UNIT 4: Lexical Units

 Acquire/Revise your knowledge of how words combine with other words in different ways(e. and key terms associated with this area. with one other word or with more than one to make a complete phrase).g. Complete a TKT:KAL exam style question to practice this knowledge  .


 Look at the table below and decide which adjectives can be used with which nouns. (Some adjectives can combine with more than one noun) Adjective Heavy Strong Light Noun Wind Sunshine Snow .

Collocations!! .

 A strong collocation?  Words that collocate with few others  A weak collocation?  Words that collocate with many others .


What meaning does the verb have in each collocation? Verb Noun A pill Go home mad A bus A ball Catch Take . Look at the table below and decide which verbs collocate with which nouns.



Can you remember the type of meaning that an idiom has? .

.Idioms have a figurative or idiomatic meaning.

Well. Read the passage below and underline the idioms. I hope he’s learnt his lesson…but I don’t suppose he has. What does each idiom mean?  I was in the supermarket the other day when this man caught my eye. He came over and asked me to give him a hand carrying his bags to the car.  Which parts of these idioms can change? . Full of stolen food! I couldn’t believe my eyes! And he nearly died when I told him I’m a police officer and arrested him. we were just leaving when a shop assistant asked to look in the bags.

 We sometimes call these fixed and semifixed phrases  Formulaic Phrases . Semi-fixed  What do you think we call phrases where NO part of them can change?  Fixed phrases. Because of this they are called phrases.

They are sometimes called Chunks. .

if you ask me. 2. 3. 6. 4. See you soon! You can’t be serious! To whom it may concern Would you like some fish and chips? That’s not the best way of doing it. You’d better leave before you miss your train. Which of the underlined formulaic phrases below are fixed and which are semi fixed?       1. 5. .

Lets try some activities… .