Group 2

Aayushi Garg Arun Verma Meenakshi Savant Ravi Pratap Singh Shikha Chaudhary

 Swedish

Car manufacturing company.  Founded on July 25, 1924  Founded by Larson & Gabrielsson.  Firstly they were manufacturing cars.  Later on they manufactures trucks, tractors, engines and grinders along with the cars.  Volvo closed down their plants in Uddevalla and Kalmar.  Volvo started facing labour problems by the early 1970’s.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Increase in absentism rates. Increase in employee turnover. Increase in HR cost. Dissatisfaction of employees. Change in socioeconomic condition in Sweden. Diversity in workforce. Financial problem.

 Job

enrichment experiments. 2. Job rotation 3. Management employee councils. 4. Small work groups. 5. Change implementation 6. Employee oriented facilities.

Proper training to new employees.  Spreading company’s values and objective in all the employees.  Discipline and proper implementation of rule and regulation among the employees.  To make them responsible for their work assigned.  Welcoming their ideas and suggestions

 Meaningful

involvement of unions and workers in the early planning.  Each assembly team is a small factory that controls and varies its work pace, and benefits from long work cycles.  Flat hierarchy, and organizational autonomy.  “do it right from the start” attitude development.  Unprecedented modular flexibility with no linear fixed sequences

 Decentralized

Final Assembly.  Any necessary corrections are returned to the team, thus providing excellent feedback.  Basic skills training continues within the team environment.  Additional stages of training that lead to “master”.  The skills and competence development system tied to promotions.

 Motivational

training.  Compulsory attendance.  Incentives and perks.  Employee friendly environment.  Career planning for employees.  Competency management.  Employee engagement at organizational level.

 Harvard

Business Review, 1977, Jul-Aug Issue  Business Horizons, 1992, Nov-Dec Issue    

Group 2

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