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Contemporary Management

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. Inc. Hill University of Washington Second Edition : 2000 Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. L. 2000 .Contemporary Gareth R. Jones Texas A&M University Management Second Edition Jennifer M. George Texas A&M University Charles W.

.1-3 The Authors Gareth Jones . Inc. 2000 .A Professor of Management Texas A&M University .Specializes in both strategic management and organizational theory Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies.

A Professor of Management Texas A &M University .Married with Gareth Jones.1-4 The Authors Jennifer George . Inc. 2000 .Specializes in Organizational Behavior .. have two children Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Professor of International Business University of Washington Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies.1-5 The Authors Charles W.. Hill . 2000 .L. Inc.

1-6 Contemporary Management Contemporary Management : An International edition is written to integrate contemporary management theories and approaches into the analysis of management and organizations.. 2000 . Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. An important feature of this book is the way it uses real – world examples and stories about managers and companies to drive home the applied lesson to students even to those who lack exposure to “ real – life” management context. Inc.

Irwin/McGraw-Hill 1-7 ©The McGraw-Hill Companies.. 2000 .Contemporary Management : Text outline Part 1 : Management Part 2 : The Environment of Management Part 3 : Managing Decision Making and Planning Part 4 : Managing Organizational Architecture Part 5 : Managing individuals and Groups Part 6 : Managing Essential Operations and Processes. Inc.

Inc..1-9 Part 1 : Management Chapter 1 Managers and Managing Chapter 2 The Evolution of Management Theory Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. 2000 .

1-10 Part 2 : The Environment of Management Chapter 3 The Organizational Environment Chapter 4 The Global Environment Chapter 5 Ethics. 2000 .. Inc. Social Responsibility and Diversity Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies.

1-11 Part 3 : Managing Decision Making and Planning Chapter 6 The Manager as a Decision Maker Chapter 7 The Manager as a Planner and Strategist Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. 2000 .. Inc.

2000 .1-12 Part 4 : Managing Organizational Architecture Chapter 8 Managing Organizational Structure Chapter 9 Organizational Control and Culture Chapter 10 Human Resource Management Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies.. Inc.

.1-13 Part 5 : Managing Individuals and Groups Chapter 11 The Manager as a Person Chapter 12 Motivation Chapter 13 Leadership Chapter 14 Groups and Teams Chapter 15 Communication Chapter 16 Organizational Conflict. Negotiation. and Change Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. Inc. Politics. 2000 .

1-15 Part 6 : Managing Essential Operations and Processes Chapter 17 Managing Information Systems and Technologies Chapter 18 Operations Management : Managing Quality. Inc. Efficiency. and Entrepreneurship Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. 2000 . Product Development. and Responsiveness to Customers Chapter 19 The management of Innovation..

. including multiple choice. The Test Bank contains over 100 test items per chapter. Inc. The textbook is a resource to enhance classroom instruction. Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. true/ fales and essay which can be adapted for the exam test.1-16 Benefits of this Study 1. 2. 2000 .

2000 .. An actual article from a business publication like the Wall Street Journal or Business Week shows students how practicing managers are facing the issues and they have just learned it. 4. Inc.1-17 Benefits of this Study 3. Irwin/McGraw-Hill ©The McGraw-Hill Companies. To be a material for teaching and writing an academic textbooks.

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