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A guide to plan, manage, & execute a successful BI Project

Dr. Bjarne Berg

What We‟ll Cover
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Overview BI and Data Warehousing
Budgeting, staffing and scoping a project Selecting an OLAP Tool What are the ERP-BI vendors doing – a look at SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JDE‟s BI tools The future of BI Wrap up

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BI Vs. Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the act of extracting, transferring, transforming, storing and retrieval of data for reporting and analytical purposes.
Business Intelligence (BI) is a terminology for applications that uses data stores for analytical purposes.

BI applications are not required to run on top of data warehouses, but the majority does


1997 .A Logical Enterprise DW Architecture Metadata Operational Data Store Functional Area Invoicing Systems Purchasing Systems General Ledger Other Internal Systems External Data Sources Data Extraction Integration and Cleansing Processes Purchasing Marketing and Sales Corporate Information Summation Product Line Location Translate Attribute Calculate Derive Summarize Synchronize Summarized Data Segmented Data Subsets Source Data Extract Transform Data Warehouse BI Applications Custom Developed Applications Data Mining Statistical Programs Query Access Tools Data Resource Management and Quality Assurance Source: Bjarne Berg. “Introduction to Data Warehousing”. Price Waterhouse Global System solution Center.

Data Management Review. “Integrated Analytics – Getting Increased Value from Enterprise Resource Planning Systems”.Evolution of Data Warehousing Complex (score cards. BW & Portals Conference. budgeting. May. 2007. KPI) Horizontal approach (2nd generation) Integrated analytical (3rd generation) Emerging (1st generation) Vertical approach (2nd generation) Interactive Mgmt. Miami 5 . reporting (OLAP. 2002. planning. Adapted: Bjarne Berg “How to Manage a BW Project”. MQE) Toolsets & accelerators Level of Pre-delivered Content Analytical applications for specific industries Source: Mike Schroeck. David Zinn and Bjarne Berg.

you have to adjust at least one of the others 6 . Accounts Receivable. Distribution Scope You have only 3 dimensions to work with: Resources (people.e.What Logically Belongs in a BI System? Real-time Inquiry Operational Reporting Management Information Lightly Summarized More Summarized More Ad Hoc ERP DW Dividing Line For the first go-live. General ledger. Sales. keep the scope as small as possible I. technology and money) Time Warning If one of these dimensions changes. Accounts Payable.

Siebel.What We‟ll Cover • • • • Overview BI and Data Warehousing Budgeting. PeopleSoft. Oracle. JDE‟s BI tools The future of BI Wrap up • • 7 . staffing and scoping a project Selecting an OLAP Tool What are the ERP-BI vendors doing – a look at SAP.

g..Example: Small BI Project Team for Single Area • E. not positions (sometimes one team member can fill more than one role) Project sponsor Project Manager Business team Business analyst Technical team SAP BI Architect ETL developer Presentation developer Basis and functional R/3 support 4-5 team members and normally 3-6 months duration depending on scope 8 . Billing. or Accounts Payable Note: These are roles. Inventory.

g. ETL developer ETL developer Sr. Presentation developer Presentation developer Note: These are roles. SAP BI developer SAP BI developer Basis and functional R/3 support 8-10 team members and normally 2-4 months duration depending on scope 9 . Global Cost and Profitability.Example: Mid-sized BI Project. Transforms and Loads Data Management (InfoCubes & ODS) Presentation Developer(s) Sr. Business analyst Business analyst Sr. not positions (sometimes one team member can fill more than one role) Sr.. international cross organization or consolidated billing Project sponsor/ Steering Committee Project Manager SAP BW Architect Business Analyst(s) Extract. Single Complex Subject • E.

not positions (sometimes one team member can fill more than one role) Sales Team Business analyst/(sub-team lead) SAP BI developer Presentation developer(s) ETL developer Finance Team Business analyst/(sub-team lead) SAP BI developer Presentation developer(s) ETL developer Material Mgmt.g.. Team Business analyst/(sub-team lead) SAP BI developer Presentation developer(s) ETL developer Basis and functional R/3 support 15-25 team members and normally 6-18 months duration depending on scope 10 . and Material Management Project sponsor/ Steering Committee Project Manager SAP BI Architect Portal developer(s) Note: These are roles. Finance.Large Global BI Project for Multiple Subject Areas • E. global Sales.

How Tightly Should Multiple Global BI Projects be Controlled? Coordination of Multiple Data Warehouse Projects The relationship between global control and success: Tight Central Control (24%) Loose Cooperation (38%) Independent (38%) 88% Successful 100% Successful 30% Successful Source: The Conference Board Survey 11 .

