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Handling Competition Branding Commodities

Telecom Brands Market Share Annual Cellular Subscribers

Telecom Brands Market Share Pie Chart

Telecom Brands : What they did?

Mobilink Reshaping Lives

Mobilink is operating in the pakistani market since 1996 and it enjoys the first mover advantage which is the biggest reason of capturing largest market share. Mobilink provides the best network coverage and provides quality services then its competitors. Mobilink offers both postpaid (Indigo) and the prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to its customers. Mobilink targets diverse group of people, other than mainstream users like prepaid, youth, female segment it also takes into account occasional users to businessmen.

Ufone - "Its all about U!"

1) 2) Reach the grass root level. Adopt in-expensive ways to advertise.

- Ufone has reached out its target audience keeping two points in mind: Ufone emphasized on more economical rates then other networks which is the main reason of their penetration in the market. Ufone advertisement has the wide fan following which provides people fun. Most Talked About Telecom Brand on social websites. Ufones interaction ratios have roughly been three times the percentage engagement of other competitor brands, including Zong, Telenor, Djuice, Warid and Mobilink.

Telecom Brands : What they did?


Zongs tagline strategy is Target the low and middle end market. They researched and understood Pakistani market and came up with products and offers that masses wanted. They were least interested in very few number of elite class customers, instead they hit the low end market. Zong has offered a package for everyone, either its young, old, kid, girl, student, housewife or whatever! You have a matching package to select from. Thats how zong is improving every next step in getting market share.

Warid We Care
Warid has improved its network coverage to provide better service to its subscribers and it is focusing on rural areas and focusing on providing improved quality services. Warid claims that they have largest number of postpaid customers in Pakistan. Warid has targeted middle and low class market as well as higher niche market like warid Glow. Warid divide its marketing strategy into segments which are postpaid segment, masses segment, female segment, youth segment and corporate segment. Warid is not much successful in getting larger market share because there was a lack of research and internal uncertainty.

Telecom Brands : What they did?


Telenor Ideas that simplify

Telenors network is one of the largest network in Pakistan and covers more than3000 cities, towns and highways throughout Pakistan. Telenor has also targeted prepaid market with Telenor Talkshawk for middle and lower tier users, post paid market with Telenor Persona for high end segment,and djuice which has targeted the youth segment of Pakistan. Telenor has also taken initiative in support initiative called Dua, Naya qadam and crises intervention. With that is also introduces cultural offerings Hajj package, sponsored Shandul polo festival 2007 e.t.c to keep itself popular and active in the market. Telenor market share is increasing reason being thorough research of the Pakistani consumer needs.


'EXISTING CUSTOMERS' exhibit habitual buying behavior and stick to their service provider because the perceived difference is low in terms of price, features, quality and coverage. (low differences, low involvement) More options/choices exist for the 'NEW ENTRANTS'. (Age: 14-22yr)

Due to Price wars: the actual price sensitive market has shrunken as the prices have gone very down, ARPU average revenue per user decreasing
The market is in maturity phase (>65% of the population owns a mobile phone ) A technological shift is also near. With the emergence and penetration of smartphones the trend would shift to communication mediums like skype and viber Customer's basic communication needs have been fulfilled


For Existing Customer , Penetration
Sustain/increase volume per capita e.g. auto alert sms generation based on GPS location Try to push customers from 'teen-ager packages' to 'professional package' to increase ARPU

Ex - Customer

For New Customers

Youth (14-22) (New Entrants)(ufone re-branded itself)

New Segments
Ladies (house wives) Working class Time segment (night packages)

New and Innovative Products Development

Local/foreign calls + messages + internet all bundled together VAS e.g. phone management, call management , roaming, voice mail, bill payments etc

How ufone is better?

Lowest off net call rates 73 VAS (walkie talkie, call block etc)
Telenor 68, mobilink 54, warid 52 and zong 47

Ufone VAS

Products for segments

Ufone as a whole targets The Youth Focusing youth market or specific by using young brand endorsers or ambassadors

Sub-Target Markets
Public demand: lower /rural youth UWON: socio economic class 5 ka 15 & Ladys: ladies Postpay: corporate and pvt working class Life & Uth package: youth

Postpay endless possibilities Prepaid

Brand Sustainability
Aggressive promotion and advertising Own advertising department Spends 20% of its profit Colorful and eye catching ads Shocking orange and green colors are used to attract peoples The comedian trio of faisal qureshi, mikaal zulfiqar and adeel hashmi

Organized musical events like UROCK Above the line ad strategy Network expansion to enhance subscribers capacity Ufone is using humorous theme in its ad which has become its benchmark. People enjoy watching, discussing and following ufone ads the most.