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Heidi Grover

31st October “Hi Kyle. 15 is my favourite. It's a much 'larger' space “Love the perspective of number 29!” “Vulture appears to me the most interesting, but looking at those golden snake helms... They're something I personally have never seen before!” “Love this, Kyle! Great perspective!” “Heya Kyle! Colour! Okay so I really like that golden yellow in 3. But the composition in 5 is really good. Stands out for me.” “Hey Kyle. I still think this needs something. It's still very "plain" right now. As I said the other day, try and get some bounce/reflective light going on picking up details that will enhance your scene to catch our eyes! Maybe even a bit of atmosphere to make the 'space' bigger. Meaning that it moves away from being a flat, soft image. However! Like the colours, but to me - it just needs that UMPH!” to work from.”

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“Good to see this up on your blog! Just what a little one to one with Jordan can do. :)” “Much better! :)”


“Hey Kyle, really like these, nice style! I like number 27 for it's information and detail but I agree with Heidi in regards to perspective of number 29! :D Also look at this link: B560&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=uadzUuS4A8W47AarkYDgCA&v ed=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1600&bih=1109 This is about a main named Rain, he is immortal and a priest, handsome drawing and lovely person, hope it helps :)” “The immortal priest link is linking to Phils comment, forgot to add xD” “This style is really good Kyle :) Much improvement!” “I wanted to try this method and you've convinced me even more to do it after seeing this! Definitely brings out your skills! Keep it up :))” “Those colours are rather bright! But liking the different angles here, specifically the second to bottom row left hand side and bottom row left hand side (I suggest numbering as feedback is difficult when you can't specify the one you mean) :)”

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Sukhvinder Ghai

“Really like 29 and 32... perspective looks more interesting :)”

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“Really expressive! Loving the the 'sacrifice' room! :D would love to see it all made up :)” “really liking 45, 43 and 39 Kyle! really good perspective! :) Would like to see 43 on 16:9 canvas” “oh wow Kyle! Im loving this, I can indeed see the winged animal on the container. Really good choice of color, looks amazing!”

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