 Tip Create the Milestone Plan and Scope Statement first. Map the effort to the delivery schedule Plan for number of resources needed based on the scope. Size the SAP BI effort based on the scope Prioritize the effort 3. before attacking the budgeting process!!  Start the budgeting process by estimating the workload in terms of the development effort. 4. delivery schedule and the effort. 2.BI / DW Project Budgeting Process Steps 1. Refine based on the team‟s skill experience and skill level 12 .

587 101 127 101 126 101 137 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 127 127 127 127 2.681 100 120 100 120 100 120 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 120 120 120 120 2. infocube Extraction and Report transforms and roles Security and scheduling Web development User support/ planning Project mgmt System docs Tech infraand admin & manuals structure Bus.656 134 152 135 152 135 152 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 134 134 152 152 152 152 2.298 229 286 229 286 1144 286 229 229 229 229 228 228 228 229 457 832 832 832 832 8. gathering. Analysis. Size BI Effort Based on the Scope – Real Example Customi zation Tech.904 2.731 1.238 Remember that your sizing also has to be based on the team‟s experience and skill level. Dev. 13 . training.621 2.1.060 403 470 403 470 403 470 403 403 403 403 403 403 403 403 403 470 470 470 470 8.732 1.732 1.648 2.126 1.046 1.732 1.040 79 94 79 94 79 94 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 79 94 94 94 94 1.893 1.606 150 180 150 180 150 180 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 180 180 180 180 3.734 2. change mgmt.621 2.732 1.035 2.621 38.110 132 153 133 153 132 153 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 153 153 153 153 2.641 1.731 1. Total Hours L M L M L M L L L L L L L L L M M M M Financials General ledger line item (ODS) COPA Prod cost planning released cost estimates (COPC_C09) Exploded itemization standard product cost (COPC_C10) Cost and allocations (COOM_C02) Cost object controlling (0PC_C01) Order Billing Sales order Acct. (0FIAR_C03) Deliver Shipment cost details (0LES_C02) Shipment header (0LES_C11) Stages of shipment (0LES_C12) Delivery data of shipment stages (0LES_C13) Delivery service (0SD_C05) Planning and Scheduling Material Movements (0IC_C03) APO Planning SNP Integration Manufacturing Processes Production Orders Cross Applications Total Hours 216 158 216 238 216 238 216 216 216 216 216 216 216 180 216 277 277 277 277 4. Rec.732 1.621 2.074 188 153 188 216 188 216 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 133 132 216 216 216 216 3. req.731 1.

2. Prioritize the Effort Financials General ledger line item (ODS) COPA Prod cost planning released cost estimates (COPC_C09) Exploded itemization standard product cost (COPC_C10) Cost and allocations (COOM_C02) Cost object controlling (0PC_C01) Order Billing Sales order Accounts receivables (0FIAR_C03) Deliver Shipment cost details (0LES_C02) Shipment header (0LES_C11) Stages of shipment (0LES_C12) Delivery data of shipment stages (0LES_C13) Delivery service (0SD_C05) Planning and Scheduling Material Movements (0IC_C03) APO Planning SNP Integration Manufacturing Processes Production Orders Cross Applications qtr 1 2005 qtr 2 qtr 3 qtr 4 qtr 1 2006 qtr 2 qtr 3 qtr 4 qtr 1 2007 qtr 2 qtr 3 The next step is to prioritize and outline the effort on a strategic timeline Make sure your sponsor and the business community agree with your delivery schedule 14 .

5 820.238 Note There are 480 available work hours per project member per quarter.283 3.893 1.598 2.813 qtr 2 qtr 3 qtr 4 qtr 1 qtr 2 2006 qtr 3 qtr 4 qtr 1 2007 qtr 2 qtr 3 866 947 867 1017.732 1. in the USA a 1-2 weeks vacation is most common).3.283 4.621 2.5 865.622 38.731 1. 15 .904 2.731 1. we can plan the number of team members we need… NOTE: Remember to plan for different vacation schedules (i.5 Prod cost planning released cost estimates (COPC_C09) Exploded itemization standard product cost (COPC_C10) Cost and allocations (COOM_C02) Cost object controlling (0PC_C01) Order Billing Sales order Accounts receivables (0FIAR_C03) Deliver Shipment cost details (0LES_C02) Shipment header (0LES_C11) Stages of shipment (0LES_C12) Delivery data of shipment stages (0LES_C13) Delivery service (0SD_C05) Planning and Scheduling Material Movements (0IC_C03) APO Planning SNP Integration Manufacturing Processes Production Orders Cross Applications Total 1.5 865.232 4.734 2.598 4.232 2.5 1310.5 1324 1023 867 1017.732 1.648 2.813 4.5 952 1310.035 2.5 1324 1023 866 866 866 866 866 866 866 865.e.731 1.5 865.641 1.311 1.5 866 865.311 1.732 1.573 6.621 1.046 1.732 1.5 820.5 865.5 952 1311 1311 1311 1311 1.621 2.195 2.621 2. Use Project Estimates & the Timeline to Create Project Load Plan 2005 qtr 1 Financials General ledger line item (ODS) 866 COPA 946.732 1. Knowing this.

