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Yoanes Leonardi A.W.

(335695) Devandani Ken Priambodo (335765) Zulfikar Muhammad (335766) Ferdian Nevri Putra (335767) Muhammad Julian R (335768)

Make death as a business opportunity and develop the company, without reducing sympathy for the grieving.

Only few that work in coffin business.

The high mortality rate.

Ex: In 2009 the death rate in Jakarta is approximately 100 people per day. For some particular society, coffin is an important equipment for the funeral. The corpse that escorted out of the city should use the coffin. Little capital needed.




Human Resource



We have many kinds of coffin.

Our products made from high-quality wood ond

metal. The difference with others product is customers may request design of coffin as he/she wants. We also provide coffin accessories such as metal handle, etc.

Available in oak, pine, and ash





Marketing strategy :
Cooperate with the funeral home. Word of mouth marketing. Website. Distribution agents. Social Network.

Promotion Strategy :
Pricing Strategy.

Distribute brochures.
Promotion using billboards.



Mochammad Julian R Marketing Manager Ferdian Nevri Putra Production Manager Yoanes Leonardi Human Resource Manager Devandani Ken Priambodo Finance Manager Zulfikar Muhammad

5 Crafters

1 Security
1 Shopkeeper

Finance Department

Production 1 requires 11 board coffin

Price 1 board measures 2 meters x 25 cm = Rp.15.000, Then 11 boards x Rp. 15.000, - = Rp. 165.000, Production coffin is 6 crates / day x 30 days = 180 crate

The production cost of 180 chest x Rp. 165.000, - =

Rp. 29,700,000, Labor salaries 7 people x @ Rp. 500.000, - = Rp. 3,500,000, Manager Salaries 4 people x @ Rp. 2.000.000,- = Rp. 8,ooo,ooo, Total capital = Rp. 39,200,000, -

The selling price of class III first coffin is = Rp.

300.000, Total sales = 40 crates per month income of 40 chest x Rp. 300.000, - = Rp. 12.000.000, -

Total capital : Total Income =

Rp. 39,200,000, -: Rp. 12.000.000, - = 3.3 (3 months)

Our Business need more Capitals later on

To extent our business To create maximum profits

1. Short term plan, we need: Rp. 50.000.000,00 To increase modals equipments. 2. Middle term plan, we need: Rp. 200.000,00 To increase market share, especially in the Jogjakarta 3. After our business develop rapidly, we try to play on Financial Market. This is long term plan.

Where does your company get material?

Your bussiness is collapse how you solve the problem?

Attract Costumer?