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E-Busines & E-Commerce

Williams, B.K, Stacy C. Sawyer (2007). Using Information Technology: A Practical Introduction to Computers & Communications. Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York. ISBN-13: 978-007-110768-6


Learning Outcomes Pada akhir pertemuan ini. diharapkan mahasiswa akan mampu : • Menjelaskan: pengertian e-business dan e-commerce. jenis-jenis e-commerce (C2) 2 .

Outline Materi • Databases & The Digital Economy: EBusiness & E-Commerce • Using Databases to Help Make Decisions 3 .

transform. or invent a business prosess or business system to create superior value for current or potential customer” 4 .E-Business “The use of electronic network and assosiateed technologies to enable. enhance. improve.

com connects buyers with sellers online using online auctions 8-5 sells books and music online • sells candy online • www.Databases & The Digital Economy • E-Commerce – The buying and selling of products and services through computer networks – Examples of some e-tailers (electronic retailers): • www.sees.

Databases & The Digital Economy • Innovative e-tailer technologies make online shopping easier – One-click option • Allows you to click on an item and immediately go to the check-out process – 360-degree images • Allow you to see all sides of an item – Order tracking • Bar codes are assigned to items being shipped that allow customers to check shipping progress via the internet – Shop bots • Are programs that help users search for a particular product of service 8-6 .

such as eBay. 8-7 .Databases & The Digital Economy • Types of E-Commerce – Business-to-business (B2B) • A business sells to other businesses using the internet or a private network to cut transaction costs and increase efficiencies – Business-to-consumer (B2C) • A business sells goods or services to consumers – Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) • Consumers sell goods or services directly to other consumers with the help of a third party.

Using Databases to Help Make Decisions • What are the qualities of good information? – Correct and verifiable – Complete yet concise – Cost effective – Current – Accessible 8-8 .

Using Databases to Help Make Decisions • Most organizations have 6 departments to which information must flow – Research and development – Production (or operations) – Marketing and sales – Accounting and finance – Human resources (personnel) – Information systems (IS) • Information flows horizontally between departments 8-9 .

many organizations also have 3 levels of management – Strategic-level management • Top managers concerned with strategic or long-term planning and decisions – Tactical-level management • Middle level managers who make decisions to implement the strategic goals set for the organization – Operational-level management • Low-level supervisors make daily operational decisions • Information flows vertically between management levels 8-10 .Using Databases to Help Make Decisions • Besides the 6 departments.

Using Databases to Help Make Decisions • Decentralized Organizations – a new structure – Employees increasingly telecommute – some staff have no desk or office at work – Employees communicate with each other more via email than in person – Companies use Groupware CSCW (computersupported cooperative work) systems to enable cooperative work by groups of people – The management structure is flattened as employees are given more authority to make day-to-day decisions 8-11 .

e-Business is Interdisciplinary Management information systems Accounting and auditing Management Business law and ethics Others      Marketing Computer sciences Consumer behavior and psychology Finance Economics      .

Spectrum Value e-Busines – Efficiency .

Spectrum Value e-Busines – Effectiveness .

Spectrum Value e-Busines • Reach .

Spectrum Value e-Busines – Structure Konsep brick-and-morter menjelma menjadi click-and-morter telah mengubah prilaku perusahaan dalam pendekatan bisnis – Opportunity Terbukannya peluang yang lebar bagi pelaku bisnis untuk berinovasi menciptakan produk-produk atau jasa-jasa baru akibat ditemukannya teknologi baru dari masa kemasa .