UNIT 3: Word Formation

Complete a TKT:KAL exam style question to practice this knowledge  . Acquire/Revise your knowledge of how some words can be formed from others and how a words form affects its meaning and shows its part of speech and key terms used to describe these topics.


It is the smallest unit that has meaning in a language! .

 How many morphemes are there in the words below? Which are free? Which are bound?     1. 4. Midday Movement Teachers . 2. Unattractive. 3.

move and teach? . How do the morphemes in exercise one change the words attract. day.

 What do we call morphemes added to the beginning of words?  Prefixes  What do we call morphemes added to the ends of words?  Suffixes  Affixes  What are they both examples of? What do we call the process of adding them?   Affixation .

Verb employ Noun Adjective Negative prefix +adjective possible depend economy record impossible .

Verb employ Noun employee employment employer possibility Adjective employed employable Possible dependent dependable economic(al) recordable recorded record Negative prefix +adjective unemployed unemployable impossible independent uneconomic(al) non-recordable unrecorded depend dependant economy economics Record (2nd) record (1st) .

(complete) Completely . (happy) Happiness  2. How has the spelling changed from the base word in brackets and why?  1. Look at the words below. (advise) advisable  3.


What is the Root Word or Base Word of a Word Family? .

Create . Write the word families for the words below. Use a dictionary if necessary.  1. Believe  2.

Verb Noun Adjective Negative prefix +adjective Unbelievable Uncreative Believe Create Believer Belief Creation Creator Believable Creative .


Nice-Looking 3. Homework . How many words are in each? Number of Words 1. Dry-Clean 4. Ice-cream 2. Look at 1-4 in the table below.

Compound Pattern noun+ noun Noun+ adjective Verb + Particle Adjective + Verb Adjective/adverb + present/past participle Preposition + preposition Examples .


Wasn’t DVD Advert RAM . What is the full form of the words below?     1. 3. 2. 4.

A contraction? Acronym? Initialism?  An  An .

Lets try some activities… .