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Order of Presentation
INTRODUCTION Background Policy Guidelines Issues and Concerns Expected Outcome CONCEPT O OPER!TION Task" Our Role BP!T#s Organi$ation unction Components OPER!TION!% RE&UIRE'ENT( BP!T#s !cti)ities EN*!NCE'ENT TR!INING 'ODU%E

The Barangay Peacekeeping Operations is a comprehensive, and catch-all anti-crime strategy that seeks to empower all stakeholders to share the responsibility of peacekeeping and order maintenance towards self-policing. It aims to draw the strong support and active participation of key players and stakeholders in the field of intelligence gathering and some operational aspects of policing. It is firmly anchored on the belief that sound policing germinates in an effective and efficient policing at the barangay level. It is a means to ensure the effective prevention, control and suppression of crime and efficient management of disasters and emergencies.

istorical Background
Need to esta+lis, an e--ecti)e community policing mac,inery. De)elop crime pre)ention strategies t,at are responsi)e to peace and order conditions peculiar in t,e country. and

istorical Background
PNP recogni$es t,e )ital role o- -orce multipliers in t,e -ig,t against criminality/ insurgency and terrorism0 Pre)ious anti1criminality strategies are re)ised )ersions o- t,e crime pre)ention concepts -rom ot,er countries0

Policy !uidelines
(ection 2 o- R0!0 3445 6 PNP Re-orm !ct 7 It is declared/ t,at t,e PNP s,all +e a community and ser)ice oriented agency responsi+le -or maintenance o- peace and order as 8ell as pu+lic sa-ety0

Policy !uidelines

T,e PNP s,all en-orce t,e la8/ pre)ent and control crimes/ maintain peace and order and ensure pu+lic with the sa-ety and internal security active support of the community 0

Policy !uidelines
"OI #$P$!P$"$%$ &'T& (O)T T ' OP')$TIO*$" ()$#'+O),, -O*-'PT O( OP')$TIO*&, !.I/'"I*'& $*/ $-TI0ITI'& TO B' .*/')T$,'* B% T ' P*P /.)I*! T ' P $&'-I* $*/ $*/-O0') O( $(P--"'$)'/ $)'$& TO T ' P'$-' $*/ O)/') -O.*-I"& 1PO-s2.

Policy !uidelines
'P!#$3s command guidance during the P*P command conference held at #alacanang on (ebruary 45, 4556.

I&&.'& 9 -O*-')*&:
$. '7T')*$" 9I*&.)!'*-% 9T'))O)I&# 9O)!$*I8'/ -)I#' !)O.P& 9&T)''T -)I#'& 9I""'!$" /).!& 9/I&$&T')& 9'tc.

I&&.'& 9 -O*-')*&:
B. I*T')*$"
9Inade;uate personnel 9"ack on mobility 9"ack on communication e;uipment 9&addled with a motley activities and concerns which are not direct crime-fighting police operations but e;ually important in the pursuit of national and regional interests.

#$7I#.# P$)TI-IP$TIO* O( T ' -O##.*IT% I* T ' P'$-',''PI*! '((O)T& )'/.-TIO* I( *OT ')$/I-$TIO* O( -)I#'& I* T ' -O##.*IT% I#P)O0'/ P'$-' $*/ O)/') -O##.*IT% P)O!)'&& $*/ P)O&P')IT%

-oncept of Operation
The general concept of Barangay Peacekeeping is to involve the Barangay Officials, Tanods and other Force multipliers in the task of crime prevention, control and suppression in partnership with the P*P from the Provincial down to the -ommunity Precincts level and the "ocal !overnment '<ecutives and eads of -oncerned $gencies. Toward this end, Barangay Peacekeeping Desks (BPDs) are established at the )egional, Provincial, #unicipal and Barangay levels.

-oncept of Operation
Are organized to ser e as the main operators of Barangay Peacekeeping in their respecti e localities! They shall ser e as the primary force multipliers of the police in controlling, suppressing and pre enting crime and criminality at the Barangay le el

9Barangay Peacekeeping /esks shall be established with proper signages and markings in the )egional, Provincial, -ity and #unicipal Police Offices 9The P*P unit concerned, in the spirit of cooperation and partnership, provides OP')$TIO*$", $/#I*I&T)$TI0' &.P')0I&IO* and T'- *I-$" &.PPO)T to the Brgy Tanod, -0Os, Bantay Bayan and other community volunteers in their brgy peacekeeping operations.

