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An Introduction to Socio-preneurship

What is Socio-Preneurship?
To make newer additions in KBW, this time we came with Social Entrepreneurship aka Socio-preneurship Socio-preneurship refers to the usage of entrepreneurial skills in improving the environment around you. Its basically working for the welfare for the People of God

Abdul Satter Edhi (Edhi Foundation) Mussarat Misbah (Smile Foundation) Seema Aziz (Care Foundation) SOS

Social Entrepreneurs & Projects

You should know what Sociopreneurship is all about, just go through slide 2 and that would be of some help build a solid business model determine the product or service create a sound financial plan pitch investors (Explain why do you think it is essential e.g. I deem that a water purifying agency is important, as a regular tab on water supply can save several people from severe illness due to insufficient and unclean drinking water) Assemble and present it

What are you required to do?

Rules and Regulations

The decision of the judges is final and may not be appealed. Each team will have 8 minutes to make an oral presentation followed 4 minutes of question session from the judges. Each team must upload its final presentation in PDF format by November 27th. This word include your detailed hardcopy and slideshow Plans are limited to 20 pages (including the three-page executive summary), typed, double-spaced, minimum 12-point font, and margins of 1" on all sides. The plan must also include a cover page including the plan name, plan category, a one-paragraph description of the business, names of team members, and the phone number and e-mail address of the key contact. The cover page will not count toward the 20-page limit. Changes or additions to the plan will not be accepted after the plans are submitted. An executive summary of no more than three pages must be submitted via e-mail in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

The 2-3 page Executive Summary should include following elements: Overview tell what you do Market identify the opportunity (problem or need) and its size Solution describe your service and how it solves the problem or need Challenges identify key alternatives, social trends, regulations, local support Advantages identify your special strengths (i.e. alliances, management, uniqueness) Financial Data summarize need, source and use of funding

How thoroughly are each of the following categories researched and presented? Overview Market Solution Challenges Advantages Financial Data (see Executive Summary above for further description of each element) How logical are the plan's conclusions and assumptions? How well is the plan written; is it clear and concise? Does the plan provide adequate information to determine potential for success? Is the return to investors and the social return to stakeholders attractive? Does the plan present a compelling argument for launching the enterprise?

Certificates and individual shields would be handed over to the winning team Second prize winners would be given certificates and token of appreciation Third prize winners would be given certificates and token of appreciation

Think its not your cup of time?!

It is evident that you might perceive it to be difficult If you actually do think again.. You would have a facilitator/Team Lead to guide you and provide you mentoring on campus Also a preparatory workshop would be there to help you out on 26th November 2013

Think out of the box, and do what you want others to do !!!
Registrations begin from 12th November and end on the 26th November 2013 The final date of submission is 27th November Registration fee is RS. 100/- per person and a team should be 3-5 members Lastly, you have the potential to make world a better place to stop wondering and participate

We hope to see you do something different this time!!!