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Arran, Keanoe, Daniel and Clovis

There are 100s of different exercises for core exercise, the right ones have to be chosen


to fit the specific needs of certain performers

These exercises focus on large areas of the body such as the chest, back and thighs These exercises involve 2 or more joints, these are known as multi-joint exercises These exercises also have more effect than assisted exercises on sporting movements. The exercises rage for simple to advanced depending on how often the person performs this type of exercise

This type of exercise focuses on the smaller muscle areas such as the upper arm or the lower leg These exercises only use one joint These are less important when you are trying to improve sport performance

With resistance training its not just repetitions, sets, load and rest that influence the adaptations that the body will experience When performing in a slow fashion you will move the joint through the range of motion and develop the highest force through the full range.

The number of exercises done in a resistance training session depends on the goal youre trying to achieve. The amount of exercises done in a session shouldnt be too many, too many would lead to injuries. When more than one exercise is used for different areas or muscle groups it is important to alternate these exercises

between the other areas and muscles.

It is important to structure the session so that the most power is created but still maintain good technique and allowing adequate rest Three common orders for the exercises are:

Complete core exercises before assistance exercises

Have exercises the alternate between upper and lower body exercises Alternate push and pull activities


The rest between sets should allow adequate recovery between stets for performance and for health and safety factors

These sets involve performing two or more exercises for the same muscle group in a row or working opposite muscle groups. Doing this increases the stress placed on the working muscles as you can work it form different angles The benefit of this is that you use more muscle fibres and increase the blood flow to the muscle

This is normally 8-10 exercises of 15-25 repetitions with a resistance of 40-60% of your maximal reps. It uses a range of multi-join exercises and it works the major muscles group. This style of training is very good for beginners because it will work the major and smaller muscle groups and it will help them develop exercise technique. You can always adjust this system of training by changing the number of reps, number of resistance used and the number of exercise

Pyramid training is a form of multiple set training that develop different deferent component of fitness and this depends on the kind of training like light to heavy which is ascending pyramid or heavy to light which is descending pyramid method. The descending pyramid method is a more advance training method and so is suitable for more experience strength trainers