Barangay Peacekeeping /esks shall be built around the following civil-police organi@ational relationship in line with the -OP &trategy:

=. The BP/s at the Provincial>-ity POs shall be established through coordination>collaboration between the Provincial>-ity !overnments and the counterpart P*P Provincial>-ity Offices, supervised ?ointly by the Provincial !overnor>-ity #ayor and concerned P*P Provincial>-ity /irectors 4 .The BP/s at the -ity>#unicipal Police &tations shall be supervised ?ointly by the -ity>#unicipal #ayors and the -ity>#unicipal -hiefs of Police

9 Operationali@e BP$T3s > BP/3s for a more effective and efficient implementation of holistic Barangay Public &afety (orce Program anchored on shared peacekeeping effort between the police and the community 9 Organi@e and train the Tanods>-0Os to be effective police peacekeeping partners 9#obili@e the Barangay Tanods and other (orce #ultipliers for crime prevention, control and suppression.

9 T ' )/, P/ and -OP3s & $"" I#P"'#'*T T ' B$)$*!$% P'$-',''PI*! OP')$TIO*& I*-"./I*! T ' PO-3s. 9 B$)$*!$% P'$-',''PI*! $-TIO* T'$#& 1BP$T&2 & $"" B' O)!$*I8'/, T)$I*'/ $*/ /'P"O%'/ I* -"'$)'/ $)'$&. 9 #$*.'0') (O)-'& & $"" $//)'&& T ' &'-.)IT% -O*-')*& I* A!)$% $)'$&B TO P$0' T ' +$% (O) T ' '&T$B"I& #'*T O( BP$Ts.

O"#A$%&AT%O$A' (T")*T)"+
PO"I-' )'!IO*$" O((I-'
P)O B)!% P'$-',''PI*! /'&, 1P)O BP/2

P)O03">-IT% PO"I-' O((I-'

PPO>-PO B)!% P'$-',''PI*! /'&, 1BPO>-PO BP/2

-IT%>#.* PO"I-' O((I-'

-P&>#P& B)!% P'$-',''PI*! /'&, 1-PO>#PO BP/2 PO"I-' -O##.*IT% P)'-I*-T > ,$B$B$%$* -T)

B$)$*!$% P'$-',''PI*! $-TIO* T'$# 1BP$T2


"$+ '*(O)-'#'*T

.*IT'/ ()O*T $!$I*&T -)I#'

/I&$&T') -O*T)O"

-$&' T)$-,I*! $*/ #O*ITO)I*!

BA"A$#A, P+A*+-++P%$# A*T%O$ T+A.(






U !C











F)$*T%O$( OF BA"A$#A, P+A*+-++P%$# D+(- ( BPD/s )

*oordinate and mo0ilize all sectors and other Force .ultipliers to augment the P$P personnel in the aspect of 0arangay peacekeeping operations! Act as liaison 0et1een the police and 0arangay officials in their respecti e 0arangays! Analyze, conduct studies and make recommendations on ho1 to undertake 0arangay peacekeeping operations in their locality! *oordinate the training of 0arangay tanods to enhance their kno1ledge and operational skills! (er e as the 0arangay complaint and pu0lic assistance center at their respecti e le els!

BPATs .A2O" *O.PO$+$T(

'a1 +nforcement > 8ill per-orm +eat patrol operations/ anti1 illegal drug operations/ tra--ic direction and control/ street crime pre)ention/ control and suppression/ and pu+lic in-ormation and assistance0 It is composed o- Barangay tanods/ tra--ic aides/ security guards/ mem+ers o- Barangay !nti1Drug !+use Councils and anti1crime groups0

BPATs .A2O" *O.PO$+$T(

)nited Front Against *rime > is responsi+le in communication and anti1crime ad)ocacy support/ including intelligence gat,ering0 It is composed o- non1go)ernment organi$ations/ sectors"groups/ council o- elders/ ,omeo8ners associations/ radio groups and gun clu+s0 It s,all -orm t,e -ormida+le s,ield o- t,e community against crime t,roug, in-ormation dissemination/ mo+ili$ation and program ad)ocacy acti)ities0

