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Fred Acebo, Eric Almazan, Karla Canha, & Rachel Edoria

-Began in 2000 as a covert street art campaign -Aimed to shed light on the beautiful and historical culture of Oakland -Successful public events left to the need for a calendar -Sales of apparel were used to support the year round calendar of events -Oaklandish Innovators grant program -Recognizes innovation and progress in areas of civic life, including education, technology, and business

Interview Chinwe Okona -Motivations for becoming a B Corp -Importance of community -T-SHIRTS!!!

Community Liaison

Giving Something Back

(Girling, Chapter 3)

Office products company Located in Oakland, California Donates a large share of company profits Encourages employees to participate in social projects and volunteer opportunities Who benefits? o Founders and Employees o Suppliers and Customers o The Community*

Toms and Shoes

(Girling, Chapter 7)

One for One Shoes prevent feet from injuries/diseases (podoconiosis) Given over 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need

What is a Good Company?

Environmental Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Employee Responsibility

Managing a Diverse Workforce (L&W text ch. 17)

Oaklandish exemplifies workforce diversity- all of its models represent the diverse culture that is represented in Oakland and the greater Bay Area

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Our models are regular Townspeople ourselves, our friends, and some particularly stylish folks we run into on the street. We think they do a good job of displaying the charm and style unique to Oakland. If you think you'd be a good addition to the site, send an email to and let us know! Since we don't hire pros, the best we can offer you is free gear and a good time, but we think it's worth it.

The Community and the Corporation (L

&W Tect Ch. 18)

*Oaklandish is all about community *Organization donates 10% of proceeds to artists and nonprofits who are doing pioneering work in the community *Civic engagement is key - Oaklandish is actively involved in changing and improving the community Examples: 1) Oakland innovators award- A fund that offers annual grants to organizations and individuals doing pioneering work
in the community

2) Donations and sponsorships 3) Partnerships

Community Involvement- Printing

Oaklandish also partners with other local businesses on designs that promote civic pride and celebrate Oakland spirit that is often imitated, but never replicated. Almost all gear printed locally.

Tribune Tavern Brown Sugar Kitchen

Inner City Advisors

Pangaea Global Aids Foundation

Community Involvement- Arts

* Our mission at Oaklandish has always been to celebrate the cultural legacy of the town, and to sing the praises of its renegade heroes, past and present. *The Arts in Action-program developed by Oaklandish to support the creative endeavors of dynamic and inspiring young artists in Oakland.

*Each participant becomes an Oaklandish Sponsored Artist for one calendar year, and is tasked with representing the unique culture of Oakland to the world

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