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Questionnaire results

In my questionnaire I asked a variety of quantitative and qualitative questions. The quantitative questions are helpful because they provide a grouped result and you can easily see how many people liked what, and work out percentages and create data to show this. The qualitative questions are useful because they provide a personal opinion from the audience member you are questioning and are more specific than qualitative questions. I asked ten males and ten females eight questions. Both males and females were between 16 and 20,so that they were the the same as my magazines target audience, which helps me be specific with my magazines features and content. I asked males and females as I want my magazine to appeal to both genders also I didn't have an ethnicity specific survey because I want my magazine to appeal to every one who is into Pop/RnB music.

Quantitative questions: Which magazine would you be most likely to buy?

10 8 6 4 2 0

Q Billboard The Rolling Stone

males females


From these results, I can conclude that both the female and males target audience preferred Billboard magazine the most. This tells me that they favour Billboard for a reason and enjoy buying and reading this one the most overall. This helps me with my magazine because it shows what my target audience prefer the most, therefore I can bring in features of billboard into my own. Such as the colour scheme and the types of artists they talk about.

Quantitative questions: How often do you go to concerts/festivals?

14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0


never 2-3 times a year 4-6 times a year

Males Females


From my results its clear that the majority of females and males go to concerts/festivals 2-3 times a year. This tells me my target audience enjoy going to festivals and concerts but perhaps cant always afford to go, which is shown my the second most popular answer being never. This is because my target audience are aged 16-20 so are mostly students who might have part time jobs so cant afford to spend a lot of money going to concerts. This means that in my magazine I will include information and reviews on concerts for the people who couldn't t go and for the people who are thinking of going to see an artist. I will also include a competition to win free tickets to a concert or special offers on festivals/concerts to make it more affordable for my audience and entice them into buying my magazine.

Quantitative questions: How much would you be willing to spend on a magazine?



10 5 99p-1.99 2-3.99 Any price 0 male female


Here we can see that by far the most popular price of magazines to go for is 2-3.99. From what I observed when watching people take this test is that they had chosen this because at this price you can expect quality from the magazine, but you aren't paying extortionate prices for a music magazine. This gives me an idea of what price my target audience would be willing to pay for a magazine.

Quantitative questions: How often, ideally, would you like a music magazine to be released?

weekly Fortnightly Monthly

10 8 6 4 2 0

male female


From this question I can learn what would be the best times to bring my magazine out it, and how often my target audience would be willing to buy it. Here we see that fortnightly is the most popular answer, which tells me that my audience like to stay up to date with their music and so would expect this kind of frequency from a magazine.

Qualitative questions: Why would you say you read music magazines?
This question was mainly about what motivates them to read the magazine and what they usually expect to find in a music magazine. There were a range of answers for this question: The majority of people said it was to find things out about their favorite music and artists, and for concert and festival information such as tour dates, and to stay up to date with current music charts and song releases Other people said it was mainly for images, such as free posters and if the front cover had an image of an artist which interested them. Another thing that was frequently mentioned was the inclusion of New things such as new artists, bands, songs, and albums including exclusive interviews This tells us that this audience are very keen on keeping up to date with music and learning about it. I believe this is due to the age group of my target audience as, music is often the topic of conversation and with a magazine you can find out in advance when a concert or album is so you can save up the money, because as students you may not be able to afford things like albums and concerts all of the time. But also will give them the satisfaction of being up to date with their favourite music and artists and sharing this information with their friends and families. This is helpful as it gives me ideas of what to include in my magazine such as exclusives on bands and releases of albums and concerts/festivals, and advertise that the magazine is up to date and full of exclusives.

Qualitative questions: What genre of music would you say you listen to the most?

I got a variety of answers form my target audience. Here are the answers in order of popularity : Pop RnB Rap Indie Reggae These results show the range of music that my audience listen to, they are all closely linked in one way or another and would come under the pop/RnB. This helps me know what type of artists and bands to include in my magazine.

Qualitative questions: What types of band/artists do you enjoy reading about the most?
The type of artists recorded are as follows: Beyonc Jay z Bruno mars Justin Bieber Katy Perry There are a lot of different artists, however the Rihanna majority of the answers where the same. The Jessie j results will aid me in deciding what sorts of Lawson artists to include in my magazine. It also Ellie Goulding lets me know what sort of music I will talk Connor Maynard about in my magazine and the sort of pictures I Ariana Grande should take. Justin Timberlake Avicii Usher Drake Frank )cean Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Qualitative questions: What types of content would you like to be in a music magazine?

This question was used to focus on what m target audiences favourite things to see are in traditional, conventional magazines. Answers included things such Information on tour dates and concerts/festivals interviews with artists(sharing personal moments), reviews of albums that have recently been out. Whats top in the charts, what new songs are out Up coming artists -background info Posters-this is because they come free with the magazine This comes back to the fact that the audience are usually students, therefore don't have the money to buy posters all the time, but could afford a magazine that comes out one a fortnight. From these results I have a clearer idea of what type of content to include in my magazine, that I know my audience will like, and enjoy to read