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How to design and deliver successful business presentation

Define The Situation
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Why are you giving this presentation? Whom do you want to convince? How much time do you have for the presentation? What medium should you use? The 10 commandments of media

Why are you giving this presentation?
목적 정의
명료성 : 한 문장으로 축약 가능 현실성 : 현실적인 가능성 행동성 : 실제 행동으로 옮겨질 수 있어야 한다 .
Example : You want the company founder to approve the strategy aimed at closing the two plants

잘 정의된 목적
프리젠테이션의 필요성 결정 청중의 주의와 에너지의 결집 발표자 위주의 생각에서 청중 위주의 생각으로 전환 목적 달성 정도는 유일한 프리젠테이션에 대한 척도

Whom Do You Want to Convince?
Think more about your audience rather than about your presentation
의사결정자 청중의 인지도 청중의 관심 정도 청중의 태도 : Will they be for or against the recommendations? 발표자료에 대한 이해도

How much time do you have for the presentation?
More often than not, you have no choice
What if time does not allow you to meet your objective?

Provide introductory handout & summarize highlights Provide supplementary handout at the end of presentation Set priorities for segments of your presentation: No. 1 & No. 2 Make a new agreement with the audience

What medium should you use?
Media options for the different situation
Lap visuals
adequate participants:2 ~ 4 people purpose: to check on the accuracy of facts, to surface issues, to gain commitment for action programs

adequate participants:4 ~ 40(or more) advantages: easily change the sequence of/omit/add backup visuals etc.

new medium emerged
onscreen presentation(add animation/sound/video/links)

The 10 commandments of media
Given the pros and cons of media options, you should remind as follows;

 CREATING VISUALS I. Thou shalt keep the design of visuals simple II. Thou shalt ensure legibility to the person sitting the farthest from the screen III. Thou shalt use color with purpose, not for decoration IV. Thou shalt keep special effects to a minimum V. Thou shalt provide reasonable production deadlines

 PRESENTING VI. Thou shalt rehearse, rehearse, rehearse before the presentation VII. Thou shalt arrive extra early at the presentation site and work closely with the technical professional VIII. Thou shalt bring backup visuals IX. Thou shalt project a blank screen during lengthy transition, while entering into discussion X. Thou shalt try to follow 7 of the 10 Commandments most of the time

Design the presentation
Determine your message Craft the story line Write the introduction Plan the ending Make the most of visuals Build a storyboard

Determine your message

4-hour presentation “only one minute”
That’s your message

The “what’s so” & “so what” in one minute
“To counter the limited potential for growth at home, J.J. Ltd. Should proceed with its efforts to tap the significant growth opportunities in the United States” “To do effective presentation, you should design the presentation”

Craft the story line
Dear Shirley, Remember last Saturday afternoon when I was playing in the park with my boyfriend and you came over, and he told me that when my back was turned, you kissed him? And also, on Sunday when you came to my house and my Mom made you a tuna fish salad for lunch and you said:”Yech! That’s the worst salad I ever ate!”? And yesterday, when my cat brushed against your leg, you kicked her and threatened to sic your dog ”monster” on her? Well, for all of these reasons, I hate you, and I no longer want to be your friend. Lucy

Dear Shirley, I HATE you. Here are my reasons: 3. 4. 5. You stole my boyfriend. You insulted my mother. You scared my cat Lucy

Conclusion/recommendation up front? In the middle? At the end?  Depend on the situation & the audience members

Write the introduction
Most introduction of presentation lull you to sleep!

Purpose: “My purpose today is to present a portfolio of practical suggestions to help you overcome the nervousness that comes with delivering presentations.” Importance: “this is most timely, because you’ll be presenting your recommendations to the Community Board nest week.” Preview: “In the hour we have together, we’ll discuss the steps required to plan, design, and deliver successful presentations”

Plan the ending
Summarize the major points
Conclusions, trends, arguments, whatever

Spell out the recommendation
One more time

Present your action program
Specific steps or actions required to make the recommendation happen

Ask for agreement and for commitment
Be bold, be direct, be specific

Close off with “next steps.”
The ending should signal that everyone is looking forward to working together in the future

Deliver the Presentation
   

Project confidence, conviction, enthusiasm Rehearse : the search for imperfection Set up the facilities and the equipment Apply delivery skills

Confidence, Conviction, Enthusiasm
Know your self
Know your Material

Know your audience

Know your Objective

Successful Presentation

Rehearse : the search for imperfection
Conquest of fear
Wrong belief • have to be perfect • must speak in fluid, grammatically correct sentences • should have a brilliant answer Fear • Making a mistake • looking bad • losing face

A note to rehearsers
be sensitive : give me a chance to warm up before puncturing my confidence be constructive : don’t state a problem without a suggested solution be objective : reserve your comments for things I do or say or show be realistic : help me concentrate on only those changes we can do

Set you the facilities & the equipment
Advice for preparation in the presentation site
you may as well arrive at the presentation site at least 40 minutes early and take total responsibility

The tip of the iceberg for all that can go wrong
• the light panel • temperature controls • the window shades • the microphone • position of On-Off switch • the level of brightness • spare bulbs • cleanness of projector • the sizes of screens • the surface types



Apply delivery skills(1/2)
Concentrate on breathing
it is to overcome the nervous tension take a breath whenever you feel the need to relax

Establish eye contact
eye contact is a psychological handshake it makes the members of audience feel engaged

Talk naturally
Let’s be natural and speak the way we normally speak Refer to notes to be sure you don’t forget important material type the script in a type size that will make the words easily legible and highlight the words you want to emphasize

Use full vocal range
Your voice should be a bit louder to emphasize the important points

Apply delivery skills(2/2)
Stand with weight on both feet, hands waist-high
stand evenly balanced on both feet keep your hands in front of you about waist-high

Stand beside the screen
where to stand is a issue you can stand beside the screen, turning your body at a 30-degree angle

Don’t use a point unless necessary
you have enough things in your hands(notes, remote control, microphone cord..) use your arm and your hand to point directly on the screen

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