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Introduction to M-I Production Chemicals

Keith Allan

Company History Established in 1980 (Dyno), became leading Norwegian supplier in 1987
- maintained this position ever since

Opened Aberdeen operations in 1992 Established Asia Pacific operations in 1996 and Middle East operations in 1997 March 2001, Name changed to Dynea following IK merging Dyno with Neste. January 28, 2003 M-I acquired Dynea Oil Field


Global Service Organization

Production Chemicals Revenue Growth

80 70

Million $

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002

North Sea Market Data

Norway Market Share
MI PC 64%
Cham pion 15%

UK Market Share
Others 2% MIPC 7% Clariant 23%

Cham pion 13%

Others 3%

Nalco 6%

Baker 6%

Clariant 8%

Nalco 25% Baker 28%

MIPC 34%

Cham pion 14%

Clariant 16%

Others 2% Nalco 16% Baker 18%

North Sea Market Share

Comprehensive Product/Service Offering

Corrosion Inhibitors - KI Scale Inhibitors / Dissolvers - SI / SD
Including LSA Scale removal/Safe disposal

Bactericides - MB Demulsifiers EB
Including waste pit oil treatment in conjunction with MI Swaco equipment

Wax Inhibitors - PI Water Treating Chemicals - WT Antifoams - DF Hydrate Inhibitors - GT Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers - HR Drag Reducers / Flow Improvers - DR Cleaning Compounds - CC

Commodities (methanol, glycols)

Research & Technology Five main laboratories, 28 technical staff 30% of technical professionals are lab-based Corporate research centre based in Stavanger, Norway Main TS laboratories located in Bergen, Aberdeen, Dubai and Perth Long-term, client focused projects orientated toward novel chemistries Emphasis on more environmentally friendly chemistry
- In-house ecotoxicology laboratory

Health Safety and Environment

Health and Safety is our first priority Operating to ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001 standards In-house ecotoxicology laboratory operating to GLP R & D focus on more environmentally friendly chemistry Environmental management capability

M-I Production Chemicals ME

M-I Production Chemicals Middle East & North Africa


M-I PC ME Structural Organization

Regional Mgt ME & NA




Operations & Admin

Technical Services

Sourcing & Product Supply


M-I PC ME Organization
ME NA Regional Mgr

Oper. Mgr
Zafar Chaugule 3 Logistic Sup. Warehouse Sup. Blending plt Sup

+3 General Admin Acctg

Technical Serv.
Simon Hunter +4

Area Mgr
Salah Ben Hamza
Libya Syria* Qatar

Area Mgr
Adriano Gentilucci
Sudan Algeria Egypt +1sales +2 MIAlgeria
+2 Contract/MIEgypt

Abu Dhabi Iraq Iran + 1 Buisness Development Yemen
+4 Esnaad

+1 sales


+ 1 contract

Others (Oman, Turkey)

M-I PC ME, FZE Jebel Ali Regional Operations

Logistics support throughout ME & North Africa

Large inventory of various

production chemicals .24 hours HSE Q support Comprehensive Technical support Fully equipped Laboratories for Analytical work Field/process treatment simulation

Regional Manufacturing Facilities

Abu Dhabi

- Partnership with ADNOC

ISO certified Modern /SS316L plant 12,000 Mt/y capacity QC/QA laboratory

QC/QA laboratory

M-I PC Regional Technical Capabilities Corrosion Control - 1

8 Cell 'Bubble Test' capability. Running LPR and Potentiodynamic scans. Sweet and Sour,100% Brine or various Brine:Oil ratios & partition tests up 90 Deg C.

4 Rotating Cylinder Electrodes to apply shear forces up to 90pa in sweet and Sour systems up to 90 Deg C.

M-I PC Regional Technical Capabilities Corrosion Control - 2

Field Sidestream units to give on line LPR and Potentiodynamic scans. For Brine and low oil content systems up to 250psi max. Automated data logging & CEION ER

On Line interrogation of customer probes, data logging and coupon analysis, failure analysis, system management audit.

M-I PC Regional Capabilities

Scale Testing

Scale Predictions Static bottle Tests Residual Analysis

M-I PC Regional Technical Capabilities Wax & Ashphaltene Control

Wax and Asphaltene - Pour Point - Cold Finger with programmed cooling - Dynamic viscosity and shear rate analysis with
programmed cooling - Mini pipelines with programmed cooling for restartability testing - Asphaltene solubility analysis

MI-Services Technical Organization

Managing Director Rod Jones

Operation Manager Daniel Bertin /Mario Antonaci

Mud Engineering Management

Business Development Manager Production Chemicals

Behrouz Mosayebi, PhD ( Phone (98 21) 88500050 - 4 F Fax (98 21) 88500055

Drilling Waste Management

Mobile (98) 912 534 6003

Marketing And Sales

Technical Services

Iran Global Market and Estimated Revenue

Iran Estimated Revenue DEM (,000 USD)

9,240; 40%

Iran Global Market (Drums)

DEM 22,000; 43%

DRA 2,800; 5%
DRA 5,600; 24.3% Corrosion Inhibitor 5,850; 25.3%

Antifoam 500; 1% Scale Inhibitor 1,300; 2% Biocide 3,600; 7% Oxygen Scavenger 2,400; 5%

Antifoam 400; 1.7%

Scale Inhibitor 351; 1.5% Biocide 1080; 4.7%

Oxygen Scavenger 576; 2.5%

Corrosion Inhibitor 19,500; 37%

Total Revenue: 23,100,000 USD

Iran Global Market and Estimated Revenue

Iran Market Break Down by Companies

NIGC 1,650; 7%

NISOC 8,050; 35%

OPTC 6,000; 26%

ICOFC 1,100; 5%

IOOC 6,300; 27%

Iran Market Break Down by Companies