BPATs .A2O" *O.PO$+$T(

Disaster *ontrol > 8ill assist in rescue/ relie- and re,a+ilitation operations during calamities and emergencies0 It is composed o- Barangay tanods/ non1go)ernment organi$ations and )olunteer groups0 *ase Tracking and .onitoring > 8ill monitor t,e present status and current de)elopments o- cases -iled against arrested suspects0 It is composed o- non1go)ernment organi$ations/ )olunteer groups and t,e academe0

OP+"AT%O$A' "+3)%"+.+$T(
Office 1 BP!Ts s,all maintain t,eir o--ices at t,e Barangay ,alls 8it, appropriate directories conspicuous to t,e pu+lic0 Basic Office +4uipment 1 T,eir o--ices must +e e?uipped 8it, type8riters and"or computers/ log+ooks/ -ingerprinting kits and cameras0 "ogue/s #allery > T,ey s,all maintain t,eir o8n rogue#s gallery and a li+rary o- criminal elements and 8anted persons in t,eir respecti)e areas0 Daily 2ournal > T,ey s,all also maintain a daily @ournal re-lecting important incidents/ unto8ard"unusual occurrences/ instructions recei)ed/ in-ormation gat,ered or pro+lems encountered0

OP+"AT%O$A' "+3)%"+.+$T(
.o0ility > (er)ice )e,icles issued to t,e Barangay s,all +e made a)aila+le to BP!T mem+ers0 Bicycles may also +e issued to t,em -or added mo+ility0 )niform and %dentification > BP!T mem+ers s,all +e in uni-orm 8it, appropriate identi-ication issued +y proper aut,orities0 Peacekeeping #adgets > T,ey s,all also +e e?uipped 8it, communication e?uipments suc, as radios/ pro1+atons/ -las,lig,ts/ ,andcu--s and ot,er peacekeeping gadgets t,ey can use in t,eir regular ArondasB or +eat patrol operations0

DA%', A*T%5%T%+( OF BPATs

"oll *all Training .aintenance of )niform and %ndi idual +4uipment -eeping of a *ase $ote0ook and 2ournal +sta0lishment of *lose 6orking "elationship 1ith "esidents %dentifying *rime7prone Areas and Pro0lem Personalities "eporting Actions Taken "esponding to *rime 'ateral *oordination 1ith Technical People "ecord *heck of (uspects Arrest of (uspects *ase Documentation Appearance as Prosecution 6itness +sta0lishment of communication 'ink 1ith Police

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*! P)OPO&'/ &%""$B.&

&.BC'-T& I. 0$".' (O)#$TIO*, -O.)T'&% 9 /I&-IP"I*' 50 20 C0 D0 40 E0 F0 30 G0 -O*T'*T& ilipino <alues 'an as a Person Rig,ts and Duties %o)e o- God %o)e o- Neig,+or %o)e o- Country En)ironmental Et,ics Importance o- t,e (u+@ect De-inition o- Terms Tradition/ Ceremony/ (alute/ Discipline/ Courtesy 5H0 =,o are entitled to salute 550 (igns o- undiscipline 520 (tate o- Discipline 5C0 Respect to t,e ilipino lag )'(')'*-'& Et,ics and t,e ilipino +y Ramon B !gapay

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*!

II. .#$* )I! T& 50 Bill o- Rig,ts 20 Constitutional I (tatutory Guarantees to Ci)il I Political Rig,ts a0 =arrantless !rrest +0 Rig,t o- a Person under custodial in)estigation c0 Rig,t o- t,e !ccused 50 PD 54H3 1 Jatarungan Pam+arangay %a8 20 (u+@ect matters -or amica+le settlement I exceptions C0 orm o- settlement D0 Prescription period ocomplaints"cases 40 ilipino cultural )alues 8it, rele)ance to katarungan Pam+arangay Conciliation Proceedings 50 Constitution 20 RPC C0 Criminal Procedure

III. B$)$*!$% C.&TI-' &%&T'#

%egal Go)ernment Code o-5GG5(kills I <alues in Barangay Kustice +y !ntonio E Oredain

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*!

