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Team Members

Rama Krishna  Sri Tej  Srujan

Project Mentor


 What  Why

is City Watch?

City Watch? are its features?

 What

Existing System: Websites: City watch (Australia)  City watch (City of Perth)  City Guide (Los Angeles & U.K)  Android Apps: City Sports(Fifa World Cup Info)  City traffic (Only traffic updates of major cities like L.BEIJING.A.LONDON.etc)  .

Roads 2. 1.Proposed System:  Mainly concentrates on “Dysfunctional Infrastructure” of a city in three sections.Electricity .Police 3.

6  For Website: (min)  Client on Internet: Web Browser. Web Browser. Operating System (any) Data Base Server: DB2.Software Requirements: For Android App: (min) Android os version 1. Operating System (any) . Operating System (any) Client on Intranet: Client Software.

1 DB2 V9.0 &above. Chrome Server side Web sphere application server v6.Hardware Requirements: Minimum Hardware requirements: Client side Internet Explorer6.3 GHz 512MB 1GB(Excluding data size) .1 Pentium IV at 1. Mozilla Firefox.3 GHz 512MB 2GB Processor Pentium III at 500 MHz RAM 128MB Disk Space 1GB Pentium IV at 1.

Minimum of 50 mb free diskspace. .128 mb ram 2. Processor 3.Hardware Requirements:  For Android App: (min) 1. Any 256 mhz.

Communication Interface: ◦ Client on Internet: will be using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. ◦ Client on Intranet: will be using TCP/IP protocol. .

from Database.  Snapping a “photo of the dysfunctional infrastructure”..  . its details & updating them into the Database of Server.e.Modules: Registering & logging in to the Android App named “City Watch”.  Posting of “dysfunctional infrastructure photo & details” into website’s(“City Watch”) main page as per their respective category i.

Uml Diagrams .

Class diagram: .

Use Case: .

Interaction diagrams: Case 1:User reporting a problem .

Case 2: Viewing & Updation of Reports .

Case 3:Report abusive content and suggestions .

Activity Diagram: .

E-R Diagram: .

Schema Diagram: .

e.  He has to upload the details & photo by pressing the “upload” to the database.area. .  After logging in he can take a snap of dysfunctional infrastructure & he has to specify the details of the photo like its address(i. nearest landmark.Project Demonstration:  The user of project has to register & logged

e..  The guest user can just view the reports.e.The users of the website can have access to the reports(i.  . Problem photo & its details)  The admin & registered user can login & can update the status of the report(i. fixed or not).