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Perception of people toward pre-launch Tata Nano


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 Mukesh Chaudhary (12) Dr.Rohit Trivedi

 Indrajit Chavada (14) Mr.Hiren Patel
 Apurva Kataria (32)
 Pratik Modh (43)
 Sanjay Parmar (50)
 “Dream-dream and dream, because dream gives vision, vision gives thoughts and
finally thoughts lead to the action".

- former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata group

in the year 2003, dreamt of producing a safe, affordable Car for the common man.

Mr. Ratan Tata kept his promise and unveiled Tata 'Nano' on 10th January 2007, at
the 9th Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi. Tata Nano, cool & smart, launched by Tata
Motors is world's cheapest Car with a price tag of $ 2500.(Rs.100000)
The Journey of Tata Motors from Train to Truck, from Truck to Nano Car

 1945 : TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomative Company) starts work after completion of
second world war.
 1954 : TELCO starts to make Trucks in Joint Venture with German Company Daimler Benz.
 1994 : It starts to make Mercedes Benz in Joint Venture, first time in India,
 2002 : Partnerships with Daimler Benz came to an end.
 2002 : The Name of TELCO Company change and known as “Tata Motors”
 2003 : Ratan Tata declared to make worlds Cheapest car for Rs.1 lac.
 2004 : Tata Motor take over “DEVU” Company of South Korea and got listed in
NewyorkStock Exchange
 2005 : Tata Motors purchased 21% share holding of Spanish Bus.
 2008 : Tata Motors launch 100000.00 Rupees the Cheapest Car of the world.
Length 3.1 metres

Width 1.5 metres

Height 1.6 meters

All-aluminium, Rear Mounted, Rear
Engine Wheel Drive

Capacity 623 cc

Power 33 PS

Fuel Injection Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI)

Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel Version will be later

Body Type Sheet Metal

Seating Capacity 04 (Four)

20-22 Kmpl (City drive)

Mileage 26 Kmpl (Highways)

Top Speed 75 K.M

Emission Norms Euro-IV, Bharat Stage-III compliant

Safety Norms Frontal Crash Tested

Versions One Standard and Two Deluxe

 The Tata Nano uses plastics and adhesives rather than welding.
 introducing the car with an artificially low price through govt-subsidies
and tax-breaks, or
 using vertical-integration, or
 partially using inexpensive polymers or biodegradable plastics instead of
a full metal-body.
 It has no AC, no power steering, no power windows, no power bells and
 The low-cost car is clearly
intended for the masses. For the
family of four that would
otherwise ride on a scooter,
precariously balancing a tiny tot
on the front and a baby on the
wife’s lap. For the first-time car
buyer in India - a huge market
despite the increasing number of
cars in the urban and semi-urban
 Its Also attract the small cars
buyers like maruti 800.
 The Indian economy continued to register impressive GDP growth,
although the rate of growth declined marginally over the previous year,
reflecting inflationary trends driven by the increase in the cost of energy
and raw materials. The level of industrial activity has also begun to
decline as a result of fiscal constraints imposed on money supply and the
raising of interest rates .

 Investment flows into India increased by 20% to a record level of about

Rs. 120,000 Crores.

 The Indian automotive sector grew by 10% overall during the year with
substantial growth in the Light Commercial Vehicles sector and new
passenger car introductions. In the country 499,978 new commercial
vehicles were sold during the year and passenger car sales grew to 1.53
million vehicles this year.
Serial No. Model Name of Price (US$) Country
01 Nano Tata Motors 2500 India

02 QQ-3 Cherry 5000 China

03 Maruti-800 Suzuki 5200 India
04 Merry-Star Zeeli 5500 China
05 S-R-V Zeeli (Mini 5780 China
Below 20 18 Respondents age are below 20
20-25 15 Respondents age are between 20
to 25 Years
25-30 32 Respondents age are between 25
to 30 Years
30-35 36 Respondents age are between 30
to 35 Years
Above 35 49 Respondents age are above 35

Student 35 Respondents age are Student

Govt Service 60 Respondents age are Govt Service

Private Service 38 Respondents age are Private Service

NGO 03 Respondents age are NGO

Any Other 14 Respondents age are Any other

Monthly Income Below 10,000 14 Respondents were Monthly Family Income
Below 10,000
10,000 –
14 15,0000 1 Respondents were Monthly Family Income
37 Below 10000 10,000 – 15,0000
31 15,000 – 20,000
9 Respondents were Monthly Family Income
15,000 – 20,000
20000-25000 20,0000 – 29 Respondents were Monthly Family Income
29 Above 25000 25,0000 20,0000 – 25,0000
Above 25,000
7 Respondents were Monthly Family Income
Above 25,000

