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Thomson Chan (Rosaryhill School)

Full Time Seconded Teacher E-mail:

Writing Android Apps (I)

Android SDK & Eclipse IDE

Can develop professional Apps and support latest Android versions Time consuming / Difficult to learn.

Writing Android Apps (II)

Some online / software for creating Apps Support Multiple platform. Usually creating content based apps. Not suitable to teach programming e.g.

Writing Android Apps (III)

App Inventor Originally developed by Google Project transferred to MIT. Interface is familiar

Layout design interface is similar to VB. Programming interface is similar to Scratch

Resources of AppInventor (I)

Official Site

Set up Curriculum Tutorial Video Tutorial

Resources of AppInventor (II)

App Inventor EDU

A suggested high school curriculum in US

AppInventor TW

Aim and Objective of teaching AppInventor

Programming is important in ICT. Students have interests in writing apps. Let students taste modern programming techniques e.g. call object, event etc. Taste programming in a graphical interface.

Curriculum of our school (I)

Tryout in Senior form ICT last year. Teach in S3 this year Students have no programming experience in junior form. Cover 8-10 lessons in 2nd terms.

Introduce some objects and events. Introduce basic programming concepts (up to selection)

Curriculum of our school (II)

Topic 1: Introduction. Topic 2: Properties of Basic components, simple build in blocks including simple calculation. Topic 3: Use of variables and component Canvas.

Teaching material (I)


Short notes Program requirement (Program identification and analysis) All Practical are divided into 5 steps
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Design the layout (Design) Build the program (Implementation) Testing (Testing) Packaging and Submission

Extension activities

Teaching material (II)

More Practical Exercise in topic 2.

Written exercise of build in block (e.g. maths and relational operator etc)

Video of screen recording

Divided into parts. Released to student in schedule.

Sources and apk file of practical.

Video Page
Practical 1 Layout Design Practical 2 Layout Design Practical 3 Requirements Layout Design Program building Program building Program building 1 Program building 2 Testing

Useful tools
TeamViewer Quick Support / Android
Remote control your android device. Show android apps in PC.

A online screen recording tools Screen recording of AppInventor and the requirement of Practical.