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BTMP 2083 Management Information System


Technology resources that provide the platform for supporting all information system

Hardware Software

Data management
Networking and telecommunication Services



Of IT Infrastructure

(1959 present )
High capacity

High performance
Provide time sharing and multitasking

Personal Computer
( 1981 present)
Productivity software tool
-word processors -spreadsheet -electronic presentation software -small data management


( 1983 present)

Enterprise Computing
(1992 present)
firms redesigned computing to integrate networks and applications in order to

develop a enterprise-wide
infrastructure. Handle by different level of servers

Cloud and Mobile Computing Era

(2000 present)
Provide access to a shared pool of computer resources over a network Allows companies to pay for computer storage, processing, software, and other services, without wasting large amounts of money on constantly trying to expand their IT infrastructures.

Computer hardware platform Operating system platform

Enterprise software application

Data management storage Networking and telecommunication platform Internet platform Consulting and system integration services

The emerging mobile digital platform

-Wireless communications through 3G cell networks and WI-FI -New software apps For example like cell phones ,netbooks and tablet

Nanotechnology -Creating computer chip and other devices thousands of through manipulating individual atoms

Cloud computer A model of computing in which firms and individuals obtain computing resources over the Internet -Cloud infrastructure as a service -Cloud platform as a service -Cloud software as a service

Autonomic computing Development of systems that can configure themselves. For example: Anti virus

Process of presenting a set of computing

resources so they can be accessed in ways that are unrestricted by physical configuration or geographic location
Server virtualization : running more than one

operating system at the same time on single machine.

Multicore processers
Integrated circuit with two or more processors

Contemporary Software Platform Trend

Linux embedded in cell

phones, smartphone,
netbooks, and consumer electronic. free version downloadable or low cost commercial.


designed to run on any computer or computing device an operating system independent, processor independent, object oriented programming language.

Web development technique for creating interactive web application. Web pages does not have to be reloaded each time the user requests a change.


Web services exchange information using universal web communication standard and language

(SOA) -communicate with each other to create working software application. Virtually all major software vendor provide tools and entire platform for building and integrating software application using Web services.


Software outsourcing enables a firm to contract custom software development or maintenance of existing legacy programs to outside firm. Mashups Software use for both personal and business tasks or it may be composed of interchangeable component that integrate freely. Apps Small pieces of software that run on the internet and generally delivered over the internet.

Dealing with Platform and Infrastructure

Management and Governance Making Wise Infrastructure Investments Total Cost of Ownership of Technology Assets

Competitive Forces Model for IT Infrastructure Investment

1. Market demand for your firms services 2. Your firms business strategy 3. Your firms IT strategy, infrastructure, and cost 4. Information technology assessment 5. Competitors firm services 6. Competitors firm IT Infrastructure investment

Hand-on MIS project

developing solution for managing IT infrastructure and IT outsourcing by using spread sheet software

Improve decision making


1. calculate the cost of desktop system, printers and software 2. to budget for a sales conference - to ensure the final budget include cost of each flight ticket, hotel cost and food