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legumes. wholegrain or enriched breads and cereals. thus there is no defined upper limit of intake. drowsiness or hypersensitivity to Thiamine is possible but rare. However. nuts and seeds •anorexia •depression •fatigue •heart palpitations •indigestion •irritability •loss of appetite •memory loss •mental confusion •muscular weakness •sore muscles •weight loss There are no toxic levels of Thiamine known today. .Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of the Vitamin Thiamine (vitamin B1) Function Food Sources Deficiency Toxicity Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism. important to nerve function Found in all nutritious foods in moderate amounts: pork.

numbness. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) Part of an Milk and enzyme milk needed for products. important wholefor normal grain. energy leafy green metabolism. vegetables. vision and enriched skin health breads and cereals .Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Function Food Sources Deficiency •burning and itching of the eyes •depression •diminished thyroid function •dizziness •impaired growth •skin disorders •inflammation and cracking of the skin around the mouth •swelling of the tongue •visual disturbances Toxicity No toxic levels have been established for Riboflavin. or tingling sensation. However. very high doses may cause a passing itching.

enzyme whole-grain or needed for enriched breads energy and cereals. poultry. and vegetables). system. and digestive leafy green system. asparagus.Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Niacin (vitamin B3) Function Food Sources Deficiency • Diarrhea • Black smooth tongue • loss of appetite • weakness • • • • • Toxicity Diarrhea Heartburn Fainting Sweating low blood pressure Part of an Meat. metabolism. skin health peanut butter . vegetables important (especially for nervous mushrooms. fish.

Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamins Pantothenic Acid ( vitamin B5) Function Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism Food Sources Deficiency Toxicity Vitamin B5 has no known toxicity and only very rare cases with side effects such as diarrhea. heartburn. or water retention have been reported Widespread in •cramps •fatigue foods •heart palpitations •hair loss •insomnia •intestinal distress •joint aches •nausea •premature graying of hair •restlessness •Vomiting .

Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Biotin (vitamin B7) Function Part of an enzyme needed for energy metabolism Food Sources Widespread in foods. also produced in intestinal tract by bacteria Deficiency •brittle nails •conjunctivitis •depression •dermatitis •fatigue •hair loss •hallucinations •loss of appetite •muscle pain •nausea •neurological symptoms •weakness Toxicity No toxicity. .

fruits •anemia •confusion •convulsion •depression •dermatitis •fatigue •inflammations •irritability •reduced immunity •skin lesions •nerve damage to the arms and legs . poultry. helps make red blood cells Meat. fish.Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) Function Food Sources Deficiency Toxicity Part of an enzyme needed for protein metabolism. vegetables.

now cells. seeds. added to most especially refined grains red blood cells . and new and liver. making DNA orange juice.Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Folic acid (vitamin B9) Function Food Sources Deficiency •abnormal bleeding •anemia •atherosclerosis •birth defects •blood disorders •depression •diarrhea •fatigue •Forgetfulness •hair loss •headache •insomnia •irritability •mental confusion •nausea •poor growth •reduced immune response •weakness Toxicity • no toxicity Part of an Leafy green enzyme vegetables and needed for legumes.

and milk important to products. not nerve found in function plant foods . Part of an Meat.Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Cobalamin (vitamin B12) Function Food Sources Deficiency •agitation •bone loss •confusion •depression •easy bruising •constipation •dermatitis •fatigue •loss of appetite •Nausea •nervousness •neurological changes •pernicious anemia •poor blood clotting •poor memory •shortness of breath •skin sensitivity •vomiting •weakness Toxicity •Administering large doses of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B9 intravenously might stimulate tumor growth. making new eggs. milk cells. enzyme poultry. needed for seafood. fish.

immune cantaloupe. kiwifruit . Found only in fruits and part of an vegetables. Thus. strawberries. enzyme especially needed for citrus fruits. the upper intake level has been rated a "NoObservedAdverseEffect-Level" (NOAEL). cavities. Antioxidant. potatoes. vegetables in important for the cabbage family. lettuce. aids in iron peppers.Water-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) Function Food Sources Deficiency •anemia •anorexia •bleeding in joints. system health. or gums •bruising (easy) •cramps •dementia •depression •discomfort •dry skin •fatigue •fever •hemorrhages •hysteria •infections (frequent) •inflammation •irritability •joint pain •Nosebleeds •scurvy Toxicity •The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) could not establish data supporting a toxic dose for Vitamin C. papayas. mangoes. protein metabolism. absorption tomatoes.


(from plant the body to immune sources): Leafy. eggs. fortified margarine. sweet potatoes. dark orange fruits (apricots. betamucous cream. liver *A precursor is bone and Beta-carotene converted by tooth growth. cantaloupe) and vegetables (carrots. healthy animal sources (retinol): fortified precursor*. butter. carotene) membranes.Fat-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Function Food Sources Deficiency •night blindness •possible permanent blindness (xerophthalmia) •lack of vitality •dry eyes and skin •loss of appetite •low immunity •poor growth Toxicity •blurred vision •bone pain •brittle nails •dizziness •clumsiness •cracked lips •dry itchy skin •fatigue •gingivitis •hair loss •headaches •liver problems •nausea •vomiting Vitamin A from Vitamin A Needed for (and its vision. cheese. dark green the vitamin. pumpkin) . skin and milk. system health vegetables. winter squash.

absorption fortified milk. fortified stored in margarine. proper liver. of calcium. the skin can make vitamin D. . bones When exposed to sunlight.Fat-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Vitamin D Function Food Sources Deficiency •rickets in children •Osteomalacia •osteoporosis Toxicity •anorexia •blindness •confusion •deafness •deh9ydration •depression •diarrhea •drowsiness •fatigue •headache •heart rhythm problems •itching •kidney stones •lassitude •muscle weakness •nausea •poor appetite •Thirst Needed for Egg yolks. fatty fish.

liver. •muscle leafy green vegetables. Polyunsaturate •depression •dry skin protects cell d plant oils •eczema walls (soybean. nuts and seeds •blurred vision •diarrhea •fatigue •flatulence •headache •muscular weakness •nausea •rash •tiredness . egg yolks. degeneration wheat germ. •infertility •low immunity safflower). cottonseed.Fat-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamin Vitamin E Function Food Sources Deficiency Toxicity Antioxidant. •poor wound whole-grain healing products. •hot flashes corn.

milk. also produced in intestinal tract by bacteria .Fat-Soluble Vitamins Name of Vitamins Function Food Sources Deficiency •blood in stool •easy bruising •hemorrhage •impaired bone formation •internal bleeding •prolonged bleeding Toxicity When given intravenously. symptoms include: •alteration of taste •chest pain •cramp-like pain •difficulty breathing •dizziness •flushing •itchy or swollen skin •perspiration •rapid and weak pulse •redness •spasms Vitamin K Needed for Leafy green proper blood vegetables and clotting vegetables in the cabbage family.

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