Acquire/Revise your knowledge of how words relate to one another in meaning and the terms used to describe these different kinds of relationship. Complete a TKT:KAL exam style question to practice this knowledge

Look at the lists below, what is the relationship between the words and phrases in each list?
 1. Book, pen, whiteboard, student, desk, do your homework.  2. Menu, waiter, book a table, main course, tip

 These words all link a common TOPIC or situation so are referred to as a LEXICAL SET

Look at the lists below, what is the relationship between the underlined words in the each list and the other words in that list?
 1. Furniture, chair, table, sofa, bed  2. Potato, carrot, vegetable, cabbage, bean

Do you know the name for the underlined words in English?


Do you know the name of the ‘members’ of the group?


Look at the definitions below. Underline the superordinates and circle the hyponyms.
 1. A horse is a large animal with four legs which people ride on  2. Clothes are things such as dresses and trousers that you wear to cover your body  3. A car is a road vehicle with four wheels, an engine and seats.  4. A container is an object such as a box or a bottle which can be used for holding something.

Look at the word pairs below. What is similar about the words in each pair? What is different about them?
 1. Flat (apartment), Flat (smooth)  2. Sea, See  3. Close (verb), Close (adjective)

Which of these sentences contain HOMONYMS? Which of these sentences contain HOMOPHONES? Which of these sentences contain HOMOGRAPHS?




How are these different to the previous examples:
 ENGLISH: Library  SPANISH: Libreria

They are examples of: FALSE FRIENDS/FALSE COGNATES What do you think COGNATES might be?

Look at the sets of words below. Decide what the relationship is between the words in each set.
     1. 2. 3. 4. 5. good, nice, satisfactory, enjoyable, pleasant borrow, lend chat, talk, discuss hot, freezing good, bad



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