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What is my level of thinking and understanding?

Learning how to assess your own learning with SOLO

Thinking and understanding
• Some of the best ways to improve your learning is to know where you are currently at, where you need to head, and how you will get there. • To be a successful scientist and science student, you need to know where your thinking and understanding is at. • This is called self-regulation.

Introducing SOLO
• SOLO can help you work out where your thinking and understanding is at, and where you need to head.

Pre-structural I’m not sure about

Unistructural I have one relevant idea about

Multistructural I have many relevant ideas about

Relational I can link many relevant ideas together

Extended abstract
I can link many relevant ideas to the big picture I can use these ideas to generalise, predict and create products

An activity to practise using SOLO
• Work in a group of 2 or 3 • Collect a laminated SOLO table and cut-out boxes on chicken nuggets

• Sort each box into a SOLO level

More practice with SOLO
• Your group will be given another set of cut-out boxes • Cut out each box and put it onto the laminated SOLO card • Each box needs to be matched to the appropriate SOLO level • One person in your group needs to report back to the class and explain why each box has been placed at a particular SOLO level