What is a Sacramental?

Mr. Pablo Cuadra Religion Class

What is a sacramental?

A. A sacramental is a sign (s) instituted (created) by the Church’s intercession (prayer on behalf of others). B. To help us in our spiritual life.

What is the purpose of Sacramentals?

A. Sacramentals are sacred signs that bring us closer to God’s grace. B. They help us develop an attitude of prayer, faith, holiness, and devotion.

What can sacramentals do?

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Through the intercession of the Church and their correct use (devotion). Sacramentals can: A. Drive away evil spirits, B. Remit venial sin C. Prepare us for grace (God’s very life).

What could be a sacramental?

A. Sacramentals can be material things like rosaries, crosses, holy water. B. Sacramentals can be actions such as: genuflection, sign of the cross, prayers, blessings.


Anything blessed by a priest can become a sacramental. Catholics are encouraged to bless, to set aside objects for the glory of God . We bless meals, Bibles, cars, houses, etc. We are encouraged to received blessings and to bless others.

Types of sacramentals
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Exorcism Holy Water Rosaries Candles Icons Holy images Holy vessels Incense Relics

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Blessed Palms Bibles Scapulars Medals Crosses Bow Bells Genuflection Prayers


Some sacramentals remind us of the sacraments. Holy water remind us of baptism Ashes remind us of reconciliation, penance Holy Oil remind us of confirmation

Wedding ring remind us of the covenant of marriage


Sacred objects need to be treated with respect. Sacramentals have been blessed and made holy through the power of the Church’s prayer.

Sacramentals or sacred signs or objects are to be treated with reverence and devotion (passion for the things of God).

Corporal Works of Mercy (Holy Actions)
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1. To Feed the Hungry 2. To Give drink to the thirsty 3. To Clothe the naked 4. To shelter the homeless 5. To visit the sick 6. To visit the imprisoned 7. To bury the dead

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