Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal

A case of Women Entrepreneur of Pokhara
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entrepreneurs there are only a few women entrepreneur in Nepal.Introduction • Among the many business leaders. • Many of the women entrepreneur of Nepal are simply selfemployed and limit the scale of their enterprise to meet the requirements of household consumption. executive directors. .

is a relatively recent phenomenon in Nepal. health. Nepal ranked at 123 among altogether 136 countries in terms of overall gender gap index. justice and politics. In the Global Gender Gap Report 2012 published by the World Economic Forum. • Women in Nepal have a low status in family. community and public life. The number of women engaging in this type of entrepreneurial activity is too low to have an impact on the economic system. .• Women entrepreneurship. opportunity driven and enhancing economic development. with significant disadvantage in the formal economy and in accessing to education.

enabling them. some funding and marketing assistance. • when women in Nepal are hugely underrepresented within the entrepreneurial population.• The literacy rate for women is estimated at less than 40 per cent in rural areas. The challenge faced by the government is choosing the right policies and legislative measures that will strengthen the entrepreneurial framework conditions and instill a mindset favorable to women entrepreneurs. offered by Nepal’s government and by non-governmental organisations. Literacy is key to the programmes that foster entrepreneurship. mostly socio-cultural barriers are to be blamed. to translate their vision into a successful business enterprise . It is a requirement to access the free training. against all odds.

• Since 1994. . three Nepalese sisters.About 3 Sisters • Lucky. In the early nineties no one would have dreamed of a Nepalese woman guiding a trek. Dicky and Nicky Chhetri. they have worked towards empowering women in Nepal. are pioneers in the field of female trekking guides.

We came across some unhappy and frightened solo women travelers who had had bad experiences with their male guides. Dicky and Nicky: "In 1993 we were running a restaurant and a lodge in Pokhara. we felt sad and decided to do something immediately. we gathered up all our courage and entered into this uncharted territory." . We had the opportunity to meet women from all over the world.• Lucky. With urging from our friends. Upon hearing these stories.

This opportunity could offer them choices in.• Years earlier. Our female trekking agency helped me realize that dream. women were abandoned in the dry. during a field visit to the far west. • Lucky: "I dreamed of working to support them. an inevitably bleak future." . I recognized that rural women would be ideal candidates for female trekking guides and porters. With their husbands and brothers gone to India. Lucky saw the harsh lifestyles of the women. what looked like. Remembering these hard working women. uncultivated landscape of western Nepal.

• After a few years. women from all over the country were attracted to the program for training and job opportunities. The early success of these first women inspired others. others were socially disadvantaged and facing challenges in life. Some were low caste women whom society looked down upon. .• To include these women in the trekking industry. the 3 sisters created a training program to provide them with the necessary skills.

but after a long struggle we have proven ourselves." . physically and emotionally as strong as men. Women can also work as a guide if the opportunity is provided to her. Women trekking guides is a new concept for Nepalese society.• Lucky. We have demonstrated that women are mentally. It has been a great challenge to bring women into this industry. and continues to be. to empower and develop women through tourism and to encourage sustainable tourism in remote areas where there is little hope for the future. It is not easy to break down social barriers within a few years. Dicky and Nicky: "We have encouraged and motivated other Nepalese women from all backgrounds to enter into the tourism industry. Our aim has been. since society doesn't condone women working as guides.

Global Sports Forum Barcelona -2011 • • • Best Women Entrepreneur in Tourism 2011 Siddhi Setuli Smriti Award -2011 • • Ambassador Peace Award.Awards • Nominated for the “Leading Women to the Top of the World” in Impact Award 2012 organized by Global Women’s Leadership Network Gold Trophy.Universal Peace Federation (UPF).2010 Winners of Nike and Ashoka’s Game Changers competition 2009 .

• • • 3 Sisters honoured by Chhetri Samaj Nepal 2008 2008 ‘Travel and Leisure’ Global Vision Award on Economic Development Winner of the 2008 National Geographic Geo-Tourism challenge competition • Best Trekking Agency of Pokhara 2007 Awarded by Ministry of Nepal Culture and Tourism First Prize Sustainable Tourism Development 2007 for the project ‘Development of Eco-Tourism in Mugu District’ Les Sommets du TourismeChamonix Mount-Blanc. France. • • .

• ‘Woman Entrepreneurs of the Year 2006’ awarded by Rotary Club of Pokhara Mid-Town • ‘Woman Social Entrepreneur in Tourism 2006’ awarded by Pokhara Lady Jacees Ashoka Fellowship 2004: The Global Association of Leading Social Entrepreneurs • • Clinton Global Initiative fellow Membership 2008 .

Dicky and Nicky Chhetri .Lucky.