most use $50-$90 per hr for internal budgeting and $90-$170 per hr for external resources.40% mix of internal and external resources for a first go-live. Result: Good Input for the Staffing Costs and Planning Use this information to plan for training. Also. on-boarding. 16 . and staffing Number of team members 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 qtr 1 qtr 2 qtr 3 qtr 4 qtr 1 qtr 2 qtr 3 qtr 4 qtr 1 qtr 2 qtr 3 This spike in resource needs is due to an overlap in the delivery schedule Now might be a good time to review that decision… Tip Many companies plan a 60%.4.

May 2006. Raffo. 17 . Duration and Mistakes on Global BI Projects Source: “Planning and improving global software development process” by Setamanit. have less defects and less re-work. international workshop on Global software development Recent research have demonstrated that global projects that spends more days (duration) on similar tasks. Since team members are more likely to work on multiple tasks not related to the project. Wakeland.Effort. longer durations on developing the SAP BI system does not mean more effort (i. work hours).e.

Monitoring BI Quality and Formal Approval Process: Example Integration Testing No Create Technical specs Create Functional specs No Yes Complete? Yes System Testing Complete? Unit Testing Yes Configuration Peer Review Yes No Approved? Peer Review No Approved? Complete? No Yes Structured walkthrough No Complete? Yes Structured walkthrough 18 .

JDE‟s BI tools The future of BI Wrap up • • 19 . staffing and scoping a project Selecting an OLAP Tool What are the ERP-BI vendors doing – a look at SAP. Siebel. Oracle.What We‟ll Cover • • • • Overview BI and Data Warehousing Budgeting. PeopleSoft.

This year it is expected to exceed 6 billion dollars (over $500 million per month in sales) OLAP Spending in Billions Source: OLAP Report 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 20 ..On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Market The OLAP software market is growing fast.

Pilot. MetaCube. Information Advantage. Media. some companies are still growing despite loosing market share *Cartesis was bought by PwC in 1999.e. Mineshare. Adaytum & Frango) Business Objects (incl. Holos. Gentia. Brio) Cognos (incl. Prodea Beacon. Sold to APAX partners in 2004. Crystal) Microstrategy 25 20 15 SAP Note: Since the overall market is growing. ERP vendors are the only companies with significant market share increases in the last 2-3 yrs. Others have virtually “vanished” as market leaders i. Acumate. Acuity.On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Market Market shares are changing ever faster. then to Business Objects in 2007 and finally to SAP in October 2007 10 Cartesis 5 System Union 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Oracle 21 . WhiteLight etc… OLAP Marketshare trend 30 Microsoft ecosystem Hyperion solution (incl.

OLAP Market – Vendor overview Big Mergers in the BI and OLAP space is back…. The number of mergers are fairly constant, but the sizes are increasing…
Amount in 2007 $millions (adjusted for inflation) - Estimated 11,039 232 6,001 464 2,137 1,010 1,428 5,430 5,519 929 111 175 302 86

Year 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994

Number of announced deals 6 6 3 4 6 3 3 4 6 2 3 3 5 2

Merger Values in 2007 millions USD (adjusted for inflation) - Estimated





0 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

There has been a dramatic increase in merger activities, that we have not seen since 1998-1999 22

Merger Trend 1994 – 2000: Smaller Vendors are Disappearing
Between 1994 and 2000 we had massive BI market consolidation and a fast reduction in BI vendors
Yr Seller
Pilot Software Aclue OLAP@Work EUREKA:Suite SQRIBE AnswerSets (later renamed to Set Analyzer) InfoBeacon (later renamed DecisionBase) Sapling Carat MyEureka! Enterprise, Pillar Data-Vision WIRED for OLAP PaBLO Pilot Software TM1 relaunched as OLAP Services Holos Track MetaCube Data-Vision Express Beacon LightShip Media


