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Roast Beef
Marinated chunk of beef grilled to perfect tenderness.

Grilled Pisces
Whole Tilapia marinated and pan grilled.

Tandoori Murgh Sula

Juicy pieces of marinated chicken cooked in a Tandoor oven.

Paneer Shashlik
Skewers of marinated paneer cubes with assorted vegetables grilled over charcoal.

Jerk Chicken
Jamaican style chicken coated with a tangy sauce.

BBQ Pork
American style pork cutlets coated with Barbecue sauce and grilled..

Tandoori Roti/Naan
The most loved choices of bread from the land of Punjab.

An aromatic blend of 5 lentils.

Dal Panchrattan

Makki ki Roti
Punjabi bread made with cornmeal.

Sarson ki Saag
A perfect combination for Makki di Roti made with mustard leaves.

Subz Tak-a-Tak
A spicy blend of various seasonal vegetables.

Tomato Basil Soup

An all time favourite Italian soup based on tomatoes.

Deep-fried fish cakes from Northern Italy.

Palermo Fish Croquettes

Assorted Pasta Counter

An array of pasta tossed with choice of vegetables, meat & sauce.

Corn Cob Grenobloise

Steamed corn pieces served with a buttery Grenobloise Sauce.

Tom Kha Gai

Chicken cooked in a flavored coconut broth.

Vegetable Red Curry

Combination of different vegetables cooked in an authentic Thai red curry.

Lamb Massamam
Spicy mutton stewed in a yellow coconut curry from Thailand.

Khao Pad Sapparote

Tossed pineapple fried rice in a spicy red paste.

Phad Thai
Stir fried rice noodles tossed with vegetables.

Baked fish with Mirin &Sesame

A Japanese style baked fish with rice wine & sesame

Chicken Teriyaki
Succulent and tender chicken tossed in a mild Teriyaki sauce.

Sushi & Sashimi

A spread of Japanese delicacies: Sushi and Sashimi

Fish Tempura
Seasoned fish coated in a beer batter and deep fried.

Vegetable Tempura
Seasoned mixed vegetable dipped in a beer batter and deep fried.

Finely chopped aromatic herbs and leafy vegetables bound with eggs and shallow fried.

Minced meat mixed with herbed rice, rolled in cabbage leaf/stuffed in tomatoes and roasted bell peppers.


Boiled kidney beans and beetroot tossed in mayonnaise dressing.

Flour based Halwa flavoured with Saffron.

Rice tossed with lentils and vegetables.

Ful Medamas
A Sudanese dish of cooked mashed Rajma served with olive oil and vegetables.


A slow cooked mutton delicacy with spices, flavours and moisture that gets its name from the earthern ware pot called Tajine.

Assorted Fruit Crepes

Sweetened crepes with assorted fruits flambed and served hot.

Pineapple Upside Down

A classic caramel coated pineapple sponge cake.

Fruit Savarin
A slice of light, airy sponge cake served with assorted fruits and whipped cream

Christmas Snowball
Mouth-melting choux pastry filled with creamy custard sauce.


A sweet treat made of deep-fried batter and soaked in sugar syrup.



A smooth, creamy mousse flavoured with rich coffee.

Blueberry Mousse
A very berry blueberry creamy mousse

Wasabi Mousse
A not so spicy wasabi flavored mousse.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

An American delight for kids made with slow cooked chicken in Barbecue sauce and served inside a warm bun.

Chicken Burger
Moist & juicy patties of chicken between a warm bun being an all time favourite of any age group.

Lebanese Cheese Roll

Paneer cubes layered with vegetables and cheese, battered and deep-fried.

Potato Basket
Crunchy fried potato baskets stuffed with healthy vegetables.