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Welcome to our

A 10-day tour
Adventure Vietnam
Presentation Overview
• Market Research
• Vietnam’s Core Advantages &
• Target Market and Customers’ needs
& Expectations
• Product’s Attributes
• Tour Features Fit The Target Market
• Tour Itinerary
• Conclusion
Market Research
Economic forces: “Australia has enjoyed strong economic growth,
together with a strong Australian dollar boosting outbound travel.
Thus, overseas departures were estimated to have increased in 2007
and will increase significantly in 2008” (EuroMonitor, 2008).
Obviously, the demand is growing.

Consumers’ trends:
Travelers / holiday makers are more aware of different products,
service levels and a wider range of choice where products of low
price, quality, differentiation and uniqueness are competitive to share
consumers’ hearts and wallets.

Consumers’ perceptions towards Vietnam:

Facts & Figures:
Vietnam, “the hidden charm” is becoming more familiar to Australian
travelers. Australia stands in the top 5 countries generating the most
international tourists to the country (Vietnam Tourism, 2008).
Australian tourists to Vietnam in year and % change compared to
previous year.

2005: 145,359
2006: 172,519 (18.7%)
2007: 227,300 (32%) (Source: Vietnam Tourism, 2008)
Vietnam’s core advantages and attraction:
• Vietnam is predicted to be among the top ten major tourist
destinations in the world in the next ten years by the World
Travel and Tourism Council (EuroMonitor, 2008)

• Huge landscapes, its more than 4,000 year history, attractive

eastern culture and being considered as a safe place in the
world. Vietnam has lured more and more international arrivals
(EuroMonitor, 2008)

• Many cultural and natural heritages recognized by UNESCO

such as: Hue City, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Holly Land, Ha
Long Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang and Nha Trang Bay, one
of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world (EuroMonitor, 2008)

• Stability in economic growth of 13% - Tourism set to be key

economic sector in strategy (Vietnam Tourism, 2008)
• Security and stability in politics; free from terrorism
(EuroMonitor, 2008)
• Increasing growth in tourism above 15% (Vietnam Tourism,
• Local people are friendly and hospitable (EuroMonitor, 2008)
is proud to offer a 10–day adventure tour to Vietnam,
A product of differentiation

Target market:

The tour is uniquely designed for young people aged 24-35 who have disposable incomes.

Customers’ needs and expectations:

Pleasure; adventure of outdoor activities: sun, sea, sand and scuba; a bit of culture;
real life of the local people; fantastic food; discovery of a new country of beautiful
landscapes and friendly people are evidently strong motivations for the tourists.

With the strategy “quality and service matter”, Green Tour Ltd leads its differentiation
in product quality and captures the demands of this target market to offer
“Adventure Vietnam” which is believed to meet the criteria.

It is strongly emphasized that the customers’ complete satisfaction is the company’s

success (Pride, et al., 2006). Thus, besides meeting customers’ physical demands,
this tour matches the affordable budget of only AU$1650.
Product’s Attributes
Superior accommodation: Cultural visits and relaxation:
Tourists stay in 3 star hotels, enjoy Visiting ancient towns in Hoi An;
comfortable facilities in all hotels of the
five destinations historic buildings and the 36 Old
Ideally, all hotels are located in the very Streets in Ha Noi .
heart of the cities where tourists can take Join with thousands of local
a few minute walk to all kinds of recreation people in morning jogging,
such as bars, cafes, restaurants, discos, walking, tai-chi or yoga
theatres, shops, art galleries…

Marvelous adventure: “the spirit of the Service quality:

tour” Warmest hospitality from tour
Exploring dynamic life of Ho Chi Minh; guides & staff welcomes all guests
discover Cu Chi tunnel from their first steps arriving at Ho
Sun, sea, sand and surf Chi Minh airport till last minute
Boat trips to islands; scuba-diving, leaving Vietnam.
experiencing a water world of colourful Emphasis on tour quality, food
coral reefs and fisheries taste, relaxing and comfortable
Fantastic cruising on Ha Long Bay, a accommodation is enhanced.
World Heritage Area of outstanding .
natural beauty to sightsee the numerous
limestone islands
Cruising around rocks, islets, caves and
Experience real life of local people and
traditional crafts in Ha Noi
Tour features fit the target market:

Young people, with stable incomes, love pleasure,

adventure and exploration of the new world. This tour of
special features and benefits actually fits the demand.

