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SAP IDoc (Intermediate Document



 IDoc is an abbreviation for an intermediate document  It is a SAP standard format for data exchange between systems

internal data exchanges between SAP modules, or external data exchanges (e.g., EDI with business partners)

segment fields) Status records: Log the steps the IDoc message has gone through up to the present .. sender.IDoc Basic Structure  An IDoc consists of a control record.g.  Function of IDoc Elements    Control record: Defines the content. structure. receiver and status of the IDoc Data records: Defined by IDoc type (e.  Control record and status records are the same for all IDoc types. several data records and status records.

IDoc Record Types Control Record IDoc-ID Sender-ID Receiver-ID IDoc type and logical message External structure IDoc-ID Sequence/Hierarchy Segment Format definition for • header data • item data Data Record Status Record IDoc-ID Status information .

 For example.  Segments can be dependent on each other (parent and child segments).IDoc Type  An IDoc type is defined through its permitted segments.  Relation between IDoc and IDoc type is similar to the relation between XML (Extensible Markup Language) document and DTD (document type declaration) file . segment E1MAKTM (Master material short texts /MAKT)is a child segment of E1MARAM (Master material general data/MARA) in IDoc type MATMAS01 (material master).

 Fields can be grouped into segments. and intermediate nodes are segments .An IDoc type is defined by  The fields it can have.  Multiple segments can be grouped into a (parent) segments.  Segments and fields form a tree where the leaves are fields.

The Segment Tree of An IDoc Type MATMAS01 Material Master” E1MARAM Material Master General Data MSGFN Function MATNR Material Number E1MAKTM Material Description MSGFN Function MAKTX Material Description E1MVKEM Sales Data MSGFN Function VRKME Sales Unit .

Display IDoc Type  Tools->Business Communication->IDoc>IDoc Basic>Documentation>IDoc Type(TC:WE60)  Fill-in IDoc Type: MATMAS01 (Material master data) then click execute button  Click here to expand the node  Display the segment name and descriptions .

then the IDoc displayed  Control data  Click here to display data records . change the date created (from) to “ ”.Display An IDoc  Tools->Business Communication->IDoc>IDoc Basic->IDoc->Display IDoc (TC:WE02)  In the selection screen. and change the IDoc number to “128760” (Material Master)  Then click “Execute” Button.

EDI subsystem .g. e.Outbound Data Flow SAP Application Document Message Control (NAST) NAST Record Document IDoc Interface & ALE Services IDoc System 2.

g. EDI subsystem IDoc IDoc Interface & ALE Services IDoc + Process SAP Business Workflow Document IDoc + Function Module SAP Application .Inbound Data Flow System 2. e.

g. Port and Partner Profile SAP Application Process Code Partner Profile Port System 2 e.Process Code. EDI subsystem .