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LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd.

Udyog Vihar.LOCATION It is located in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) Plot No. Surajpur Kasna Road. Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh. India . 51.

P.) & Pune(Maharashtra). It’s Corporate Website http://www. LG’s corporate Office is in Greater Noida(UP).Mr.• • • • • LG was establish on May 1997. LG’s Managing It’s manufacturing Units are in Greater Noida(U. Moon B. Shin.lgindia. .

• Covering over 50 acres.. • In 2004. GSM Phones. Microwave Ovens Color Monitors. Color Televisions. the facility manufactures LCD TV. Refrigerators. . Maharashtra that commences operations in October 2004. • Both the Indian manufacturing units has been designed with the latest technologies at par with international standards at South Korea and are one of the most Eco-friendly units amongst all LG manufacturing plants in the world. LGEIL also setup its second Greenfield manufacturing unit in Pune. Air Conditioners.CONT….

In India for a decade. home appliances. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics. South Korea was established in 1997 in India. It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics. Ltd. LG has earned a premium brand positioning .COMPANY PROFILE LG Electronics India Pvt. IT hardware and mobile communications space..

• This mainly deals in exports with some of the coutries. • This is India's first mobile phone manufacturing unit and also Asia's largest Optical Disc Drive manufacturing plant.. Optical Disc Drives. • LGEIL has achieved a turnover of Rs 8250 crore in 2006.CONT…. . • The second Greenfield facility is located at Pune has the capacity to manufacture GSM Phones.

LOGO The letters "L" and "G" in a circle symbolize the world. and technology. The symbol consists of two elements: the LG logo in LG Grey and the stylized image of a human face in the unique LG Red color. the main color. Red. There philosophy is based on Humanity. future. represents the friendliness. humanity. . Also. it represents LG's efforts to keep close relationships with customers around the world. and also gives a strong impression of LG's commitment to deliver the best. youth.

'Life's Good' best expresses the brand's values. The slogan. benefits and personality. . promises. It is an ultimate expression for what the brand stands for and what they strive to deliver continuously.SLOGAN • LIFE'S GOOD" REPRESENTS LG'S DETERMINATION TO PROVIDE DELIGHTFULLY SMART PRODUCTS THAT WILL MAKE CONSUMERS LIFE GOOD.

. • LG has long tennis code. for producing different product. • LG manufacturing unit is divided in different unit in a line. • Out of which corporate office consist of 6 acres and 45 acres is the factory. two huge canteen. stadium all these for the employees. yoga facilities. grounds. • LG has huge parking area. medical facilities.LAYOUT • LG is expand in 53 acres of land.

1800 • Upper management :-100 • Middle management :-250 • Executive or lower management :-400 • Workers :-1050 • Casual worker :-1200 • Casual workers which are in contract basis.MANPOWER RESOURCES • Total number of employees on payroll basis:. .

Music Phone . • Computer Products:-Laptop. Commercial Air Conditioner . MP3 & MP4 Player. CRT monitor. Optical Storage Devices. • Mobile Phone:-Premium trend setter phone .MAIN PRODUCTS • Consumer Electronics :-LCD TV . LCD monitor. Color Television. Display Panel. Music system. • Home Appliances:-Room Air Conditioner. . Home Theatre System. Personal Computer. DVD Recorder/Player. Microwave. Plasma Display . Camera Phone . Refrigerator. Washing Machine. Dishwasher. Color Screen GSM Handset.


. • The leader in implementing 6 sigma. • Lg is delivering globally renowned product that are best in class and of highest quality. • Creating and maintaining customer delight. • Being market driven with a focus on the customer.QUALITY MANAGMENT • Lg is Committed to quality. • Quick and reliable response to the esteemed customer.