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Javaid Iqbal Presented by : Muhammad Ahsan Gull NUST201261244MCEME35512F College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering National University of Sciences & Technology .BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE Thesis Supervisor: Brig. Dr.

BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE Thesis Group Members: DR Mohsin Tiwana DR Umar Izhar DR Umar Shahbaz College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering National University of Sciences & Technology .

• Development of optimized intelligence based Brain control interface for 2-DOF planner manipulator for Antebrachium and carpus using Emotiv.Topics can be proposed • Selection of optimized feature and translation for discrimination of Antebrachium and carpus from EEG signals using EMOTIV. • Optimized Computational Intelligence based development of Brain Control Interface of 2-DOF Manipulator for Antebrachium and carpus. .

a) Repair the damaged Nerve Axon.Motivation for Research  According to the WHO Tens of millions of people are injured or disabled every year on the road side accidents . b) Build Neuroprosthetic device. .  There are two way to help them in order to restore some motor function.

transmit sensory information to the brain. in which researchers aim to build a direct channel between the human brain and the computer.  A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a collaboration in which a brain accepts and controls a mechanical device as a natural part of its representation of the body. or stimulate the brain through artificially generated electrical signals .Introduction:  Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a fast-growing emergent technology.  Computer-brain interfaces are designed to restore sensory function.

• In 1999.. Phillip Kennedy (who later founded Neural Signals In 1987) and colleagues built the first intracortical brain–computer interface by implanting neurotropic-cone electrodes into monkeys.A Brief History • Hans Berger (around 1929. University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle showed for the first time that monkeys could learn to control the deflection of a biofeedback meter arm with neural activity. . researchers led by Yang Dan at the University of California. Berkeley decoded neuronal firings to reproduce images seen by cats. at the Regional Primate Research Center and Department of Physiology and Biophysics. by an Austrian Psychiatrist) was the first to record electroencephalographs from humans and discovered the alpha waves. • In 1957 Fetz and colleagues. • In 1980 Color brain mapping (quantitative EEG) was discovered.

developed a Brain– Controlled Wheelchairs • An EEG-based online brain computer interface for mobile robot control is developed by ESSEX UNI in 2012.Wolpaw and MacFarland in 2004. Blankertz and Hochberg in 2006 ).g. . Birbaumer in 1999. Taylor in 2002 and by Lebedev and Nicolelis in 2006). • Interface between machine and animal brain have been used to control robotics arm by Wessberg in 2000.Literature Review (Brain Control Interface) • Currently BCIs are used to control cursor and communication by mean of selection of letters or different icons on the personal computer. • In march 2013. EPFL Switzerland. (e.

Obermaier. Eng. vol.. "Support vector machine-based classification scheme for myoelectric control applied to upper limb.. M Congedo.Graimann. • M. Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences. Krausz. A. G. 55. Skliris. Muller. Proceedings of 2010 International Conference on Systems in Medicine and Biology 16-18 December 2010. Islamabad. .R.. 2008. 1956-1965." IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. G. B. 2003. A Lecuyer. 1–4. QDA and KNN Algorithms in Left-Right Limb Movement Classification from EEG Data. Anwesha Khasnobish. B Arnaldi: A Review of Classification Algorithms for EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces. GrazBCI: State of the art and clinical applications. Nilore. Pakistan. 45650.. • F Lotte.Literature Review (classifications techniques) • Pfurtscheller. Arif: Classification of Single-Trial Self-paced Finger Tapping Motion for BCI Applications. Somsirsa Chatterjee . Neural Sys. C. G. D. pp. Amit Konar. Asghari Oskoei and H. Hu. R... IEEE Trans. et al. 11. Department of Computer & Information Sciences. IIT Kharagpur. Scherer. India • Atiq Ahmed Tahirl and M. • Saugat Bhattacharyya. D. Rehabil. no.. Neuper. F Lamarche.. Schlogl.. 8. Keinrath. B.. C.N Tibarewala: Performance Analysis of LDA.

Flow Diagram Dimension Reduction • PCA Feature Translation: • LDA • QDA • Naïve Bayes • Decision Trees • SVM • ANN Features Extraction: • Time Domain • Frequency Domain P Filtration & Windowing .

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