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LEARNING OBJECTIVES      Define fraternization Navy and Marine Corps’ fraternization policies Relationships that are prohibited by Navy and Marine Corps’ fraternization policies Prosecuting fraternization under UCMJ Marriage policies and fraternization .

2B. “Navy Fraternization Policy.” 27 May 1999 U. Article 1165 . 13 May 1996 The Naval Officer’s Guide Manual for Courts Martial. 133. Articles 92. and 134 Marine Corps Manual.INSTRUCTOR REFERENCES       ALMAR Number 185/96. “Marine Corps Manual. “Military Leadership” Section (PAR 1100) OPNAVIST 5370. Navy Regulations.” Change 3.S.

FRATERNIZATION  Personal relationships that contravene the customary bounds of acceptable senior-subordinate relationships. . Fraternization also includes improper relationships and improper social interaction between officer members of different grades and enlisted members of different grades.

Navy / Marine Corps Personal relationships that are unduly familiar and/or do not respect differences in grade or rank       Noncommissioned officers and junior personnel Staff/Instructor and student personnel Recruiters and recruits/applicants Officer and Officer Enlisted and Enlisted Officer and Enlisted .

WHY NOT?     A senior’s objectivity can be called into question It can result in actual or apparent preferential treatment It can undermine the authority of the senior members It can compromise the chain of command .

OFF LIMITS       Dating Shared living accommodations Intimate or sexual relations Commercial solicitations Private business partnerships Gambling and borrowing money between officers and enlisted members .

MARRIAGE     Punishment When to get married Respect and Decorum Chain of Command .

and confinement for two years  Article 92.FRATERNIZATION CONSEQUENCES Article 134. UCMJ -Maximum punishment is dismissal. forfeiture of all pay and allowance. UCMJ -Published orders are often used by commands to define acceptable conduct in the context of officerofficer and enlisted-enlisted relationships  .

NROTC AND FRATERNIZATION    Enlisted-midshipmen or officer-midshipmen Gender-neutral concept Responsibility .

Summary      Fraternization-DON’T DO IT Use common sense Unit morale Know punishments Affects everyone .