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Know the World as Living
Not as Material
Discover the Intelligent Design behind the
Chaotic World

By John Paily
Grace New Age Research
Knowing the Present Platform

The Present Platform is Materialistic
The consequence of material exploitation are

The increased heat content of earth that is leading to global warming,
climate change. Increased heat means increased disorder and the system
turns unstable and violent after some point. We are witnessing it in the form
of vitiated natural forces manifesting as increased natural catastrophes. It is
showing it self in the instability of earth and its forces, sun and its forces,
instability of various ecological systems, the instability of human mind
manifesting as unprovoked violence leading to war, terrorism, social
clashes, communal clashes etc. It is also showing it self in humans
decreased health and his susceptibility to diseases.

We seem to be on the Edge of a Collapse

Know that Nature is Reacting violently to bring us to Truth of Her Master
The Path to Survive Collapse
Invent and discover the opposite Platform and Change

The opposite Platform is Life


Change the Mind Set
The Steps for Change
Step back, be still and observe your “Self”
Step back, be still and observe Nature


End in Source that Give Life and Order
Go ahead And
Conquer Time and Death
First Step – Discovering the Foundation
of Life and Self
The foundation of Life and Self exist in three basic

Breathing and Exchange to Sustain
Mitotic Creation and Exchange to Sustain
Meiotic Reduction and moving to the
Opposite to Build a New Home in Time

These processes are independent of Mind. Mind actually
becomes impediment in the process that gives Life
Mind as Impediment to Know Truth
Imagine Mind Directed to the Outer Material World
The Result is Disorder and Death
We are witnessing it

Imagine Mind Directed to Inner World of Self
It Creates Order and Death

Conclusion is
The Truth and Life Exist Beyond Mind between
Order and Disorder

Our mind has to Constantly Die and go to Higher Realm
to Know Truth and walk In Truth
Strange! Yet it is true. Let us discover
Truth of Mind
Imagine my mind trying to Communicate to your mind
I take position to Right and you to Left or Vice-Versa
When we begin to Communicate
You feel you are right and I feel I am right
Both feel right, but one has to Win
But the Victory Never Manifests
Neither My mind, nor Yours can occupy the Center
The Center belongs Truth and Life not Mind
No two mind can ever Fuse to Give Life
But hearts can Fuse to Give Life as Well as New Mind
Only Mind based on Heart Can Reach Truth
We came to this world with Life the Mind came Next
Nature of Truth
All attempts to Seek Truth with Mind thus leads to turmoil, friction,
Disorder and Death

Does it mean Truth is Beyond Human Mind
Truth is the Foundation of Existence
Life is Truth
We were Created in Truth and We are Truth
But We fail to Comprehend Truth

Why Mind Fail to Comprehend Truth
Our mind fail to Comprehend Truth because

Our Mind is Bonded and is not Free to

It is bonded Either to a Religious Self or Material Self

Thus it is Blind

How this Blindness Originated? Do we have
hopes of coming out to see the Truth?
The Origin of Blindness and the Solution to
This blindness is not by Birth
But Came in Time when Life Departed us
Life departed when “Self” Manifested and Law was
broken and the Boundary was crossed

The only Solution is to
Gain New Life and New Mind

How to gain New Life and New Mind?
Go Back to the Womb
Path to Truth or Womb?
Is to Surrender the Mind to Life Force to gain New Life
Accepting Mind Death
Submitting Our Will to Higher Will

The Path to Truth is to Rest the mind in Heart
Allow the Mind of the Heart to Speak Afresh to You

Take the Way Christ Did or Through Christ
Advocating a Religion?

Speaking Science

The Theory of Living Universe
The Theory of Living Universe

3 Proofs for Believing
First Proof

When west awakes to sunlight and heat and the material matter in it unwinds
and goes into disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness winds
and acts as a sink to bring order
When the west peaks in heat and light, the seed of darkness is placed in it,
simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and the seed of light is placed in
it. The system is designed to sustain it self.

This Design and Energy Flow in Earth
resembles a Double Pump or the working of
a Heart – Nature Breaths!

