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#$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T

Work force diversity Case study – Given to you a couple of weeks ago Result – Mid Ter
 !uggestions

to all of you – one to one "asis

#$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T

 R&MA'%'%G MOT'(AT'O% )R&!&%TAT'O%! #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .

#$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T MOT'(AT'O% .

O(&R ('&W  *ocusing on anaging otivation and outco es to "oost perfor ance – An i portant role of a anager #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .

directs and sustain +u an "e+avior towards goal #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .MOT'(AT'O%  A process t+at

#$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T MOT'(AT'O% )ROC&!! .


)+ilosop+ers- scientistsindustrial engineers and anagers "elieve t+at oney was t+e only t+ing t+at otivatesanage ent t+eory/ #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .T+e fat+er of scientific *redrick W0 Taylor .

"erg T+eory of Two factors 60 70 80 .MOT'(AT'O%A1 T#&OR'&! 20 Maslow3s #ierarc+y of %eeds #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T 40 &5istence Relatedness Growt+ T+eory &5pectancy T+eory Reinforce ent T+eory #er.

MA!1OW3! #'&RARC#Y O* %&&D! #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .

people are otivated to satisfy lower needs "efore t+ey ove towards +ig+er needs Also w+en a need is is no longer a otivator #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T  .MA!1OW3! #'&RARC#Y O* %&&D!  According to Maslow.

ation  .ed anagers to t+e i portance of self actuali.MA!1OW3! #'&RARC#Y O* %&&D! Contribution of MHN  #e identified i portant need categories  #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T 1ower needs ust "e fulfilled "efore one gets to t+e ne5t level Maslow sensiti.

MA!1OW3! #'&RARC#Y O* %&&D! Shortcoming of MHN  %ot everyone progresses t+roug+ t+e 8 +ierarc+ical needs #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .

actuali.and growt+0  Existence needs .estee and self. si ilar to Maslow3s p+ysiological needs.&9'!T&%C& R&1AT&D%&!! GROWT# T#&ORY Alderfer focuses on t+ree needs: e5istencerelatedness.ation0  #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T . t+ose t+at re<uire interpersonal interaction to satisfy t+e needs for t+ings like prestige and estee fro ot+ers0  !ro"th needs .and to t+e p+ysical co ponents of Maslow3s security needs0  Relate ness needs .si ilar to Maslow3s needs for self.

y – need to prod=pus+ to perfor 0 'n contrast +is t+eory Y viewed e ployees as creative. under t+e rig+t circu ple5.and ature individuals interested in eaningful work0  McGregor "elieved .e ployees willingly contri"ute  #e suggested t+at t+e angers otivate e ployees "y allowing t+e to use t+eir own actions0  T+ese insig+ts lead researc+es to investigate t+e origins and processes of otivation ore closely  #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .MCGR&GOR T#&ORY 9 & ployees are la.

&9)&CTA%CY T#&ORY  Motivation > & 5 ' 5 (0 #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T  .(/ refers to t+e perceived value t+e person attac+es to t+e reward0   .&/ is t+e person3s e5pectancy t+at +is or +er effort will lead to perfor ance .'/ represents t+e perceived relations+ip "etween successful perfor ance and o"taining t+e reward .

ational "e+avior odification atte pts to people3s actions0  *our key conse<uences of "e+avior eit+er encourage or discourage people3s "e+avior   )ositive #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T Reinforce ent – co pli ents.appreciation  %egative Reinforce ent – *re<uent t+reatening e os  )unis+ ent – s+outing.critici.R&'%*ORC&M&%T T#&ORY &dward T+orndike for ulated t+e law effect: ?e+avior t+at is followed "y positive conse<uences pro"a"ly will "e repeated0  wit+out pay  &5tinction – %ot giving co pli ent for a @o" well done .

punis+ ent and e5tinction.are negative outco es for t+e person receiving t+e  T+us.effective anagers give positive reinforce ent to t+eir +ig+.are positive for t+e person receiving t+e :  T+e person eit+er gains so et+ing or avoids so et+ing negative0  T+e last two conse<uences.perfor ing people and negative reinforce ent to low perfor ance0 T+ey also punis+ or e5tinguis+ poor perfor ance and ot+er unwanted "e+avior  #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T .R&'%*ORC&M&%T T#&ORY T+e first two conse<uences.positive and negative reinforce ent.

working conditions.recognition.#&RA?&RG TWO *ACTOR T#&ORY  Two set of factors influence work "e+avior  H#giene #$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T $actors  )ay.supervision & Satisfiers  Moti%ators  Ac+ieve ent.rewardgrowt+ and work itself CO%C1$D&! t+at pay will not otivate "ut if it is inade<uate – dissatisfaction results  .

#$MA% R&!O$RC& MA%AG&M&%T !&& YO$ %&9T W&&B .