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World-Class Warehousing

MMD Vision for 2011

Presented by: Engr. David Masiado, Jr.


How can we
Prevent the deterioration of drug quality in warehouses Speed up warehouse receiving and shipping Improve warehousing skills Know which warehouses have how much of what products Motivate LGU to improve their stock rooms Assess warehouse performance

Assessment highlights on CHDs Warehouses and 16 Provinces

Structure (Poor physical condition) Inadequate handling Units/Equipment Lack of training of personnel Reporting/Recording/Forms used, varies from one CHD to another

The Warehouse Improvement Plan

The MMD roadmap to world-class warehousing

Facilities and equipment upgrading

Procurement funded by EC
P3.9M worth of equipment and supplies for Central Office warehouses P8.6M worth of equipment and supplies for 17 CHD warehouses

Preventive maintenance of all facilities and equipment

Express receiving and shipping


A Wal-Mart, world-class practice now being practiced by the MMD Receive and ship on the same day Shorter transit time, reaches the end-users faster How-to guide to effective and efficient management of DOH warehouses With minor changes, can also be used by LGUs

Warehouse Management Manual (WMM)

Empowered warehouse staff

Training on WMM
Trainers training Central to CHD technology transfer CHD to LGU technology transfer

Short Course Education on Warehousing

De la Salle Graduate School of Business

Information and inventory

Warehouse management system (WMS) software

Simplify warehouse operations, can generate automatically needed reports Provides inventory accuracy and warehouse order cycle time Facilitate hands-free and paperless activities.

Information and inventory

Inventory tracking systems

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) system


for transmitting information through radiofrequency signals, e.g., E-Pass Pilot-test in collaboration with the Global Fund, the IUALT, and the Health Sciences Department of Ateneo for TB Drugs Kit

Barcode scanning

World-class LGU stock rooms

LGU Performance Scorecard

Motivation to improve Indicators based on best warehouse practices

Measuring warehouse performance

Warehouses measured on processes of

Receiving Put-away Storage Order-picking Shipping Information systems

Displayed in an easy-to-understand chart

Warehousing practices gap analysis

Samples - MMD
POP II Receiving Putaway

Work Measurement






Counterpart of CHDs
Infrastructure (Rehabilitation of Existing Warehouse) Coordinate with LGU to also improve their warehouse To get LGUs inventories and reported to Central Office(DM No. 2006-0050) Encourage LGUs to make request of their needed logistics(Pull demand system)

We have a vision We have a plan We need your support