The Theory of Living Universe
3 Proofs for Believing
Second Proof

The 12 Month day and night cycle of energy is embedded in, 12 month climatic
cycle, with its own peaks that gives way to the opposite. This opening up
and exchange of information can be compared with mitotic information
renewal, by which life manifest and grows against time and its force by
enfolding the information.

Life Mixes and Creates and initializes the information to conquer death. Then
this single cell or one world begins to divide to form many worlds. Thus life
has two states

Manifested State – Manifesting State
The manifested state grows against time by Folding
Information – Vegetative State
The Manifesting state Unfolds the Information –
Reproductive State
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof
Science and Spiritual Science of the ancient tells us that the 12 month climatic
cycle is embedded in 12 year climatic cycles and so on and thus it speaks of
origin and end of time cycle [energy cycle] and entry into New Cycle. Most
spiritual Scriptures speaks the end as quit traumatic and painful. Yet when
we look at it, with positive enlightened mind we also see light at the end of
pitch darkness.
We appear to be in this end phase. Mayans have calculated it to 2012
December 21. The Knowledge that humanity gained Since Christ till today is
expected to double in the next 2 years.
That is the fastness at which the system is sinking –
Thanks to Media
I said Sinking because the Material Knowledge
is Inferior and Lacks the Truth
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof – Continued
Comprehending the Sinking
The Sinking can be comprehended with body of Life or the billions of worlds
deteriorating and collapsing for lack of Life force to bind them and
simultaneous increase of Death Force to split them
[ Ageing and Death or The process before death]
Stand still and Observe Nature
Stand still and observe your Self

You will Note

The whole world is falling because we
are fallen.
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof - Continued

The Path to New Life
Have Faith and Accept Death and Call out to Life Force
Know that it is Next to You both Internally and Externally
The moment you call from the heart, your are in the womb
Put your force Along with Life Force

You Will see the Glory of the Creator
and walk into Kingdom of God

The Universe is Intelligently
Designed to Survive Death
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof – Continued

What is the Intelligent Design to Survive
The Clue Exist in Life

The Fathers “Essence” Or the “Light of Life” leaves its body to enter the
world of the Mother as per her receiving wish to Unite with Her
“Essence” or “Light” to Recreate New Life.

How to Comprehend this Reproductive or Recreation Truth at the
Universal Level

Does Universe has a Reproductive Phase?
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof – Continued
Steps to Know Reproductive Phase of
the Universe
The requirements are
The Living Light of Father Should Leave its Body and Enter the Body it
rules. [ Heaven and Earth should fuse]
Here in the darkness it should break the worlds it created in time and
recreate it and give it New Life – Recall the reproductive phase in the
Then the Fathers Light hidden in the Womb should give New Breath Or
New Life to it – Imagine Birth
What does these processes in Life Represent
They Conquer Time and Death

Can we Comprehend them in Nature
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof – Continued
Discovering the Steps of Nature Conquering
Light of Father Leaving its Body to Enter its Ruled world

The Calvary
The Coming of Heaven to Earth
The Conceiving of New Creation
I am not advocating religion but a science that can bring the world to

I am advocating the Truth written in Spiritual
Scriptures beyond religion
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof – Continued

The Proof of Calvary
The proof of Calvary as conceiving point is subtly written in ancient
spiritual scriptures. The Vedas, Bible and Koran – YajurVeda Vs:30-31
very clearly tells us that creation occurred through the self-sacrifice of
the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own People.
The Creator is working and His Glory is manifesting beyond Religion
and through religions
The most modern of the religion [ Muslim] emerged as a force against
Christianity that was growing without Christ
The Modern Science emerged against deteriorating religions.
The creating Force seems to be controlling and leading the whole in a
defined a path

What is the Defined Path – Where it will
take Us?
The Theory of Living Universe
Proofs for Believing
Third Proof – The Vital Proof – Continued
The Defined Path - The Path to Rebirth
The law of time is flow and change. Anything that is conceived should give
birth. This means

Second Coming is Inevitable
This is the birth of the Conceived Light or Revelation of Mind of God to
complete the act of Creation and give Life to the World before death Strikes
it. It is to Place the Seed of Light and Order in the peak of darkness or