$19m Accrue $10m Broadbase $15m Business Objects ~$4bn CA


2000 Pilot Software 2000 Decision·ism 2000 OLAP@Work 2000 Sterling 1999 SQRIBE 1999 Next Action Technology 1999 Platinum Technology 1999 Sapling 1999 Cartesis 1999 Information Advantage 1998 Hyperion Software 1998 IQ Software 1997 AppSource 1997 Andyne 1997 Pilot Software 1996 Sinper 1996 Panorama 1996 Holistic Systems 1995 IOC 1995 STG 1995 Soft Systems 1995 IRI Software 1995 Prodea 1994 Pilot 1994 Info-Innov
Deal over $250 mill. Deal between $25million and $250million Deal under $25million

$250m Brio Technology, subsequently renamed to Brio Software $8m Business Objects ~3.5bn CA $15.5m Hyperion Solutions Unknown PwC $168m Sterling $600m Arbor Software --> Hyperion Solutions $36m Information Advantage $6.7m Arbor Software ~$60m Hummingbird ~$5m? Platinum Equity Holdings $11m Applix ~$15m? Microsoft $84m Seagate Software Unknown DecisionWorks $16.5m Informix $5.2m IQ Software $100m Oracle $36m Platinum Technology ~$28m Dun & Bradstreet Unknown Speedware

Source: OLAP Report & Dr. Berg 2007.


Merger Trend 2001 – 2004: Mid-Sized Vendors are going away….
The period of 2001-2004 had few major data warehouse or BI deals, but we experienced active consolidation among mid-sized vendors.
2004 Cartesis 2004 Frango 2004 Alphablox 2004 IntelligentApps 2003 Crystal Decisions 2003 CIP 2003 Adaytum 2003 Comshare 2003 Brio Software 2003 MIS AG 2002 Gentia 2002 Pilot 2002 WhiteLight 2001 Informix 2001 Maximal 2001 Showcase


Controller, Consolidator Alphablox IntelligentApps Analysis, Holos Executive Suite e.Planning MPC and Decision Intelligence DecisionWare, Alea, onVision, Plain, DeltaMiner Gentia Pilot WhiteLight MetaCube Max (later renamed to Data Analyzer) Strategy

$52m Cognos Unknown IBM Unknown Sage Group


Unknown Apax Partners Funds

$1.2bn Business Objects Unknown China Development Corporation $157m Cognos $52m Geac $142m Hyperion Solutions $42m Systems Union Unknown Open Ratings $1.5m Pilot Software Acquisition Corp. Unknown SymphonyRPM $1bn IBM ~$15m Microsoft $94m SPSS
Source: OLAP Report & Dr. Berg 2007.

Deal over $250 mill. Deal between $25million and $250million Deal under $25million


2007 was the ERP vendors Oracle and SAP (note: all Business Object deal are now SAP as of October 2007) Yr Seller PilotWorks Products BusinessObjects. Crystal.Merger Trend 2005 – 2007: ERP Vendors takes the lead….3bn Oracle $339m. Berg 2007.3bn net) SAP Unknown SAP Buyer 2007 Business Objects 2007 Pilot Software 2007 Cartesis 2007 OutlookSoft 2007 Hyperion Solutions 2007 Applix 2006 Temtec 2006 ALG 2006 Geac 2006 MIS 2006 Extensity 2006 ProClarity Corporation 2005 SRC 2005 INEA 2005 Siebel Cartesis Finance. Planning and Analytics OutlookSoft 5 (formerly Everest) Essbase. HFM. Cartesis Value $6. $306m net Cognos $14. former Brio TM1 and Executive Viewer Executive Viewer EPO MPC DecisionWare (including Alea) MPC and DecisionWare ProClarity SRC INEA Siebel Analytics €225m (~$300m) Business Objects $375m? SAP $3. Hyperion Planning.8bn ($5. Deal over $250 mill.5m Applix $56m Business Objects Unknown Golden Gate Capital (Extensity) Unknown Infor (Golden Gate Capital) Unknown Infor (Golden Gate Capital) ~$50m Microsoft $100m Business Objects Unknown Cartesis $5.85bn Oracle Source: OLAP Report & Dr.. Deal between $25million and $250million Deal under $25million 25 . The biggest BI buyers in 2005.

. Also known as OLAP engines. adhoc analysis. to provide for fast. i. OLAP servers. proprietary data bases. Note: this category includes only those products that employ an actual physical MOLAP cube database 26 .e. and hyper-cubes. data-cubes. architected to quickly manipulate and display data in different combinations.Definition: Multi dimensional On-Line Analytical Processing (MOLAP) Let us look at those remaining vendors… MOLAP Tool Category Definition: Server or client resident.

