Social Security Update

Chuck Liptz, Director Employer Wage Reporting and Relations Staff Social Security Administration

Electronic Filing Success Story

200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0

Over 158 Million Forms W-2 sent Electronically (2005)

Electronic Other Media







67% of all W-2s

The rest of the story …
Paper W-2s - 2001 to 2005







42 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Paper Reports (Employers) 2001 - 2005






4.4 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Registration Process
 Provide

registration information (you and employer)  Choose your own password  Receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number)  Choose your roles  Letter to user (may have Activation Code)  Letter to employer (may have Activation Code)*
Employer gives Activation Code to User
 User

inputs Activation Code(s)

Select Your Password

Choose Your Role(s)

Activate A Role

E-File Options
 Two Ways to e-file
– Upload MMREF for large or small

filers (requires W-2 software) – Fill-in up to 20 W-2 Online screen (no W-2 software required!)  Both use March 31 e-file deadline

W-2 Online
  

 

Ideal for small filers or special needs No forms or tax software required!!! Blank W-2 displayed via Internet -- Fill in screens one at a time (up to 20) -- Name/SSN verification immediately W-3 totaled for your records Employee Copies (.pdf) too!

W-2C Online
Blank W-2C displayed via Internet  Fill in screens one at a time (up to 5)  Limited functionality this year  Employee Copies (.pdf) too!

Magnetic Media Eliminated

TY 2004 – last year for tapes and cartridges TY 2005 – last year for disks

What We’re Working On in Wage Reporting
    

Additional models for Electronic Filing Eliminate mailing paper MMREF Changes to paper W-2 form – moving the SSN field Software vendors code in MMREF New record in MMREF for Puerto Rico, other territories and states to use

stay tuned …

What is SSNVS?
(Social Security Number Verification Service)
 Allows

employers to verify the name and SSN of a hired employee with Social Security (SSA) over the Internet  Cannot be used for tax filing purposes  Only tells you if name & Social Security number match SSA’s records  5 possible “No-Match Codes” returned.  Provides an indicator if Social Security number belongs to a deceased person

Two Methods for using SSNVS
 Direct keying onto SSA’s website  Key up to 10 names/SSNs with immediate results  Can key multiple screens  Upload file  Can upload up to 250,000 SSNs per file  Next business day results

Request Online SSN Verification

Request Online SSN Verification

Request Online SSN Verification

Possible Mismatch Codes
VERIFICATION CODES 1 = SSN not in file (never issued to anyone) 2 = Name and DOB match, gender code does not match 3 = Name and gender code match; DOB does not match 4 = Name matches, DOB and gender code do not match 5 = Name does not match, DOB and gender code not checked DECEASED (PER SSA RECORDS) If Social Security records indicate any of the names and SSNs submitted for verification belonged to deceased individuals, the page will display a table with the information pertaining to these requests.

What We’re Working On SSNVS

Return all names
– Last 4 digit of SSN for match Online – All Names & SSNs for files

 Accept Excel Spread sheets if

properly formatted  Input your Employer Identification Number (EIN)  Elimination of disk and tape

Hodge Podge
New Box 12 Codes - AA & BB ● SSA must verify status of foreign workers with DHS before SSN issued ●Immediate verification (2 weeks) ●Delayed verification (up to 120 days) ● Administrative Wage Garnishment

Keep Up To Date
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