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.SECTION A – INTRODUCTION: • Learning: Something that occurs when a learner acquires the capacity to do something. • Strategy: A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim and skills to do something well or one’s expertise to do something.

• This study was conducted because I wanted to know how others that I considered as good learners gain knowledge and try to apply them in my style of learning. the reason I chose these three people is because I know that they are good learners. • I have chosen three candidates as my subject of my studies. especially in English language .

.• Doing a Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). • Wanted to know various ways of learning and acquire knowledge to implement them in my style of learning which I hoped it can improve me as well as looking at learning as a fun thing to do. becoming better in English language is a must so choosing three good language learners and study their way of studying really help me in so many ways.

.• I will be an English teacher once I graduated so I wanted to do my best and help my students by sharing my strategies of learning. • O & WIWA. with the help of my studies that I conducted.

• Got an A in English for Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia (SPM.) • Got an A in her English paper for Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR). • Attended Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Perempuan Kangar.) .•SUBJECTS: •Nurul Syazwani binti Mohd Zaki • 21 years old. • Doing Degree in TESL in University of Selangor (UNISEL. • Staying in Penang. Perlis.

• Got a B+ in English for his PMR. • Doing a Degree in Visual Arts in University of Science Malaysia. • Got an A in English for his SPM . • Staying in Pahang. • Attended Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Lipis.• Amal Syafiq bin Rasid: • 21 years old. Pahang.

Got an A for SPM . Staying in Selangor. • • Got a B in English paper for PMR.• Nurul Syazana binti Zainal Abidin: • • • • 20 years old. Diploma student in TESL in UNISEL. Selangor. Went to Sekolah Menengah Bagan Terap Sungai Besar.

• All three subjects can be considered as more than qualified to study their strategies and skills of learning. • This shows that their learning strategies are consistent and also improving. . • One subject is very excellent in the English language. • The other two we can see clearly that they are improving.

• SECTION B: • 1. what do you do? Who you ask for help? What are your resources? . RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS: • Question 1: • Why are you interested in learning a second language? • Question 2: • When did you start learning English? • Question 3: • Why do you choose English as your second language? • Question 4: • How do you study the English language? • Question 5: • When you are having difficulties in learning English.

That was so much fun. •Question 4: When I was small my father used to buy and read English newspapers to me. . Teachers and lecturers are an even better source. it would be beneficial. I even ask my friends so that they could explain it in a way that I can understand. •Question 5: When I have troubles learning English. Then I read English story books and magazines as well as watching English television programs with subtitle. •Question 3: I chose English in the first place because English is considered as one of the world’s language besides French and Mandarin. My father used to buy English newspapers such as New Strait Times and The Star. ANALYSIS OF DATA AND THE RESULTS . He was the main reason I become interested in learning many languages starting with English. He once told me that if we learn and are able to speak multiple languages. I will first try to search it in the internet such as Google. First I will try to understand the song and then I look at the lyrics to identify difficult words and find the meaning in the dictionary.FIRST CANDIDATE: •Question 1: My father encouraged me to love learning since I was small.2. I learned English through songs. •Question 2: I started learning when I was small. and read for me. As I got older. Plus the learning process is fun and much easier than Mandarin.

• ANALYSIS OF THE SECOND CANDIDATE: • Question 1: Because I feel that learning other language especially English will be very beneficial to me in the future. In form 1 the English teacher was so nice to me and she helped me learned in a fun way. Back in primary school I was not that interested in English. Then I would go for dictionaries or my friends especially the ones that are better than me. I also try to learn more by studying song lyrics and the comics. • Question 4: I gave full attention in class when the teacher is teaching but when I was outside of the class I turn to games. To imply for a job nowadays they really stress on the English language. I feel that they explained better in personal than they teach as a whole. • Question 3: My parents and all my English teachers always reminded me that English is important and for the betterment of my future. Games help me to use the language in a way the native speakers used the language. If we are fluent in English then we are more likely to be a better choice for the job. . English is a language that is understandable in every country eventhough some people only knows the basic. • Question 2: I really started learning English when I was in secondary school in form 1. • Question 5: I will always ask my teachers and my lecturers first whenever I am having difficulties.

in standard 3 to be exact. English is the language of the world and the learning process is much easier. Next I would go for the reference books that I bought and as well as discuss the matters with my friends. It did help in giving me awareness of using the language in the real life. • Question 4: Besides in class. Then. . • Question 3: I think that it is important especially for me as a student to be good in English.• ANALYSIS OF THE THIRD CANDIDATE: • Question 1: I loved English since I was in the kindergarten. with pictures and coloured numbers. At first it was so hard but my parents and my teacher helped me a lot. Back then learning was so much fun. • Question 5: I think I am the techno-type of person because I refer more on using my smartphone to search the words or phrases that I find it hard on the internet because it is faster and not that troublesome to me. • Question 2: I started when I was in the primary school. I learn more through books and journals because I love reading. I learn through watching English movies.

. Early start of learning is really helpful to make the children’s mind and brain to develop that will make them understand faster and learn better when they are growing up. CONCLUSION: • Parents played a major part in developing their children’s mind. We also need to practice the knowledge we acquired in order to understand better as well as keeping it fresh in our brain. • Constant learning is a must so that the knowledge we acquire from the early years will not go to waste or worse forgotten.3.

Learning language is not based on facts blindly but also the practical. . • Learning tools help the students to be creative in our learning and not just focusing on the facts. Teachers and lecturers serve as an instructor to just guide their students in the right direction.• Inside and outside class participation is also an important point in learning strategies. it is up to oneself to determine whether to walk in a straight line or go down a steep road. This way we are able to be familiar with the knowledge especially the language.