Family members Below 3

rom 150 Responded 20 Responded have
below 3 Family Members
20 3-5
43 rom 150 Responded 87 Responded have 3-5
Below 3 Family Members
3--5 Above 5
Above 5 rom 150 Responded 43 Responded have
Above Family Members
Area Urban
21 Responded are from Urban area


Urban Rural
Rural 9 Responded are from Rural area


Vehicle Yes
30 Responded have Vehicles


yes No
No 0 Responded have not Vehicles

Types of vehicle Moped 21
14 21
Any Other
Car 7
Any other 14 1

Wish to Purchase Yes

rom 150 Responded 111 responded want to purchase Car

rom 150 Responded 39 responded do want to purchase Car

Preference Maruti
rom 111 responded 41 prefer to Maruti
1 6 rom 111 responded 40 prefer to Tata
15 Maruti
rom 111 responded 8 prefer to Hyundai
Tata Skoda
Skoda rom 111 responded 15 prefer to Skoda
G.M General motors
40 8 Fiat rom 111 responded 1 prefer to G.M
rom 111 responded 6 prefer to Fiat.

Rank Order Mileage 15% preference to Mileage

Look 10 % preference to Look

Mileage Speed 19% preference to Speed
11 15
18 10 Speed low Maintenance 11% preference to Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Pick-up 10 % preference to Pick-up
10 19 Barand Name Brand Name 18% preference to Brand Name
Low Price
Low Price 11% preference to Low Price
Tata Nano is Family Car
3 responded believed that Tata Nano is
family Car

Taxi Car
Family Car
responded believed that Tata Nano is
Taxi car
83 Personal Car
9 car 8 responded believed that Tata Nano is
Personal Car

Aware of Promotion Yes No

No 150 00

Promotion Print Media 85 Responded show promotion in print Media

Telecast Media
17 12
Print Media 03 Responded show promotion in Telecast Media
Telecast Media
Net Media Net Media 17 Responded show promotion in Internet
106 All Outdoors 12 Responded show promotion in Outdoors.
All above 6 Responded show promotion in all media

Purchase of Tata Nano Yes

6 Responded want to purchase Tata Nano

Yes No 54 Responded do not want to purchase Tata Nano
Rank order of Tata Nano Criteria Rank
Mileage 12% preference to Mileage

Mileage Look 14% preference to Look

28 Look
14 Speed 7% preference to Speed
Low Maintenance Low 10% preference to Low Maintenance
Pick-up 9% preference to Pick-up
20 10 Barand Name
Low Price Brand Name 20% preference to Brand Name
Low Price 28% preference to Low Price

Petrol 29 Responded want to purchase Nano in


Diesel 13 Responded want to purchase Nano in


Gas kit 33 Responded want to purchase Nano in

Gas kit

Not decided 21 Responded want to purchase Nano in

not desided
Cash or Loan Loan 51 Responded want to purchase Nano in

Cash 27 Responded want to purchase Nano in
51 Not Decided
27 Not Decided 18 Responded want to purchase Nano in
Not Decided

purchase Nano instead of Bike

Tata Nano or Bike Strongly From 150 responded 43 responded Strongly

Disagree Disagree purchase Nano instead of Bike

Disagree From 150 responded 19 responded Disagree

43 strongly isagree purchase Nano instead of Bike
Neutral From 150 responded 14 responded Neutral
purchase Nano instead of Bike
Neutral Agree From 150 responded 24responded Agree purchase
19 Agree Nano instead of Bike
24 14 Strongly Agree Strongly From 150 responded 50 responded Strongly
Agree Disagree purchase Nano instead Bike
Strongly From 150 responded 28 responded Strongly
Disagree Disagree purchase Nano instead of second
Disagree From 150 responded 10 responded Disagree
purchase Nano instead of second car
Neutral From 150 responded 37 responded Neutral
purchase Nano instead of second car
Agree From 150 responded 30 responded Agree
purchase Nano instead of second car
Strongly Agree From 150 responded 45 responded Strongly
Disagree purchase Nano instead of second

Youngster or Job service comfortable

for people
Comfortable for Youngster From 150 responded 12 responded believed
that Tata Nano is for Youngster

Job service From 150 responded 36 responded believed

36 people that Tata Nano is for Youngster
36 Youngsters
Job Service Both From 150 responded 66 responded believed that
Both Tata Nano is for Both
Can not Say
Can not say
rom 150 responded 36 responded believed
that They can’t say anything
Perception towards success of Tata Nano
Yes From 150 responded 102 responded
believed that Tata Nano will Sucess

No From 150 responded 40 responded believed
that Tata Nano will`t Success
8 Can not say
Can not say From 150 responded 8 responded believed
that Tata Nano can`t say about it