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What Is Networking
• A network is a system consisting of connected nodes made to share data, hardware, and software. • In today’s world we have three primary categories of network. • The category a network falls into is determined by its size, its ownership, the distance it covers, and its physical architecture.

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Categories of Networks

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Local Area Network
• Local Area Network is also known as (LAN), a network connecting devices inside a single building or inside buildings close to each others.

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Metropolitan Area Network
• Metropolitan Area Network is also known as (MAN), a network that can span a geographical area the size of a city.

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Wide Area Network
• Wide Area Network is also known as (WAN), a network that uses a technology that can span a large geographical distance.

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• • • • • Wireless is also known as WLAN is short for Wireless Local Area Network and is a type of local network that is wireless. Wireless LANs typically emulate the wired network’s traditional hub-spoke configuration and comprise two primary components: a wireless network Interface card (NIC) and an Access point (AP). In a wireless network, all the computers broadcast their information to one another using radio signals. This can make networking extremely easy, especially when you have computers throughout your office. When you don’t’ have to work with wires you can more easily reconfigure your office space as your company grows and changes, and you can also extend connectivity to new or visiting staff quickly and easily. A wireless networks gives employees increased mobility and allows then to share files, printers, other computing devices and internet access without wires. For example, your staff can use laptop with a wireless network card at a conference room table and still be connected to your network by without worrying about whether the conference room is actually wired for access. From their network computer they can share files, printers and internet access just as they would if there were connected to LAN with wires.
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Benefit Of Using Wireless Network
• Fast Response- It works faster than Wire Network, if you have more Access Point. • Flexible- In a office Wireless Network, You can work anywhere, anytime in the building. • Easy To Deploy- Wireless Networks are easy to set-up providing benefits in areas whereas wiring is difficult to deploy. • High Performance- Its works faster and it reliable in file sharing, access to e-mail and quicker to download. • Cost Effective- In some case, Wireless network are cheaper than wired network because in wired network if you using Fiber optics than it cost a lot of money.
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• Access Point • Router • Switch • Print server • Wireless Adapter • Antivirus

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Access Point
• Term used to describe a location of a wireless receiver that enables a user with wireless access to connect to a network and/or Internet. • The Access Point that I chose for this project is manufactured by Aironet-1000 Series Wireless Access point + (2) Aironet 350 Wireless PC Card w 128-bit WEP. • The reason I chose this Access Point: – Cisco is one of the reliable companies – Features that this Access point have manageability, security and scalability. – It is easy to extend and very cost effective. – This unit is easy to install and it can be placed in different locations. – Moreover; it gives you 2 extra Wireless PC card, which you can use as back up if any of your Wireless Card get damaged.
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• A router is a hardware device designed to take incoming packets, analyzing the packet and then directing it to the appropriate location, moving the packet to another network, converting the packet to be moved across a different type of network interface,  dropping the packet, or performing any other number of other types of actions. 
• The Router that I have chosen for my network is manufactured by Linksys. •Reasons for Choosing Linksys: •Linksys is one of best well known company for Broadband and wireless networking. -easy to use and configure -experience with Linksys router -the features of Dual-Band Wireless Broadband Router and Media Center Extender Bundle. -It features Internet-sharing router, 4-port switch. It also built-in 4-port Switch jump-starts your wired network and MAC Address filter lets you decide exactly who has access to your wireless network. It also features WEP, which is Wired Equivalent Privacy and WPA, the Wi-Fi Protected Access wireless data encryption. -This router also enhanced projection by using firewall.
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Switch is device connecting multiple communication lines together.
• The Switch that I have chosen for my network is manufactured by Cisco Catalyst 2950

