The answer to any confusion will obviously be the omnipotence of Allah (SWA) and they will also agree but will for sure resist  Shaitaan has to play his role eventually and he will  Treat them as your guest whom you cannot displease. maintain our patience and finally mind our language and message.

3 2 The Branch Branch coreno. group 1 Dealing with General category Dealing Dealing controlling with with the media.What will be course of action? It will be done in the following manner : no. training exercise films of including both & Suggest other Muslims influencers Name! .

How will these branches operate? These branches will deal with 3 different target audiences towards a common objective: 1 2 3 .

Basic Requirements  The whole project will be under direct monitor of learned members in order to control and optimise any message that is rolled out  To implement this program. help of Aalims and Aalimas would be required. who could facilitate questions and answers  Guidance on the communication route identified for the project  Development of a core team who will get bifurcated into various streams to dispense the objectives of the project  Arrangement at Deoband for Jammaats of Muslim children under extreme care and attention of capable guides  Re-direct sponsorships of patrons who would want to promote and encourage the effort  IQRA‟s and IIWA‟s websites will have to be updated with appropriate content to support the project and establish guidance to potential participants .

Your Suggestions…  How can we improve or add value? .


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