LISA-Machine Description Language and Generic Machine Model for SW/HW Co- Design

-Vojn Zivojnovic – Stefen Pees – Heinrich Meyr

 .VHDL) and Machine Model Languages( Ptolemy.PIXIE.Sable. MARIL.Introduction L-chart Instruction Set Architecture Language(LISA)  Improved work over HDL (Verilog.VLIW )  Generic machine model to cover difference between standard ISA Models and description languages.

Advantages of LISA – Abstract – Reduce Complexity – Improve runtime over other HDL and Machine Model Languages – Common solution for Processor Architecture .

exact pipeline with wait and interrupts  State visibility: – Complete state visibility at selected control steps . architecture explorations)  Processor Class: – DSP and micro controllers of low or medium complexity with pipeline and RISC processors  Model Accuracy: – Selectable instructions.Characteristics of LISA  Application Domain: – Real time Software design ( Word Length analysis. clock/phase accurate timing. memory optimization.bit accurate register transfer. DSP/Embedded system . Speed.HW/SW co verification.

Operation Sequencer: Partitioned into basic scheduled units  Transition function Ft change machine state  Transition take place in control step at t  Precedence and Resource constraint determine next function  .

Operation Sequencing Reservation Table • Two dimensional representation of resource allocation in the resource time • A mark in a table indicating corresponding Processor resource etc. bus.functional units  Gantt chart-Uniquely specify operations • Instruction scheduling • Reservation table give details • Clock accurately model • Covert Time axis into precedence axis  .

Gannt’s Chart Sequencing&LISA Style  01 (R1) | 02(R2) | 03(R3) | 04(R4).05(R5) | 06(R6) – Vertical Lines : Precedence – Commas: Parallelism – Parenthesized: Resources .

Gannt’s Concept for Hazards  Data & Control Hazard – Access storage has to specified for Read or Write – Access storage has to be acknowledged before operation Hazard: IF | ID (!w=R0) | IA | IE(w=R0)| %Inst set #1 IF | ID(r=R0)| IA | IE %Inst set #2 Solution IF | ID(!w=R0)|IA |IE(w=R0) | IF | NOP | NOP | ID(ro=R0) | IE .

Continued…  Stall (wait state by memory or cache) – Resource Reservation for external events   Flushing (permits) – Descriptor of Operation k:03 Dynamic scheduling to avoid Hazard – Rearrange instructions set .

Example: LISA description of TMS320C54X .

Kill descriptor for {BC ADD.LD} .

verification and co design environments L-charts supports data hazards and pipeline flushing.interlocking bypassing Model use ASAP to obey Time & Resource Constraints .Conclusion:     LISA enable fast and comfortable solution for embedded & processors Supports design.

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