• The reason I chose this Switch: – – – – Cisco is one of the reliable companies Its compatible with the Wireless Card Its very easy to install and configure Its also Auto-configuration and configure multiple switch across a network. – It doesn’t create any traffic because it enhanced traffic management, monitoring and analysis. – It’s a Multi-function LEDs per port for: Port Status; Half-/Full-duplex; 10BaseT/100BaseTX/ (1000BaseT), as well as switch-level stat.
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Print Server
• Computer who is responsible for managing one or more printers on a network. Generally because of the load required for a print jobs a print server does not need to be a fast computer. • This Print server is manufactured by Netgear • Reason for picking Netgear.
– Print server has the true firewall with stateful Packet Inspection and intrusion detection. – its build in 54 Mbps with wireless access Point and Wi-Fi protected Access, which is shield wireless communication with the highest available of industry-standard encryption, blocking unwanted users from accessing the network without the proper permission and password. – True firewall using Stateful Packet inspection, Network Address Translation and intrusion control capabilities provides defense against Denial of service hacker attack.
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Wireless Adapter:
• Wireless Adapter is an electronic device, internal or external to a station, that contain circuitry to enable the station to be connected to the network. • The wireless network card that I chose is manufactured by Cisco 350 Series PC card. • Reason for Picking Cisco 350 Series are:
– This wireless card is compatible with Cisco 2950 Switch – This wireless client adapters are the key to adding mobility and flexibility to an enterprise – It also increasing productivity by enabling users to have network and Internet access anywhere within a building without the limitation of wires. – The Data transfer rate of this is 11 Mbps.
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Firewall/VPN Application, with virus scan for multi-users
• At last, one of the most important things that we need to worry about is security • If we don’t have the proper network security system, then hacker or unknown user can always hack into our system. • The product that I chose for my network security is by Symantec Corporation, virus scan software, where one I purchase for home and one for offices with minimum of 25 users. • This Virus scan will provide us full service of checking mails, downloading and uploading any form of data with security • they always keep their new virus update and once you are online, it gives you message if the data has any virus before downloading • It also provides comprehensive virus protection, content filtering, and spam prevention, all in one easy-to-manage solution. • With Symantec Antivirus defending your desktops and network servers, you get top-quality protection against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and certain other non-virus threats, along with world-class support from Symantec Security Response.

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• There are some internet security issues to consider when connecting your network to the internet. The same features that allow your computers to reach out to the internet can also allow the internet to reach into your computers, if you haven't taken the proper precautions.

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• The default SSID (the name of the WLAN) should be changed. The product that I chose uses default SSID. The SSID should be set up to a unique name and not an obvious name. So, hacker can’t figure out the exact name. Then we also need to put default password, which should be unique when we set up our access point and the router. MAC address filtering should be enabled. The MAC address or physical is a unique series of numbers and letters assigned to every networking device. When Mac addressing is enabled, access to the network is only given to wireless devices with specific Mac addresses. If any hacker tries to access network using a ransom MAC address it will be difficult for him to get in. A MAC address is a unique identity burned into every network adapter during manufacture that there is no way of changing it. Using this filter, the AP maintains a list of MAC Addresses and only permits those on the list to connect. If hackers are unable to log in to your network they can still access the data being transferred. The way to protect it is encryption. WEP encrypts the data when it leaves from AP or the PC and decrypts it on the arrival at destination. Then the latest high-security standard for wireless networking is Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Security. WPA improves data encryption so unwanted users are kept out by checking for the proper permission and password prior to allowing network access. WPA allows the system to check who’s logging in against the central database for known users. This technique is better than MAC filtering. WPA offers up to 256-bit encryption keys, and has a dynamic WPA key changing as often as you want it to. You can easily upgrade to WPA by uploading software to AP and client wireless card, reboot the AP and the process is finished. Jahed Jafarullah •

• VPN is a Virtual Private Network:
– A type of network that allows a user to connect to a network through a tunneling protocol and access internal internet and intranet web sites and e-mail. – It commonly used to allow an employee with a large company to connect to the companies’ intranet from home or some other remote location. – VPN server or host is a computer that accepts VPN connections from VPN clients. – A VPN server or host can be a NT/W2K server or W2K/XP Pro. VPN client is a computer that initiates a VPN connection to a VPN server or host. A VPN client can be an individual computer running MS Windows NT version 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, 9x.
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In order to set up VPN server on 2003 server you need to setup VPN server on Windows 2003. • Create an incoming networking connection if you have small network or you want to setup one PC to PC VPN; then If you have large numbers of incoming connections on a server that operates as part of a distributed network or as a domain controller, you should use RRA to create a VPN server. • To access VPN from the remote site such as home you need to follow few steps. – – – – – – – In Windows XP, Click start, choose my network places, and select view network connections. Click creates a new connection to start a new connection wizard. Click next. In network connection type select the option connect to network at my workplace and click next. Now select the option for Virtual Private Network and click next. In connection name for company name assign the name of organization to which you log in. In VPN server selection text box labeled IP address or host name type local WAN IP address of the router to which you are connecting. In connection availability window you might choose select anyone’s use to make it accessible to all users on workstation. Click finish to complete VPN configuration. Jahed Jafarullah

• • • • • The reason I picked this configuration: It doesn’t require the extra cost of cable and it’s easy to modify and increase the number of workstations if any new employee comes in Wireless network allows greater mobility to the users. Employees can bring in their personal laptops and connect to the network of the company. WLAN have both opportunities and threats. Wireless technology is a powerful balance for an organizations network capabilities, increases employee productivity and reduces cost in long run. WLAN security isn’t that complicated, all you need to do is follow some safety precautions By achieving the balance of opportunity and threat organization can be benefited from the use of WLAN. The configuration I have used contains the best wireless and security components that will prevent the hackers and intruders to get into the system and get hold of important company information.
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