A Vision Management System for Schools/Colleges

A Philosophy,Practice and, Management of Education in a Knowledge Society

”Refinement is Merging Intelligence of the Self with that of the Universe” V.I.G.Menon


This Presentation Is Divided into Two Parts
• Part I Basics • Part II Building Process Management
in An Educational System

Part I Basics

• A Derivation of
• Assumptions

Character Profiles of Children .

3) Any society has a fourfold division of capabilities
viz.,Spiritual,Social (leadership),Intellectual (ie.,Professionals) and Physical 4) All human traits show three Universal Types a)Those who work with sense of Purity or Perfection b)Those who work with Passion/Aggression c)Those who work with Perversion

A Contextual Definition of Education

We define Education as the art and science of Creating/Sustaining/ Transmitting Spiritual,Social, Intellectual or Physical assets of a generation to its peers or to the next.

Education, Knowledge & Skills :

The First Principles

• Sensations which are meaningful is Data • Data that is Relevant is Information • Self Guiding Principle in Information is
Knowledge • Knowing what to do, whether it is done and what to do if it is not is Know-how Know-how required in Steering any SSIP *Goal of a person’s life is called Skill Universe is the source of All Knowledge

Two Types of Knowledge and Skill
• That which is Imparted through
Mind • That which is Imparted to Mind

• Occidental learning systems focus on the

first • Traditional Oriental Systems used to Focus on Both earlier .Now ?

Knowledge is in Consciousness

• Knowledge resides in Consciousness • Amount of Orientation/Knowledge/ • Talent/Skill can be Measured as a % of
Goal Attainment against Plan of an individual • 1)Awareness of Goal,2)Awareness of Actions for the Goals and 3)Awareness of Corrections in action to attain the Goal together constitutes Know-how • Education Should improve Know-How for

A Contextual Definition of Consciousness

• A pattern (of Energy )flow that can alter
itself is consciousness • The illusory matrix on which the pattern change happens is mind • This leads to two Concepts of minds a) The Human mind that we are all familiar b)The Universal Mind as substrate of the Scientific Laws behind the Material Universe with its complex forms of interaction ,control and evolution (see

Conscious Universe-A Question

• Universe itself has a self controlling pattern • Its self control is exhibited in the form of

Various Scientific Laws like Ohms Law, Boyles Law,Avogadro’s Law ans so on • These Laws Give a peep into the Mystery of Universe • How can we have consciousness and intelligence if Universe (or Nature) does not have it ? • To believe Consciousness to be in us without its existence in Nature is being wedded to illogicism
* “Scientific” Books are plenty about the Conscious Universe

Education –A Role definition
• The Role of Education should aim at Orienting • • •
and Evolving the personal mind to an all encompassing Universal Mind. Such Minds Will have the capability to accommodate all differences of opinions,appearances, race,religion and so on.. Such Minds Will Have the Capability to Evolve Know-How to meet the Contemporary Problems in Global Communities/Businesses or Technologies Owners of Such Minds Will Be the Global Leaders of Tomorrow

• In our context when we say that a
child is “physically oriented” we mean that the predominant disposition of the child is mainly for physical activities,with spiritual,social intellectual activities playing Secondary or minor roles

Education –Problem Definition Random Take 100 Children at
‘X’ Percentate will be mostly Spiritually/Intuitively Oriented ‘Y’ Percentage will be Mostly Oriented in Social Skills “Z’ Percentage will be Mostly Intellectually Oriented “ P’ percentage will be Mostly Physically Oriented Thus there is a Statistical distributon of Potential and Capabilities (which may be continually evolving) Also for each student there is a skill profile at any given time . Problem definition: What is the Know-how and the guiding principles we have to provide these Children with a given Skill potential/profile ? Also what are the options we have when there is a statistical distribution of these skill sets in a class?