It is to Enlighten Human Mind
Such that he takes guard of the deteriorated World and bring it back to Glory

It is to Turn Earth Into Heaven
How to Comprehend the Living Universe

Universe is Created by the Intelligence or the Holy Spirit or
Brahman – The Spirit Exist and Works in His Conscious
The Manifest Creation involves use of Lesser Spirits and its
Conscious Fields – The Created is formed to the Left
and Right
The Secret of Biblical Creation can now be understood
from the Division of one Zygotic cell into Two – The Left
and Right. They are Created in the Image of Creator
Our feeling of Superiority is Our Ignorance
The life is controlled by the movement of the Spirit
And is Guided by The Law it keeps to the Created
How to Comprehend the Living Universe
Human were Created in the Light of God
The Law was Placed to Fight Time and its deteriorative Forces.
However time Cycle is Inevitable
This means Humans Breaks the Law and Disorder sets in
God maintains in His created or manifest world by splitting the two
world into four, eight and so on – Vegetative Growth
Justice and law is primal to maintain the manifest world
When ever this is endangered He intervenes in favor of the justified
Thus we see Gods manifestation in the form of Human to teach the
scriptures and His participation in war for Justice and Truth
Christ manifested when not one soul was left on earth who could be
Justified Before God.
This necessitated recreation or conquering of time and time
How to Comprehend the Living Universe
Christ Manifested spoke the Truths written in ancient Scriptures
They were Spoken in Parables
He made Self-Sacrifice
Thus God Ensured that His Light is released on earth to Brood and
recreate New Body out of the old
When the God and Living Light moved from the center, Naturally the
Light that began to Rule is the Inferior Light – Thus man became
increasingly engaged in matter and its exploitation to know the Truth
The God the Creator has remained a silent witness to Human endeavor
to build world without Him and getting increasingly trapped in
disorder, darkness and Death.

At its peaks it is bound to stress human mind that takes a
key role in Time cycle
How to Comprehend the Living Universe
This reality is manifesting as revival of spirituality and the New birth
Calling out to God from deep within Connects you to the inner world in
the formation. Every one who calls will be heard, what you get
depends on what you ask. Those who seek Him from deep with in,
gets the Spirits too and the Spirit unravel the power of the Words
and the Truths Hidden in it.
When humanity is bound to Matter the only way for the Light to enter
them is to manifest into Human Form and Speak the Words of
Scriptures or Truth. The manifestation is also associated with
miracles for Eye to see and believe in the Unseen

The name given to Spirit of God manifested towards the last age is
Christ. Beyond Christ, Exist His Word that Gives Life. Beyond that
exist the Spirit which Creates
How to Comprehend the Living Universe
The Scripture Bhagavad-Gita, is a narration of Truth of Nature or the
crux of Vedas to Warrior Arjuna to coax him to Fight the Battle for
justice and Truth. At one point Arjuna seeks to know His True
Nature. Lord Krishna gives Him Spiritual Eyes to see His Grandeur

When it came to Christ, God gave the spiritual vision to His disciples
and opened the it for everyone who seeks. Each one of us is
precious to Him. We are the Body of God and God rest in Us.

By ignorance we have made Idols of Him and captured Him into
Temples, Churches and Mosque as we set out to seek our will.
Most of us who go to retreat, go to temple, go with a intent to seek
material advancement or relief from diseases or other problems.
Hardly any one seeks His Truth

He the Giver of Life Gives by the same Measure by which you
Your mind and Intent plays an important role here
How to Comprehend the Living Universe
I Gave up lucrative career in biotechnology and retreated to seek Truth
and when I submitted my mind and died in Christ, I was touched by
the spirit and experienced the Rebirth - the Truth reveled as Gift
And I was called to advance science and speak His truth

I have been taking this Cross and walking in Hope
for the last 12 years

If any one who is reading this feels there is substance init. Please give a
helping hand to spread it
I have struggled and managed to write and keep them on the internet
But internet is a field where things are left for chance

The Truth reveled is to me is too Important for it to be
left to Chance
How to Comprehend the Living Universe
The space and air is filled with Science of material
knowledge. It is time we fill it with Science of God or the
Living Knowledge
This is the Only way to Survive

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