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Human Work Force
 Dhilip
 Balaji
 Milan
 Charu
 Srujana
 Mahima
 Nidhi
 Job title: Research Professional
 Nature of Job: Intellectual,
knowledge oriented.
 Qualities of Job holder:
 Good conceptual skills
 Creative and reflective thinking
 In depth knowledge of subject
 Voracious reader
 Requisite educational
 Good technical report writing
Job Summary
 Job Specification:

 Create value to the organization through

intellectual caliber and generate resources.

 Freedom to initiate and exercise the projects of

your interest by networking and collaborations
with multi and bilaterals , under the framework of
compliance of project objectives to institutional
Job Location
 You would be associated with CMR division at the
headquarters of TERI (New Delhi).

 However as per the project requirement you may

be temporarily relocated to any of the regional
center of TERI across the Globe.

 Job requires you to travel extensively for

evaluating the progress of the projects to
respective sites.
Work Culture
 Diversified work force, with varied
educational backgrounds. Exhaustive
interdivisional and interdivisional
interaction. Liberty to propose and
pursue the projects of your interest.

 Institutional culture:
 Matrix structure.
 Open door policy.
 Professional  Management
Growth Bands: Growth Bands:

 Research Assistant  Area Conveyor

 Research  Associate Director
Professional  Director
 Associate Fellow  Executive Director
 Fellow  Director General
 Senior Fellow
 Distinguished
Primary Tasks
 Writing business proposals,
 Developing concept note.
 Designing the projects.
 Preparation of action plan
 Activity scheduling / Preparing Action plan
 Resource scheduling/allocation.
 Preparation of budgets.
 Project implementation
 Performing experiments in the labs.
 Visiting project sites to evaluate the progress.
 Report writing.
 Attending seminars, conferences
 Attending training modules.
 Developing capability statements
Secondary Tasks
 Attending meetings.

 Attending division retreat, team bounding


 Handholding of peer.

 Filling up time sheets

 Updating the KMS about the current project.

 Filling forms for the allowances.

Job Responsibilities
 Generation of intellectual capital.

 Generation of funds.

 Contribution to Blue sky research.

 Compliance with working norms of Ministries of

Govt of India, Planning commission, European
and Australian commissions.

 Maintenance of data privacy and abstinence from

Proficiency in handling high-
end equipments.

 DNA Micro arrays

 GLC & chromatographic instruments.

 Spectrophotometers.

 Electrophoresis equipments.

 Bio informatics tool kit.

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