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General facts

Capital : Dhaka
Official lang : Bengali
Govt : Parliamentary republic
Independence day : 26-03-1971
Currency : Taka.
It is also called as east Pakistan.
Hinduism,Christianity,Buddhism in
National Anthem :-Amar Shonar Bangla
National Animal :-Royal Bengal tiger
National Bird :-Oriental Magpie Robin
Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon-
type climate.
A hot and rainy summer and a
pronounced dry season in the cooler
It receives rainfall in monsoon (June-
It has dry season (Nov-Feb)
You can also find out the current
weather conditions in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a riverine nation situated
in the middle of the ganges delta.
There are a few hilly areas in the south
east and the north east.
The delta landmass comprise mainly of
three mighty rivers the-Ganges, the
Brahmaputra and the Meghna, with a
network of numerous rivers and canals.
The highest point is located in the
south-eastern extremity of Chittagong
Hill Tracts.
The culture of Bangladesh has a unique
history, dating back more than 2500 years
The culture of Bangladesh is composite, and
over centuries has assimilated influences of
Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Islam.
It is manifested in various forms, including
music, dance and drama; art and craft,
folklores and folktales, languages and
literature, philosophy and religion, festivals
and celebrations as also in a distinct cuisine
and culinary tradition.
Eid ul-Fitr
As the most important religious festival
for the majority Muslims, the
celebration of Eid ul-Fitr has become a
part of the culture of Bangladesh.
Language Movement Day
Language Movement Day is a unique
part of the culture of Bangladesh.
The Chittagong Hill
Bagha Mosque
Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban
The Hazarduari Palace
Wasef Manzil
The Royal Library
The Chittagong Hill Tracts have
steep jungle hills, Buddhist tribal
peoples and relatively low-density
The tracts are about 60 km (37mi)
east of Chittagong, and are an idyllic
place to tour.
The region comprises a mass of hills,
ravines and cliffs covered with dense
jungle, bamboo, creepers and shrub
Four main valleys formed by the
Karnapuli, Feni, Shangu and
Matamuhur rivers, making it one of the
The charm and the thrill of the city win
the heart of many travelers.
Places of attraction include the Tomb of
Sultan Bayazid Bostami, World War II
Cemetery, Shrine of Shah Amanat,
Court Building Museum, Foy's Lake and
Mercantile Marine Academy at Juldia.
The world's longest unbroken (120
km) beach sloping gently down to
the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal
against the picturesque background
of a chain.
The beach is good for bathing, sun
bathing and swimming. The breath
taking beauty of the sun setting
behind the waves of the sea is
Kuakata is a scenic sea beach in
south-western Bangladesh.
It is about 320 Kilometres south of
Dhaka, the capital, and about 70
Kilometres from the Patuakhali
District headquarters.
The kuakata beach is 30 km long and
6 km wide.
On 13 September, 2007 government
have announced red alert in Kuakata
as caution for a possible Tsunami.
It is a famous destination for people
around Bangladesh and from overseas.
The most important attraction of the
beach is that one can see both sunrise
and sunset from some of its locations.
The government and local business
owners have made currently significant
The Bagha Mosque is located at
Bagha, 25 miles southeast of Rajshahi
in Bangladesh.
It was established in 1523 by Nashrat
Shah, an independent Sultan of Bengal.
The mosque is depicted at the 50 Taka
note of Bangladesh.
The mosque was built of brick on the
bank of a tank and is surrounded by a
brick wall.
It is fairly well preserved and is now
protected. The mosque is known for its
beautiful terracotta ornamentation.
The natural surrounding of the Bagha
Mosque, with thousands of migratory
birds visiting the adjacent dighi (pond)
can be another attraction for tourists.
Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is the
National Assembly Building of
Bangladesh, located in the capital
It was created by architect Louis I. Kahn
and is one of the largest legislative
complexes in the world.
It houses all parliamentary activities of
entrance to the Bhaban, the Main
Building, is limited to authorized
members of Parliament and staff, the
Jatiyo Sangshad complex is open to
On the North of complex, across the
Lake Road, is Crescent Lake and Zia
Uddan (also called Chondrima Uddan).
The two complexes together form a
major attraction for tourists in Dhaka.
The complexes are popular among
joggers and skaters of Dhaka.
The official Prime Minister's Residence
is on the North West corner of the
Mirpur Road and Lake Road crossing
and is a five minute walk from the
Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban.
The area is one of the higher security
zones of Dhaka.
The Hazarduari Palace, or the palace
with a thousand doors is the chief
tourist attraction of Murshidabad.
This three-storey palace was built in
1837 by Duncan McLeod for the Nawab
Najim Humaun Jah, descendent of Mir
It has thousand doors (among which
only 900 are real) and 114 rooms and 8
galleries, built in European
architectural style.
The total area of Hazarduari Palace is 41
It is now a museum and has an exquisite
collection of armoury, splendid paintings,
exhaustive portraits of the Nawabs,
various works of art including beautiful
works of ivory (Murshidabad school) of
China (European) and many other
The Armoury has 2700 arms in its
collections of which only few are
Around the palace are other attractions
like the Wasef Manzil (the New Palace)
by the bank of the Ganga, Tripolia Gate,
the Dakshin Darwaza, the Chak
Darwaza, the Imambara, the Gharighar
(the Clock Tower), the Bachchawali
Tope (a canon) and the Madina, the
only surviving structure built by Siraj-
The Bachchawali Tope (canon) was
made between the 12th and the 14th
century, probably by the Muslim rulers
of Gour, and required about 18 kg of
gun powder for a single shelling.
The library containing rare
collections is not accessible to the
public unless special permission is
The building, rectangular on plan
( 424 feet Long and 200 feet broad
and 80 feet high).
The Palace was used for holding the
"Durbar" or meetings and other
official work of the Nawabs and also
as the residence of the high ranking
International airports
Chittagong : VGEG CGP
Shah Amanat International Airport
(M.A. Hannan Int'l)
Dhaka : VGZR DAC
Zia International Airport
Sylhet : VGSY ZYL
Osmani International Airport