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The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job. hiring. attracting employees to that job.Recruitment • The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening. and integrating the new employee to the organization. . in a timely and cost effective manner. screening and selecting applicants.

but works in a broader group of network to recommend and select candidates with the right criteria. multiple sourcing channels and low cost of usage Referral • wherein Organizations ask current employees to recommend skilled and competent employees within their network to expand their potential pool of candidates. Community recruitment • It is a way of maintaining corporate social responsibility. with great loyalty and low turnover. It has grown tremendously because of its ease of use. Talent sourcing • Very much similar to employee referral programe. at a reduced cost. . It also has the ability to build a superior workforce. College recruitment • a way to evaluate and assess students for potential recruitment as regular employees.The most popular sources of recruitment Social media • of the most popular sources of recruitment currently.

SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT • The sources of recruitment are broadly divided into internal sources and external sources consisting of the following: SOUECES OF RECURITMENT INTERNAL SOURCES EXTERNAL SOURCES .

Disabled.INERNAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Present Permanent Employees Present temporary/casual Employees Retrenched or Retired Employees Dependents of Deceased. retired and present employees Employee Referrals .

EXTERNAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Management Consultants Professional Organizations Campus Recruitment Public Advertisements Walk In Recommendations Casual Applicants E-recruitment .

technical and managerial employees. it ought to consider the feasibility of other alternatives . especially for professionals. Therefore before an organization decides to recruit new employees.RECURITMENT ALTERNATIVES • When an organization decides to add personnel to its staff. it makes a significant financial investment. Recruitment and selection costs are high.

comprise the fastest-growing segment of our economy Professional Employer Organization (Employee Leasing)Using this approach. usually at the same salary. and independent contractors. a firm terminates some or most of its employees. temporaries. who becomes the client . and leases them back to the former employer.RECURITMENT ALTERNATIVES Out sourcing is the process of transferring responsibility for an area of service and its objectives to an external service provider instead of internal employee Contingent Workers It is also known as part-timers. A leasing company then hires them.

Overtime Perhaps the most commonly used method of meeting short-term fluctuations in work volume is through the use of overtime Internships: A special form of recruiting that involves placing a student in a temporary job . / Date 23rd May 2013 Date 24th May 2013 www.REFRENCES Date 24th May 2013 .

For Companies try to be work more in a networkable manner for hiring a potential candidate .