PowerPlay achieve some scalability by partitioning the data cubes by filters (i. by year). PowerPlay is in version 8. PowerPlay MOLAP cubes are easy to navigate and are extremely fast due to the fact that results sets are “precalculated”.e.000 users through their web services tools (server based scalability). 27 .0 now and is now over 15 years old stable technology.Market leaders in MOLAP – Cognos PowerPlay The Canadian company Cognos is a market leader in MOLAP technology and boosts support for instances with over 190. but balances the time it takes to update the cubes. This creates many cubes.

Develop Briefings for Web Deployment . You can buy either Express Server or Personal Express for single users (desktop MOLAP).financial reporting.analyze sales. marketing and other corporate data . Tools for Express development and access Express Analyzer Express Objects Express Web Publisher Express Spreadsheet Add-in .Reporting and analysis tool .MS-Excell interface to the Express Server Pre-Delivered Express applications Data Entry Client Sales Analyzer Client Sales Brief Client Sales Analyzer (OSA) Financial Analyzer (OFA) Financial Analyzer Client Financial Controller Financial Controller Client .Object-oriented development environment . analysis.Market leaders in MOLAP – Oracle Express Oracle have taken full advantage of their “Express 10g” tool. budgeting & planning 28 .

Other MOLAP Vendors There are many other MOLAP vendors. The differentiator between them is the support for building the cubes on the both the server and the client side (both is better)… Vendor Name Cognos. Open Ratings (bought Gentia 2002) Oracle (bought Hyperion 2007) Oracle Corp. Microsoft Corp. Cognos (bought Applix 2007) SAS Institute Business Objects (Seagate) Golden Gate Capital (bought Comshare 2006) Hummingbird Oracle (bought Hyperion 2007) Product Powerplay Analysis Services (OLAP Services) Gentia Essbase Express iTM/1 OLAP Server / MDDB HOLOS (discontinued in 2005) Commander BI/Analyze Brio Enterprise Where is the cube built Both Both Both Both Both Server Server Server Client Client Client 29 . Inc.

but is also slower Geography Business Users Time New York North Chicago Product Class ItemCategory Data Warehouse Product U. To achieve this. ROLAP tools are more scalable than MOLAP tools. ROLAP vendors employ sophisticated SQL generation engines & multidimensional oriented metadata.S. South Miami Dallas Bats Sporting Goods Gloves Durables Electronics Radios West Los Angeles San Francisco VCR Country Region City Queries ODS 30 .Definition: Relational On-Line Analytical Processing (ROLAP) ROLAP Tool Category Definition: Products that provide OLAP functionality by building multidimensional views “on the fly” from data stored in relational database-based data warehouses. Conceptual Multi-dimensional Layer Quarter Month Week Week 1-2 January First Week 3-4 Quarter Week 5-6 February Week 7-8 Time Data Sources SQL Operational Systems All else held constant.

31 . Their tool architecture is highly scalable (based on underlying database) and also include 50+ new statistical functions for advanced analytics.OLAP – Market leaders in ROLAP – MicroStrategy A leading vendor in the ROLAP market is MicroStrategy and their ROLAP tools that is currently in version 8.

You can also develop custom analytical applications more quickly using the new version.OLAP – Market leaders in ROLAP – MicroStrategy The tool also have improved event monitoring and broadcast features as well as structured formatting capabilities and better charting for dashboards then previous releases. 32 .

OLAP – Market leaders in ROLAP – SAS SAS can also build ROLAP cubes using their “Cube Studio” in their new SAS-9 OLAP Server (you can choose between ROLAP and MOLAP) This is a powerful tool that allows quick data mart build capabilities in MOLAP. and the power of ROLAP for the Enterprise data warehouse. 33 .

The differentiator between them is the „native‟ support for the underlying database of your company (i.(bought Sterling (IA) in 2000) IBM (bought Informix 2001) Microsoft Corp. Microstrategy.Other ROLAP Vendors There are many other ROLAP vendors. Microstrategy just got certified for Oracle 11g) ROLAP Vendor Name SAP SAS CA . SymphonyRPM (bought WhiteLight in 2002) Product BW / BI / NetWeaver OLAP Server DecisionBase (InfoBeacon) Eureka Metacube Analysis Services (OLAP Services) Microstrategy 8 WhiteLight 34 . Inc.e.(Bought Platinum in 1999) CA .

Definition: Managed Query Environments (MQE) Definition: A software package that can access one or more data sources via a simplified and optimized semantic layer. In the semantic layer no data is stored. but instead it contains access methods and metadata to simplify and the query access interface. Data Sources Operational Systems SQL Business Users Queries Semantic Layer Data Warehouse ODS 35 .