Skill Profile 100
90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Spiritual Social Intellectual Physical Any Group of students will have skill set differences as shown. Thus Jane, Linda and Cain are having Intellectual ,Social.and Physical skills respectively predominant in comparison with their other Generic SSIP Traits Jane Linda Cain

Skill Profile Table (Transient )
  Jane Linda Cain Spiritua l Social 20.4 30.6 70 27.4 91 46.9 Intellectua Physic l al 90 34.6 45 20.4 50 92

Understanding Skill Profile
• The skill Profile Classifies Students into a
Universally Valid Classification of • Spiritual/Intuitive • Social • Intellectual • Physical Attitudes/Values/Capabilities Any Skill Profile is real,but can be permanent or Transient for a given Individual in his evolution depending on the situation

Understanding Skill Profile
• Spiritually Inclined • These Children always relate

themselves to a Supernatural Power • They are intuitive, idealistic,understanding, Isolated, prefers loneliness. Often becomes spiritual leaders or leaders of righteous causes if their energies are channelised

Understanding Skill Profile
• Socially Inclined • These children love

company,they relate themselves easily to other people. • Often they are gregarious and good leaders

Understanding Skill Profile
• Intellectually Inclined • These children relate everything

intellectually ,in abstraction or imageries • These children have gifted mind and intellect and if the talents are channelised properly they may become good Artists/ Bureaucrats/Lawyers/ Scientists/ • Managers/Professionals and so on

Understanding Skill Profile
• Physically Inclined • These Children tend to relate to

everything physically to their Body Image • They can become Oriented sportspersons/athletes and so on

Skill Profiles-A Note
• The Skill Profiles exist for all human beings • • • • •
throughout our life These profiles change as a person evolves All profiles are equally good yet in one Society first Look upto Spiritual Leaders,Then to Social(political),Intellectual or /Physical (sports/Leaders. But it may be totally different in another society/group Top Performers in Spiritual/Social/Intellectual/Physical/ values often become Social Leaders Thus ,Pope/Mata Amritananda Mayi is looked up to irrespective of Nationality whereas a political leader’s domain is restricted to his vote bank and for an artist or a scientist to admirers of that field , and

Skill Profiles and society
• The whole Global society is a
marketplace for SSIP Values.Any product or service come under any of the Spiritual/Social/ Intellectual/Physical Values.

A dinner spoon serves a physical value A calculator or computer sell an intellectual value of computation.A Spritual TV Channel sells Spiritual Values and a News channel sells Social Values wheras a porno site in internet sells physical values,albeit

Society and Education
• Human settlements globally are a market place for
SSIP Values. • People Produce and Consume Products carrying an SSIP value profile • Households Supply Spiritual/Intellectual/ Social/ Physical Labors • Industries Employ:/Social(Investors)/Intellectual(White Collar) /Physical Labors to produce Products With SSIP values Educational Institutions are Vendors for Spiritual/Social/Intellectual/ Physical Values facilitating Life-Goal Norming,Forming and attainment of Individuals

Understanding Skill Profile Classes: Character Profiles

• The Spiritual/Social/Intellectual/Physical

(SSIP) skills come in three types Universally: Purity Governed This Type with any SSIP skill profile will have a wholistic approach and aim at perfection in what they do Passion Governed This Type with any SSIP skill profile will have a Combative/Aggressive /Divisive approach Perversion Governed

Understanding Character Profiles
  Orientation   Type  A.Spiritual     B.Social     C .Intellectual     D.Physical    
1.Purity   A1.SpiritualMasters B1.StainlessStatesmen C1.Topnotch Professionals D1.Topnotch Sportspersons 2.Passion 3.Perversion     A2.Aggressive A3.TerroristMissionaries  B2.Aggressiv e  Leaders  C2.Competiti ve  Professionals D2.Skilled Labor Religious Heads  B3.Deceptive  C3.Terror Mafiosi  Techies/ Hackers/Spammer s   D3.Antisocials Negatives

Understanding Character Profiles A1
• Spiritually Inclined Mainly And
Governed By Penchant for Purity • Examples :Spiritual Masters Like • St Theresa/Swamy Rama Krishna/ Abraham of Old Testament

Understanding Character Profiles A2
• • Spiritually Inclined Mainly But
Governed By Passion • Examples :Aggressive Missonaries/Protestants

Understanding Character Profiles A3
• • Spiritually Inclined Mainly But
Governed By Delusion and Perversion • Examples :Terrorist Religious Heads and Black Magic Performers • Alqaeda Leaders/Occult Shamans

• • • Socially Inclined Mainly And
Governed By Penchant for Purity • Examples :Great Leaders /Statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi/Abraham Lincoln

