soil , water and sunlight are essential for food production. Lot of people do not realize that there is a fourth ,equally important resource the genetic diversity. Plant genetic resources give us crop varieties of different , shapes colours and sizes. It as resistance to disease or pests.


Sustainable is the ability to maintain balance of certain process or state in any system. Resource means available source of wealth a new or reserve supply. That can be drawn upon when needed.

Transgenic plant resources

Transgenic plants posses a gene or genes that have been transferred from a different species. DNA of another species can be integrated in plant genome by natural process the term ‘transgenic plants’. Recombinant DNA technology laboratory was mainly used in transgenic plants production


Preservation and conservation

Preservation means the protection of biodiversity from any kind of human activity. Conservation means protection of biodiversity for sustainable utilization


Biotechnology method used

Biotechnology can directly and indirectly enable conservation strategies. At the same time allow economically significant species to both utilized and protected. This is a major issue for those global areas, rich in biodiversity. Population is increasing so we need rich biological resources and the same time preserve them for future generations.

Techniques used

The germplasm of economically significant species preserved, ex situ in culture collection and genebanks. It is need to continuously take germplasm form natural environment. Tissue cultures method the species can be used as a direct source of natural products. Clonal micropropagation also similarly to tissue culture. Biotechnology derived plants or trees can be used as sources of nursery stock for plantations.

In situ & Ex situ conservation

In situ conservation is essential and the protection of natural ecosystem. Without this in situ conservation natural evolutionary pressures will not be imposed and in the long term and future generation. Both ex situ & in situ conservation used in genetic resources.


International plant genetic resources institute (IPGRI). Another organization associated with FAO food and agriculture organization which promotes the conservation and use of genetic resources. IPGRI has funded a number of research programmers and conferences. To develop technologies for reducing the risk of moving pathogens with plants.

Germplasm should be obtained from a safe pathogen tested source. In vitro culture pose less risk than vegetative plant materials potted in soil. In vitro material should be derived from pathogen tested sources



Biotechnology is integrated in all aspects of plant germplasm charaterization,exchange and genetic resource management. The sustainable utilization of plant diversity can be greatly assisted by the application of direct and indirect bio technology procedurs. In vitro and molecular approaches to plant conservation become more amenable. It will become more and more important.


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