The tour pace is ideal and provides appropriate time for

the tourists to explore worthy destinations of Vietnam.

Sophisticated travel with affordable budget is ideal for

these young people who love exploring fantasies,
adventure, and relaxation.
explore vietnam

a 10-day tour to discover ho chi minh – nha trang – hoi an – ha noi – ha long bay

10 days to feel fantastic romantic dynamic gymnastic …vietnam

adventure travel for people who want to experience a real dynamic vietnam of today

to bring you culture pleasure and adventure

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh, the busiest and most dynamic city
Day 1:
Goodbye Melbourne / Sydney to fly with
Vietnam airlines to arrive Tan Son Nhat
airport at 3:45PM
Our guide will welcome you transfer to your
hotel in the center of city. Overnight in Ho
Chi Minh City. Dynamic Sai Gon: motorbike traffic; street
Dinner at central restaurant: Vietnamese dances
food to drive you crazy
City walk to experience sleepless Saigon

An extraordinary network of tunnels more

than 120 miles in length, as a hideout and
secret village during the war

Day 2:
In the morning, you will visit the incredible
underground Cu Chi tunnel
Back to the city for lunch after 4 hours
Vietnamese food and tropical fruits to drive
Free time to shop around the city
Get prepared for 10:45 PM train trip to Nha you crazy
Trang city
Nha Trang - One of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world
Days 3-4
- A boat trip to the islands: lunch and drinks on Mun island
- Scuba diving with Aussie instructor – discover water world of colorful coral reefs
and fish.
- Dinner and evening beach walk the most beautiful beachside road of the city
- Shopping at souvenir shops along the street. View the city at night
- Relax & gain your health in mud baths & in hot spring pool
- Visits to Ponaga tower and fishing village-

Love seafood? Finishing

Best seafood is here!

Fresh – alive
sweet – delicious!
Island trip
No place to match!
nothing to complain!

Afternoon beach soccer, kite flying w/

children Scuba diving

The Ponagar towers, 10-

13th C. Night life on the most beautiful
Close day 4 tour at 5PM – get ready for 8:20PM train trip to
Hoi An Girls rowing a round
Hoi An - Ancient Town
Day 5: Relax and enjoy your day in this old, well-preserved town
In the morning, you will walk to visit ancient tiny town Hoi An: the
Japanese covered bridge, some Chinese Assembly Halls, and some
typical Vietnamese houses of 18 century

Go shopping or relax on the bank of Thu Bon river of Hoi An

Free time in the afternoon for optional visit or beach relaxation
Overnight in Hoi An – following morning flight 8:30AM to Ha Noi

Hoi An used to be the busiest port for business exchange for Chinese & Japanese
merchants in 16th-18th centuries
Days 6 & 7: Ha Noi, The Capital City of Vietnam
Cultural visits to historic buildings and attractions;
experience real life of local people & traditional crafts
Visit Mausoleum of
president Ho Chi Minh,
Quan Thanh temple,
Tran Quoc pagoda,
Hanoi Hilton prison and
Temple of Literature

Present you Hanoi

locals’ daily life with
one hour trishaw
(cyclo); ride around
Hanoi Old streets,
Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc
Son temple

Tour traditional crafts

Shop in Dong Xuan

market, antiques shops
Cycling along the Red Two days to experience real 2 nights in Hanoi – Ready
river life and enjoy the best for Ha Long Bay the
Vietnamese cuisine in Ha Noi following 8:00AM

Enjoy water puppet

shows in national
Ha Long Bay, The World’s Natural Heritage
Days 8-9: Unforgettable experience of

Astonished with Ha Long’s outstanding natural beauty.

Adventure with cruising around numerous islands, rowing,

Experience Halong, a World Heritage Area of outstanding natural

Cruise around rocks, islets; Visit the most beautiful caves &
grottos among thousands.

Over night in Cat Ba island hotel – Disco in beach bonfire evening

Next morning rowing and finish – Back to Ha Noi airport at 5:PM
The drawing and holding power of Ha Long Bay
gives visitors deep astonishment andMinh.
Ho Chi fantastic
on cruising and in spectacular grottos and caves.
Day 9 evening: Goodbye Vietnam – Unforgettable
Summary of the tour

• 10 days 9 nights
• Adventure, relaxation!
• Experience real life!
• Superior accommodation!
• Excellent food !
• Affordable price: $1650 only!

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