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and additional fields within the tourism industry. focusing on entry-level occupations as they represent an initial opportunity to gain work experience and employability skills and offer a starting point for career progression within the sector. activities/amusement and transportation.HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM The hospitality and tourism sector includes lodging. cruise lines.  . transportation. restaurants. This sector includes four clusters: food services. theme parks. this profile includes occupational information specific to retail sectors. accommodation.  In addition to industry information.




 Tourism in India has registered significant growth in recent years and the country has tremendous potential to become a major global tourist destination.INTRODUCTION The Indian tourism and hospitality Industry has emerged as one of the key industries driving growth of the services sector in india.  .

Indian tourism industry is thriving due to an increase in foreign tourist arrivals.CONTIN….  .  In the past few year growth has come within the domestis sector as around 30 million indians travel within the country in a year.

Hotels are the important component of tourism product.development of integrated tourism circuits.  The tourism policy of government of india aims at speedy implementation of tourist projects.CONTIN….  They contribute in the overall tourism experience through the standars of facilities and services offerd to them.  . special capacity building in the hospitality sector and new marketting strategies.

9 billion by 2022.754.49 million as per the data released by department of industrial policy and promotion(dipp)  .7 billion and is expected to touch us$ 418.MARKET SIZE The total market size of indian tourism and hospitaltiy sector stood at us$117.  Foreign direct investments(fdi) inflows in hotel and tourism sector during april 2000 to july 2013 stood at us$ 6.


The country has received 43.06 lakh foreign tourist during the period jan-aug 2013.MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS AND INVESTMENTS  India is expected to receive nearly half a million medical tourist by 2015. implying an annual growth of 30%. .The inflow of medical tourist is expected to cross 45 lakh by 2015 from the current level of 25 lakhs.

The year 2007 also marked the fifth consecutive year during which india Has witnessed double-digit growth in foreign tourist arrivals. as against fourth position in 2006. the tourism and hospitality industries are witnessing a period of Exponential growth. Along with the rise in foreign tourist arrivals. as an industry segment in itself.5 trillion service Sector within the global economy. In india. "conde Nast traveller". the world's leading travel and tourism journal. ranked india as the numero uno travel destination in The world for 2007. foreign exchange earnings .GROWTH OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRIES         Hospitality. is a us$ 3.

CONTIN…          Tourism has now become a significant industry in india. the tourism industry in india Is likely to generate us$ 121. Additionally. contributing Around 5. .4 billion of economic activity by 2015 and Hospitality sector has the potential to earn us$ 24 billion in foreign Exchange by 2015. says a study by the confederation of indian industry (cii) and mckinsey.8 million people.9 per cent of the gross domestic product (gdp) and Providing employment to about 41. india is also likely to become a major hub for medical Tourism. with revenues from the industry estimated to grow from Us$ 333 million in 2007 to us$ 2. As per the world travel & tourism council.2 billion by 2012.

India will lead in South Asia with 8.GROWTH FACTORS OF TOURISM  According to World Tourism Organization estimates.8%) tourism economy in the world over 2005-14 according to the World Travel & Tourism .9 million arrivals by 2020  India is poised to emerge as the 2nd fastest growing (8.



 .courtesy “incridible india campaign”.INDUSTRY ANALYSIS OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY TOURISM  Indian tourism sector is one of the most crucial sectors of the economy in the country. However it provides widespread employment.  It has been partially successful with increase in foreign tourist arrivals over the last decade.  It is not only a significant contributor to gdp and foreign exchange reserve of the country.

Promoted by various intents.with the rising economic status of middle class and affluent population.pilgrim and leisure tourism are two very important sector. This through analysis of tourism sector in india has revealed that it is set for a fast growth stage marked by a huge potential in various segments in the industry. . Foreign tourist arrivals has increased substantially during the past decade motivated by both business and leisure needs and expected to grow further. A lot of scope available for the bussiness to enter and tap the segment.CONTIN…     Domestic tourism is very huge in the country.

India occupies the sixth-eighth position among the top tourist destination in the world for 2011. It involves co-operative relationship with multiple encourage the tourism sector. has taken some measures which will benefit the sector. The government in recent times. .The centre and states are also working out a ppp(public-private-partnership) model to increase hotel capacity.HOSPITALITY     It is one of the largest industries in both the global and national contexts.

Government of india increased on advertising campaigns(including all the campaigns “incredible india and athithi devo bhava”-visitors are like god) to reinforce the rich variety of tourism in india. occupancies. The ministry promoted as a state tourist destination and undertook arious measures.have been stagnant owing to the impact of increased supply in the market and the general recessionary environment. such as stepping up vigilance in key cities and a historically important tourist sites.the overall rates.CONTIN….   . In terms of hospitality industry performance in india.