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The Journey By……..

Abhay Yadav
Nitesh Nigam
Rahul Jain
Vinod Richards
 A multinational conglomerate based in
Mumbai, India.
 In terms of market capitalization and
revenues (USD 60.56 billion), It is the
largest private corporate group in India and
has been recognized as one of the most
respected companies in the world.
 Over 2,89,000 employees worldwide.
 It is currently in its fifth generation of family
 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) is
Asia's largest software company with 2008-
09 revenues being over US$ 6 bn.
Global Presence
 It has operations in more than 85
countries across six continents and
its companies export products and
services to 80 nations.
 It comprises 114 companies and
subsidiaries in seven business
sectors , 27 of which are publicly
listed. 65.8% of the ownership of
Tata Group is held in charitable
 It is 11th most reputable company in
the world according to Forbes.
 Global turnover USD 28.8 billion
(Nov 2007), equivalent to 3.2% of
India’s GDP.
Way To Globalization
Despite being one of the oldest co. TATA’s were lackluster in
entering the global market as they were obsessed with themselves
in India. Also they were defensive in going global.

 Unified approach

 Business strategy

 National minded and not
global receptive.

 Not ready for risk
Various Landmarks……
 First Acquisition – year 2000 Tetley
Group UK.
 Mergers & Acquisitions.
 Tata Steel & Corus UK (2007)
 Latest Acquisition - October 2008-
Miljo Grenland / Innovasjon,
Norway\ Imacid chemical company,
Issues to be faced by Tata Group in Future
 Increased pressure on margin.

 Might face threat from Arcelor-Mittal
in manufacturing of steel.

 High Level of Investment.

 Political uncertainty.

 Caste Based Employment Quotas.

 Global Economic Downturn.

 A rise in interest rates, which will
impact liquidity.
Long Term Vision Of The Tata Group
 Revitalize the core business for a
sustainable future.

 Target Priority Market.

 To Develop Business.

 Move From Commodities to

 Sustainable Growth.

 Enthused & Happy Employees.
“Thank You”