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PHE - applications
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Steel and metal works
Power and energy production Chemical process industries Petroleum industries Refrigeration Engineering industries Central cooling engineering

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Metal recovery industries
Mineral processing industries Sugar, distillery fermentation Pulp and paper industries Dryers for compressed air Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Product Range
Industrial Line Gasketed and Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchangers




Product range S M Capacity Small capacity T2-B M3 TL3-P M10-M L C H D Fluid Type G L M NTU (Theta) H Medium capacity M10-B TL10-P TS20-M High capacity T20-M T20-P TL3-B T5-M T5-B TL10-B M15-M M15-B T20-B MX25-M MX25-B Gasketed TS6-M M6-M M6 TL15-B M15-E MA30-M M30 TL35-B TL6-B AV170 AV280 TS50-M Industrial Line T50-M Semi-velded M6-MW M10-BW MK15-BW T20-MW T20-BW MA30-W Double wall M3-D TL3-BD M6-MD M10-BD M15-BD M30-D WideGap 200S MA30-S MA30-SM WideGap WideGap350X WideGap350S AlfaVap 350 AlfaVap 500 AlfaVap 650 AlfaVap AlfaVap 700 AlfaCond AlfaCond 400 AlfaCond 600 AlfaCond 800 .

Frame .components .

Spare Parts .

Spare Parts .

Identification Plate No. de Serie: 30102-83481 .

Plate Suspension Inlet / outlet Passing through Leak chamber Distribution area Gasket in gasket groove Main heat transfer area .

M and H) L: Low theta H: High theta L + L = L channels L + H = M channels H + H = H channels • • We choose between L.Plate .corrugation and channels • • We have two plate corrugations (L and H) These form three different channels (L. M and H channels Tailor-make it for the specific duty .

corrugation and channels Low turbulence & pressure drop Medium turbulence & pressure drop High turbulence & pressure drop L + L = L channels Advantages L + H = M channels Benefits H + H = H channels • • • • Efficient heat transfer High wall shear stress Variable thermal length Strong construction • • • • Increased heat recovery Low fouling Optimal design Insensitive to vibration .Plate .

5 and 0.6 mm to allow stock-keeping 600% .6 mm • Some with thicker plates (high-pressure applications) • Some PHEs with 0.materials • Standard materials and thicknesses – AISI 304 (stainless steel) • Usually 0.6 mm • Some with thicker plates (high-pressure applications) 115% – 254 SMO (high-alloy stainless steel) • Usually in 0.5 and 0.6 mm to allow stock-keeping 250% – Titanium • Always 0.4 or 0.5 mm thickness • Cheapest possible solution Relative Price 100% – AISI 316 (stainless steel) • Always 0.4 mm (low-pressure applications) 300% – Alloy C-276 (Nickel alloy) • Usually in 0.Plate .

up to 6000 ppm chlorides at 50°C – Titanium • Most frequent use is for sea water (3.materials • Standard materials and typical uses – AISI 304 • Typically in clean water-water duties • Example.5% chlorides) • Example. up to 250 ppm chlorides at 50°C – 254 SMO (high-alloy stainless steel) • Many uses including high-chloride water-water duties • Example. up to 130°C in sea water – Alloy C-276 (Nickel alloy) • Most frequent use is for concentrated sulphuric acid up to 90°C . up to 50 ppm chlorides at 50°C – AISI 316 • Typically in water-water duties • Example.Plate .

.Gasket .or glue-free gasket that do not mix sealing and fastening function Long lasting gaskets! .advanced sealing system Homogeneous rubber gasket made in one piece Gasket material from certified suppliers Supporting and protecting gasket groove “Roof-top” gasket profile Two component ovencured epoxy glue ..

Gasket . Risk of gasket blow-out. Competitor Groove Full support to gasket Openings. The difference is life time and reliability .profile and groove Alfa Laval Profile Higher sealing pressure Risk of leakage.

double sealing system Special venting ports are an integral part of the gasket design to prevent cross contamination If the gasket fails  Leakage is detected on the outside .Gasket .

the gasket still stays sealed • Clip-on is mostly used (snap-on on a few older models) .Gasket .glue free fastening Clip-on Fastening Snap-on Sealing • Fastening and sealing are kept separate • If the one of the fastener breaks.

glued versus glue-free Should be the choice of the customer ..BUT glued is preferred: • • • • On large plates When units are opened frequently On high pressure duties When the gasket will be swelling due to chemical attack ..Gasket .

Gasket .sealing lifetime Product Duty • Gasket material • Fastening – Glue or glue-free – Type of glue • • • • Operating temperature Operating pressure Media Type of operation continuous / cyclic chemicals • Gasket geometry • Gasket groove • Alignment of plate pack • Cleaning methods & • Opening frequency Life time! .

no tienen conocimiento en resolución de problemas – no I&D .Original versus Alternativo EJEMPLO: De acuerdo a la temperatura y al tipo de fluido. se elige el NBR más indicado: • • • • NBRB 110°C NBRP HNBR HEAT SEAL F 140°C 160°C 180°C VS REPUESTOS ALTERNATIVOS: SOLO “NBR” DEBILIDADES: Muy limitado rango de productos No existe conocimiento técnico No existe experiencia.

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Paquete de Placas • Cassettes • Cassette Final II • Cassette Final I • Placa de volteo • Placa de particion • Placa de transición End plate I End plate II .

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