0. The new name was “ReportNet”.Market leaders in MQE – Cognos ReportNet In 2003. Cognos renamed its old and trusted MQE tool known as Impromptu. Today ReportNet is among the top-5 most used query tool and has an world-wide install and support base. 36 . It can do complex formatting in via a web based architecture and provide query optimization in the SQL generation (faster queries). ReportNet is part of Cognos BI 8.

it leverages Oracle‟s statistical features for better query management (i. The current release is part of Oracle‟s new 10g tool suite. predictive run times). relatively low cost.e.Market leaders in MQE – Oracle Discoverer Oracle Discoverer is a market leader that has been around since the mid-1990s. It was originally known as Discoverer-2000. and have many customizations options. 37 . While it can be used against most database types. It is a simple tool to learn.

Match actions with strategy Enterprise reporting . query and analysis tools based on BO‟s enterprise XI platform.Access. Mgmt.Manage BI tools. and deliver data Query and analysis . (EIM) . information management. but the most comprehensive suite is BO XI.(EPM) .Access. reporting. reports. BI platform . transform. format. and integrate data Enterprise performance Mgmt.Market leaders in MQE – (SAP) Business Objects Business Objects packages their solution in to a variety of tools.Self-serve analysis for users Their MQE environment can create “universes” that provide user access to a “virtual data warehouse” where data can come from a variety of BI and/or transaction systems Current release of BO XI is version 2. and applications Enterprise info. It contains performance management.0 38 .

Inc.Market leaders in MQE Vendor Name (alphabetical) (IBM) Alphablox (Oracle/Hyperion) Brio Technology (SAP) Business Objects. Enterprise Reporter Crystal Reports Class of Tool Development Environment MQE MQE Query/Reporting/MQE MQE MQE MQE Query/Reporting Query/Reporting/MQE Query/Reporting Query/Reporting/MQE Query/Reporting 39 . (MERANT) Intersolv. SAP SAS Institute Seagate Product Alphablox. Inc. Hummingbird Information Builders. (CA) Sterling (IA) Cognos. SpreadsheetBlox Brio Enterprise Business Objects Eureka ReportNet (Impromptu) BI/Query Focus Reporter Q+E Discoverer InfoSet Query SAS Query. Inc. Oracle Corp. Inc.

discrimminant analysis. The market leader in this segment is SAS Institute and their SAS/Stat tool 40 . analysis of variance for complex decision making. decision trees. neural networks. clustering.e.Other Useful Tool Categories Report Servers – Tools that creates batch reports that can be “pixel formatted” for statements and high-volume access. The market leader in this segment is Crystal Reports in its new release “Crystal-2008”. Statistical Software – Tools that provide advanced statistical functions. i.

What We‟ll Cover • • • • Overview BI and Data Warehousing Budgeting. staffing and scoping a project Selecting an OLAP Tool What are the ERP-BI vendors doing – a look at SAP. PeopleSoft. Oracle. JDE‟s BI tools The future of BI Wrap up • • 41 . Siebel.

4. Strategic Enterprise management (SEM) 1. 2. Data Warehouses (BW) 2.NET WebSphere The DW is the source of the data for all these integrated analytical applications (iAnalytics) 42 . This is a group of product components including: 1.SAP‟s packaged DSS solutions SAP‟s Integrated BI solution is known as NetWeaver. Corporate Performance mgmt (CPM) Business planning & simulation (BPS) Business Consolidation services (BCS) Stakeholder relationship mgmt (SRM) Composite Application Framework SAP NetWeaver™ People Integration Multi-Channel Access Portal Collaboration Information Integration Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Life Cycle Management Master Data Management Process Integration Integration Broker Business Process Management 3. Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO-BI) 5. Supply Chain Event Manager (SCEM-BI) 6. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM-BI) Application Platform J2EE ABAP DB and OS Abstraction Abstraction DB and OS … . Data Mining (inside BW) 4. 3.

2007 43 .ERP Data warehousing – Example: SAP Business Warehouse KPI & Scorecard Formatted • Simple • Easy to view • Limited nav • Aggregates Flat Reporting • Formatted • Print • Form based • Static • Predictable access OLAP Reporting • Drill Down • Slice and Dice • Analyse • Data Mining • Search and discover Source: SAP AG.

44 . BW provides a global web template that can be enhanced with logos.Today‟s SAP web reports The most common way of deploying BW queries are through a standard. colors. fonts and additional features using Java Server Pages. or customized web template with built-in navigational features.