I0. "$+ O( $))'&T 9 &'I8.)' 0. BOO,I*! P)O-'/.)' "O/!I*! O( -O#P"$I*T Rule 55C 6!rrest7 (ec 5 to 5D Rule 52E 6(earc, I (ei$ure7 (ec 5 to 52 50 T,e police +lotter 20 Police O--icial note+ook C0 Turn o)er slip"record o- cases and e)idence con-iscated D0 !--ida)it o- !ppre,ension 40 (OP i- suspects"complaints are in@ured 50 %icense I Permit <iolations 20 O--enses !gainst Pu+lic Peace C0 O--enses !gainst Property D0 O--enses !gainst Pu+lic 'oral 40 Ordinance 2EDE Tra--ic Code and t,e City o- 'anila a0 To 8,at cases applica+le 57 Ci)il Cases 27 Criminal Cases Ordinance in t,e City o'anila Rules on Criminal Procedure 6Rules o- Court7

0I. -O##O*"% 0IO"$T'/ O)/I*$*-' $*/ )."'& O* &.##$)% P)O-'/.)'

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*!

0II. I*T'""I!'*-' *'T+O),I*!, I*(O !$T ')I*! 9 )'PO)T +)ITI*! =. 4. 6. D. E. F. +anted "ist +atch "ist Intelligence -ycle )eport +riting Observation 9 /escription -asing P*P &ecurity -ontainment )ings &ystem

0III. PO"I-' &'-.)IT% -O*T$I*#'*T )I*!& &%&T'# 1I*T'!)$T'/ P$T)O" &%&T'#2

=. (unction of the patrol force 4. Principal activity of the patroller 6. !eneral classes of activity of patrol D. #ethods of patrol> /isadvantages>advantages E. Techni;ue of patrol F. -omponents of the integrated patrol system of the +P/ G. The Tactical Operation -enter H. Pre-deployment, /eployment 9 Post /eployment I. )esponding to calls for assistance =. 4. 6. D. Intelligence Target ardening Incident #anagement "egal Offensive

I7. /I&$&T') P)'P$)'/*'&&

P*P Three-Tiered /efense &ystem

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*!

7. /).! $B.&' -O*T)O" 50 Pro,i+ited Drugs 20 Regulated Drugs C0 R! G5E4 D0 Procedure on t,e Re,a+ilitation o- drug dependents 40 Re,a+ilitati)e con-inement and suspension osentence E0 Compulsory su+mission oDrug Dependent to treatment I Re,a+ilitation F0 (uspension osentence -or -irst o--ense o- a minor R! G5E4

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)*!

7I. -)I#' &-'*' P)'&')0$TIO* 9 $*/"I*! O( '#')!'*-% &IT.$TIO*&
=. The I& of -riminal Investigation 4. *ine 1I2 !olden )ules to be observed upon arrival at the scene of the crime 6. Priorities upon arrival of the =st Police $u<iliary at the scene of the crime D. /ifference between Interview 9 Interrogation, witness 9 suspect E. andling of different scenarios>-rime situation 1Practicum2 F. Operation of #otor 0ehicles a. "icense of drive motor vehicle b. Illegal use of licenses, *umber Plates, etc. G. International )oad &igns .nified 0ehicular )eduction Program H. Traffic )ules a. &peed limits and keeping to )ight b. Overtaking 9 Passing a 0ehicle turning at inter&ections c. )ight of way and signal I. Operation of #otor 0ehicles a. "icense to drive motor 0ehicle b. Illegal use of licenses, *umber Plates, etc =5. International )oad &igns ==. .nified 0ehicular )eduction Program

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*!

7II. /I&$)#I*! $*/ $*/-.((I*! T'- *IJ.'& 50 Pro+ation"!rnis a0 Basic Position Carrying/ dra8ing/ t,e +asic Positon +0 Tec,ni?ues -rom t,e +asic Position c0 T,e long extended position d0 Po8er c,op series e0 Disarming and -ollo81up Counter attacks -0 On extracting and mo)ing a suspect g0 *and cu--ing/ -ront and -rom +e,ind

B)!% T$*O/ '* $*-'#'*T T)$I*I*!

7III. -)O+/ -O*T)O" 50 Control o- 'o+s and Riots a0 Types o- riot control -ormation and its uses +0 !pplication o- riot control -ormation c0 Entry to distur+ance area d0 Position o- carrying t,e 8icker s,ields I t,e +aton e0 Oral commands and ,and (ignals 20 Position o- commander and %eader C0 (?uad and platoon -ormation D0 Jey to sym+ols in t,e illustration o- riot control -ormation 40 Practical exercise0 PNP Ci)il Distur+ance Control 'anual

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