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Microsoft-Nokia Deal

Prepared By: Group-C10
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NOKIA        Founded by Frederick K Idestams in 1865 Mobile devices with services and software Enable people to experience music. video. games. television. business mobility and more. By 1998 Nokia became the world’s biggest mobile manufacturer In 2005 Nokia reached the landmark of selling over one billion phone In 2010 Smart phone competition hit the giant In 2013 Microsoft acquired Nokia phone business . imaging. navigation.

licenses.MICROSOFT Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque in 1975  Develops. for US $8. 2011.2 billion  . and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices Recent Activity  On May 10. manufactures. 2013 – Microsoft acquires Nokia for $7. It acquired Skype Communications.5 billion  Sept 3.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Talent acquisition .Microsoft’s need to acquire Nokia  Nokia had plans of using the android operating system for its Lumia In order for the windows phone to see its survival in market. Microsoft had to ensure Nokia’s survival      Transaction cost Eliminating duplication Logistics.

Pre-Negotiation Current Resources  Nokia ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  Largest distribution network Strong brand image Good R&D skills Diversified business units.4 million Windows Phones compared with 31. Microsoft ◦ Financial strength ◦ huge customer database from its diversified product portfolio Goal  Both the companies share the common goal of increasing the sales of their products and market share  In the second quarter of 2013. Nokia shipped just 7.2 million iPhones and 185 million Android smartphones  Increasing the sales of Windows smartphone from the efficiencies that should flow from the integration of hardware and software .

Interest and needs  Microsoft ◦ Faster innovation ◦ Increased synergies ◦ Unified branding and marketing. including the possibility selling all. or part. Alternatives  Microsoft has few alternatives given its almost complete reliance on Nokia for Windows Phone devices.  Nokia ◦ Accretive earnings ◦ Strengthening its financial position ◦ A solid basis for future investment in its continuing businesses. ◦ Approaching other hardware makers to sell windows platform devices  Nokia can also explore other possibilities. Other possibilities for Microsoft could be:◦ Developing their own hardware devices. or itself to other interested parties .

with an investment of $250m over the next few years  .000 employees would transfer to Microsoft.Negotiation Style  Collaborative as the deal will create a win-win situation for both buyer and seller and is beneficial for both the parties Market share and profitability is expected to boost up for both the companies   Stephen Elop. a new data centre servicing Microsoft consumers would be built in Finland. Nokia’s chief executive. will step down to become head of the mobile phone business at Microsoft Around 32.

  Key reason behind the deal: Nokia developing Android smartphones Why Nokia as a best choice? Penetrating from software to hardware Acquiring non – smartphones unit Synergies Nokia will continue to be a company Government Policies .


 Nokia shareholders are expected to vote on the deal in an extraordinary general meeting on November 19 this year.97bn) in financing in the form of three payments of €500 million ($659m) from overseas resources.  Any further information from the Nokia side can be known after that only. Thus ZOPA can be known after further information is declared  .5 billion ($1.ZOPA It is known that Microsoft will make available to Nokia about €1.

BATNA   BATNA is seen as a safety net for the Microsoft in case of the deal with Nokia fails. Microsoft’s operating systems unit head Terry Myerson approached HTC about using the Windows Phone OS as an alternative option on handsets that traditionally use Google's Android. According to Bloomberg. we need to look at what are the best alternatives available for the Microsoft considering the current situation. .

But this is highly unlikely.  .BATNA In this case we can see may be HTC altogether a new company in target for Micro  Very hard to know the true BATNA for the company as the parameter of the company to choose the company to buy or acquire requires consideration of lots of parameters.