The new SAP CPM is a collection of 3 tools it acquired in 2005-2006: 1. SAP will have a complex number of tools with overlapping capabilities. SAP Strategy Management (formerly PilotWorks) SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (formerly OutlookSoft 5) SAP Business Profitability Management by Acorn KEY POINT— What we see is a temporary strategy of integrating previously acquired software under a shared marketing umbrella until SAP can digest the Business Objects acquisition (2008) and build coherent front-end tools. 45 .Where is SAP heading? In October 2007. In the interim. 2. 3. SAP launched a new tool suite called Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Note: same acronym but new tools.

46 . and include ad hoc query and analysis.e. and management of data warehouses. and a suite of data access and management tools. from Oracle‟s Financial Analyzer). and embedded analytics. interactive dashboarding (i. Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Business Intelligence Suite is intended for executives. It include parallel database technology. and front line workers .Oracle‟s Legacy Approach to BI Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Oracle's analytic applications include corporate performance management. It is pre-built. advanced reporting. and predictive analytics. managers. proactive intelligence and alerts. industry specific analytic applications for BI based on business functions and user roles. deployment. Oracle Data Warehousing The Data Warehousing products include a graphical environment that supports design.

Oracle‟s New Approach to ERP BI Oracle‟s answer to SAP‟s NetWeaver is the Collective packaging of Fusion BI and their analytical applications - Source: Oracle 47 .

Basel-II • Project Portfolio Management Source: :White paper: Oracle Fusion Applications 48 . Enterprise planning and budgeting.CFO • Workforce Planning • Customer • Supplier Profitability Management & Optimization • ABM/ABC • Transfer Pricing • Customer Behavior Modeling Financial Consolidation & Compliance • Financial Consolidation • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance • IFRS. Financial consolidation hub and Profitability manager Planning Budgeting & Forecasting • Workforce Planning • Capital Planning • Demand Planning • Public Sector Budgeting • Financial Services Budgeting Role-Based Scorecards • Financial . the CPM applications include 6 different areas: Balanced scorecards. Daily business intelligence.Oracle‟s Corporate Performance Mgmt (CPM) BI applications Today. Public sector budgeting.

287 KPIs and 769 delivered reports Marketing • Campaign • Telemarketing Sales • Forecast • Pipeline • Sales revenues • Order capture • Sales contracts The interactive dashboards and embedded analytics covers a variety of scenarios and many of them allows drill down to the supporting transactions in the data warehouse or the transaction system. 49 . • Supplier mgmt. • Procurement operations • Procure-to-pay Financials • Compliance • Payables • Receivables Human Resources • Workforce readiness • Total compensation • Benefits • Workforce planning • Talent management • Compliance Service • Call center • Help desk • Service contracts • Field service • Depot repair The daily business intelligence is presented in 46 overview pages.Oracle‟s Interactive Dashboards & embedded analytics Supply Chain • Order Fulfillment • Logistics • Manufacturing • Planning • Costing • Maintenance • Product Lifecycle • Expenses • Revenue • P&L • Cash flow • Projects Procurement • Commodity mgmt. Source: :White paper: Oracle Fusion Applications.

PeopleSofts’ Enterprise Performance Management .EPM PeopleSoft‟s approach to ERP analytics is through 20+ datamarts and a set of BI analytical applications that round on top of these CRM Warehouse • Customer mart • Marketing mart • Sales mart • Services mart Financials Warehouse • Advanced cost accounting mart • Enterprise service automation (ESA) mart • General ledger & profitability mart • Payables mart • Receivables mart • Real estate mart HCM Warehouse • Compensation mart • Learning & development mart • Recruiting mart • Workforce profiling mart Supply Chain Warehouse • Fulfillment & billing mart • Inventory mart • Manufacturing mart • Procurement mart • Spend mart • Supply chain planning mart 50 These are the 20+ pre-delivered data marts that comes with ETL programs as well .

51 . Source: :White paper: PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management.PeopleSofts‟ EPM BI Applications PeopleSoft‟s BI analytical applications. CRM Analytics • Customer behavior modeling • Customer scorecard Financial Analytics • Activity based management • Funds transfer pricing • Global consolidations • Planning & budgeting • Project portfolio management • Risk-weighted capital • Scorecards Workforce Analytics • Workforce planning • Workforce rewards • Workforce scorecard Industry Specific Analytics • Funds transfer pricing • Healthcare scorecard • Manufacturing scorecard • Risk Weighted capital Supply Chain Analytics • Activity based management • Manufacturing scorecard • Supplier rating system These analytical applications runs on top of the 20 pre-delivered datamarts from PeopleSoft.

