Ice Cream Industry - Overview

• Total Worth Rs 3000 cr • Divided into branded and un branded • Branded Market at 100 million litres per annum valued at Rs.800 cr. • Per capita consumption:300ml

Mother Dairy Branded Ice cream market Kwality walls 14% Vadilal 12% Mother dairy 8% Amul 38% Others 28% . Vadilal.Branded Ice Cream Players • Amul . Kwality Walls .

Market Size MARKET SIZE(IN CRORE) 3000 2500 2000 1500 MARKET SIZE 1000 500 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 .

R.Mumbai Currently operates with 100 outlets all over the country • Factory at Charkop.Mumbai • Reputed brand in southern and western India .S Kamath Established in 1984 First Outlet at Juhu.Natural Ice Cream -Introduction • • • • Owned by Mr.

strawberry. kesar pista. peach apricot. coffee walnut • Chocolate based: choco bite. black grapes • Dry fruit based: Roasted almond. papaya pineapple. coconut malai.Marketing Mix Product • Fresh fruit ice cream:watermelon.cucumber . choco almond • Unconventional flavours like raw mango. guava. choco cream. mango. kaju kismis. sitaphal.

competitors and demand factor • Spread across 25 cities in south and western India ..Marketing Mix. Price • Constant price of Rs 38 for all flavours • Waffle cone for just an additional Rs 5 as against Rs 11 in Baskin Robbins Place • Natural Parlours :potential franchisees study of the area in terms of its capacity.

Marketing Mix.. Promotions • Word of mouth .

Distribution Network • A single point of delivary • Centralized from Mumbai factory • Distribution using vans and truck within Mumbai • Thermocol packaging along with railway or airlifting done .

Consumer Perception-Ice Cream Percentage of people who like Ice cream Frequency of having Ice Cream No 0% Every day 6% Twice or thrice a week 34% Occasional 31% Once a week 29% Every day Once a week Occasional Twice or thrice a week Yes Yes 100% No .

Consumer Perception –Ice Cream At a party 7% At home 24% After movies or dinner 54% After movies or dinner In a mall At home In a mall 15% At a party .

Naturals How did they come to know about Naturals? Preferred Flavors others 15% Visit to outlet 30% Visit to outlet Word of mouth Print/electronic media Through friends and Print/electro nic media neighbor 3% 29% Through friends and neighbor others Normal flavors (vanilla. chocolate etc) .Customer Perception. chocolate etc) Seasonal fruit Dry fruit 23% 61% 16% Seasonal fruit Dry fruit Word of mouth 23% Normal flavors (vanilla.

Naturals-Good Consumer Experience Name of the Ice Cream Parlour you recollect 35 30 25 Frequency 20 15 10 5 0 Baskin Robins Natural Gelato Ice Cream Parlour Amul Other .

Recommendations • • • • • Better ambience at the parlor More innovation with product: Mix and match Better service and larger sitting place More variety in shakes Investment in promotion .