Understanding Character Profiles B1

• • • Socially Inclined Mainly And

Understanding Character Profiles B2
Governed By Passion • Examples :Aggressive Business Leaders/Political Leaders Engaging in abusive/aggressive politics

• • • Socially Inclined Mainly But

Understanding Character Profiles B3
Governed By Delusion and Perversion • Examples :Terrorist Outfits and / • Rebel Terror Cells/Smugglers/Drug Peddlers

Understanding Character Profiles C1
• • Intellectually Inclined Mainly
And Governed By Penchant for Purity • Examples :Great Scientists/Journalists/Artists/Professio nals • Einstein/Beethovan/Shakespeare

• • • Intellectually Inclined Mainly

Understanding Character Profiles C2
But Governed By Passion • Examples :Aggressive Professionals • /Entrepreneurs/Business Professionals

• • • Intellectually Inclined Mainly

Understanding Character Profiles C3
But Governed By Perversion • Examples :Terror Techies/Sleeper cells/Shady Deal Makers/Gutter Press/Slander Mongers

• • • Physically Inclined Mainly And
Governed By Penchant for Purity • Examples :Devotional Performers

Understanding Character Profiles D1

• • • Physically Inclined Mainly But
Governed By Passion • Examples : Dancers/POP Models/Circus Artists/Sports Persons/Skilled Labor

Understanding Character Profiles D2

• • • Physically Inclined Mainly But

Understanding Character Profiles D3

Governed By Perversion • Examples :Prostitutes/Porn artists/Lazy Labor/Rapists/Petty Thieves/Lunatics/ Maniacs/ • These words should not be taken up any sense of Judgements.These are just neutral descriptions of a set of behaviours
• In the Eric Berne Language they are the I am not OK,You

Pervasiveness Of the 4 Classes
• The 4 classes of Capabilities are
Universal • Every society will have these 4 SSIP skill classes • Though a single individual may migrate from one capability Profile to the Other, Society will never run short of these 4 talent classes any day !!!

Pervasiveness of Character Profiles
• The Twelve Character Types A1 to D3 are • • • •
Pervasive Attitudes/Thoughts/Words/Actions of Individuals have varying degrees of these qualities. Sometimes A1 Qualities become dominant,but sometimes A2 and so on for the same Individual… Reader Note:No Value Judgement is to be done.These profiles just exist that is all. Assets,Products , services,Organisations and Nations also have varying degrees of these Qualities ranging from A1 to D3.For example Blood Money/Black Money/Slime Press so on indicate the presence/dominance of these Qualities

Value and Skill Profile
• Every person has an SSIP Skill profile
which decides his work horizon • Every person has an SSIP Value (priorities) profile which guides his wants • Every person sells his SSIP Skill combination and acquires an SSIP Value of his choice

Products and Value Profile
• Every product and service can be
attributed a spiritual/social/Intellectual/ • Physical value Profile • Value profile is the average of the purpose for which a product is used by the user

Value Profile For Teaspoons
Value Profile of a product indicate the % of Use of the product for Spiritual ,Social, Intellectual or Physical purposes,which can be determined by a survey of its usage.Figure shows hypothetical usage pattern for Gold,Silver and Steel Spoons

Hypothetical Purpose behind Using Different Teaspoons in a Community

  Gold Silver S.Steel

Spiritu Socia Intellectu al l al 20 10 5 60 50 10 25 10 25

Physic al 5 30 65

Explanation of Graph/Table In Previous Slides
• Golden tea spoons are mostly used
as a status statements –ie for Social Value • Stainless Spoons are Used just as a physical extension of Fingers-ie for its Physical Value • Silver spoons stand midway between Golden and Stainless Steel spoons

Value Profile For Educational Institutions

Value Profile of a School indicate the % of People Who Join the Institution for the Spiritual ,Social, Intellectual or Physical (sporting/Health etc) Values it inculcates
50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0






The Profile is Unique for each institution.Thus sports school emphasises physical excellence and an Engineering Institution Emphasises Intellectual skills.A dance shool emphasises Social ie Intellectual and Physical Coordination skills

A Task for Educational Organisations
• Create a Vision Profile for the school • Arrive at the Student’s Character

Profile in consultation with the teachers, Student and his/her Parents • Decide on the Goals in terms of improvements in character profiles of each

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