(as of 2006). but is still weak on industry solutions in most other areas. pharmaceuticals and financial services. In 2007 Oracle added more content for higher education. The 2008 challenge for Oracle is to expand the Fusion analytics platform to create the next generation of integrated BI applications.What is Oracle going to do with it all? Oracle has already integrated the Siebel's BI analytic solutions in Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Ed. This will include a combination of the Business Intelligence Suite and Oracle applications 52 .

12 generally available. but have not announced a new release date).Where is Oracle heading? In February 2007 Oracle made their E-Business Suite v. but the future of EPM is somewhat unclear (Oracle says it will support it indefinably.. This delivered specific analytics by integrating Oracle Business Intelligence Suite with PeopleSoft Enterprise and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. KEY POINTS— What we see is two tracks: One with continued development of legacy and heritance ERP BI applications.. and on track with the „to-be‟ vision of integrated analytics based on the Oracle fusion as the platform. With the release of PeopleSoft Enterprise version 9. and business intelligence suite as the integrated BI applications 53 .0 in 2007 there were also new enhancements to Enterprise Performance Management capabilities. Oracle also announced that Fusion Applications (available 2008) will “bring together the concepts of all the suites”….

Complex (score cards.Putting it all into context…. reporting (OLAP. planning. KPI) Horizontal approach (2nd generation) SAP APO Oracle BI suite Enterprise edition Oracle E-business suite applications Integrated analytical (3rd generation) Level of Embedded Analytics SAP Strategic enterprise mgmt PeopleSoft EPM SAP BW Emerging (1st generation) Oracle BI suite standard edition Siebel BI Vertical approach (2nd generation) Oracle BI suite standard one edition Interactive Mgmt.. budgeting. MQE) Toolsets & accelerators Level of Pre-delivered Content Analytical applications for specific industries54 .

Siebel. staffing and scoping a project Selecting an OLAP Tool What are the ERP-BI vendors doing – a look at SAP. Oracle.What We‟ll Cover • • • • Overview BI and Data Warehousing Budgeting. JDE‟s BI tools The future of BI Wrap up • • 55 . PeopleSoft.

SAP NetWeaver„s Visual Composer 56 .e. SAP‟s Visual Composer) A Visual Composer is a tool to visualize the data.TREND: More visualization tools (I. It is a browser-based intuitive modeling and design tool for rapid application development and prototyping in a code-free development environment.

Since the merger is virtual. Many companies such as the GL company is providing tieins to Oracle applications and databases that can logically merge the data as well as transform the data to external indexing engines for extremely fast query accessing.TREND: Virtual OLAP • Virtual OLAP is a trend of merging operational and analytical data in a logical manner. • • 57 . it can have zero lag time and therefore provide real-time analytics.

• Query performance can be 100s of times faster than traditional ROLAP.TREND: Virtual OLAP – an SAP approach • SAP launched the BI accelerator at the end of June 2006. Source: Alexander Peter. This tool takes BI and/or operational data and creates a proprietary indexing system that allows users to access the data very quickly. SAP AG. 2006 58 .

profitability flagging etc).e.Trend: BI applications are creating „new‟ date to the DW • In Data warehousing v2.0 (Bill Immon’s new terminology). risk. customer segmentation. and /or the transactional system Tools are now available to build association data sets that creates updates in the transaction systems based on BI findings (i. ASUG 2005 Illinois chapter . • 59 Images: Bhanu Gupta. we are using BI applications to create new data that needs to be fed to the data warehouse.

When to Select Different Methodologies High Joint Application Design (JAD) System development Life-Cycle based methodologies (SDLC) SDLC methodologies are for building transactional systems. For BI. SAP Project Management Conference . 2005. there are several other alternatives.Most BI projects are abandoning the vendor delivered methodologies All major vendor‟s have „proposed‟ BI methodologies.Oct. XP or a SDLC Methodology for your IT project” . Las 60 Vegas “How to pick JAD. but they are predominantly based on traditional approaches to building transaction systems. Time to Delivery Extreme Programming (EP) Rapid Application Development (RAD) Low Low High Impact of Failure Source: Dr. RAD. Bjarne Berg.

JDE‟s BI tools The future of BI Wrap up • • 61 . staffing and scoping a project Selecting an OLAP Tool What are the ERP-BI vendors doing – a look at SAP.What We‟ll Cover • • • • Overview BI and Data Warehousing Budgeting. Siebel. PeopleSoft. Oracle.

comerit. Bjarne Berg 62 .net Dr. articles. accellerators) www.Your Turn! COMERIT (presentations.